Can I get pregnant on the first day of a month? Can I get pregnant during menstruation?

Each of the fair sex should know, in which days you can get pregnant, and in which you can not. Only in this case the process of conception will be completely under control. If you do not want to face an unexpected fertilization, then find out if you can get pregnant on the first day of a month.

The process of conception

For a start, it's worth saying a little about how fertilization takes place. Throughout the menstrual cycle in the body of a woman there are strong hormonal changes. It is worth noting that none of the men ever do anything like this.

With the onset of menstruation begins the production of a hormone called follicle-stimulating. Under the action of this substance in the ovaries, the so-called vesicles, in which there are eggs, increase in size. When one of the follicles reaches the required size, a sharp change in the hormonal background occurs. Follicle-stimulating hormone is replaced by luteinizing hormone. It is this new substance that helps the bubble with the egg to unfold.

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A female cell is capable of fertilization for one day. If at this time there will be an encounter with a male sperm, then pregnancy will come.

Menstrual cycle

Female menstrual cycle can be short, medium length and long. Depending on this, the question "can I get pregnant on the first day of a month's pregnancy?" Has different answers. If one of the fair sex can not conceive a baby in the period of bleeding, the other easily becomes pregnant at this time. Let's try to understand in detail each case.

Menstrual cycle short

A short female period is the one whose length is 21 days. It is worth noting that this is a variant of the norm and does not require treatment. So, if the female cycle is twenty-one days, is it possible to get pregnant during menstruation?

Male cells can stay in the female body for up to one week. If the cycle lasts 21 days, then ovulation occurs on average 7 days after the onset of another bleeding. If sexual intercourse occurs during bleeding, spermatozoa can safely wait until the ovary leaves the ovary. In this case, the question "can I get pregnant on the first day of a month's pregnancy?" Has a positive response.

In summary, we can say that the probability of conception is very high in this case.

Average menstrual cycle

The average length of the female period is 28 days. Most women have this particular cycle length. So, is it possible to conceive in the first days of menstruation in this case?

If the cycle length is 28 days, the release of the egg from the vial occurs approximately two weeks after the onset of bleeding. It is worth noting that the monthly can last up to one week. This is considered a variant of the norm. If, for example, the sexual act occurs on the fifth day of the cycle, spermatozoa can live in the body of a woman up to 12 days. In this case, the meeting of two cells will not take place and conception will not occur.

Can I get pregnant immediately after menstruation at this length of the cycle? In this case, the specialists give a positive answer. If the menstruation ends on the seventh day of the cycle, the sexual act that occurs on the eighth day will lead to the fact that the male gametes can be in the female body until the 15th day. The release of the egg, which took place on day 14, allows the conception to occur.

So, is it possible to get pregnant on the first day of a month with an average cycle length? The probability of conception is, but it is very low. While the possibility of fertilization during sexual intercourse after menstruation is quite high.

Long cycle and the possibility of conception

Can I get pregnant immediately after menstruation with a long menstrual cycle? To begin with, it is worth mentioning that long is the period, the length of which is 35 days. In this case, the release of female gametes from the follicle occurs approximately three weeks after the onset of bleeding.

If the sexual act takes place immediately after the end of the bleeding, then the male cells simply can not wait for the moment when ovulation occurs. The probability of conception in this case is practically zero. However, do not rely on a long cycle, because there are exceptions to the rules.

Conception during bleeding in this case is also impossible.

Irregular menstrual cycle

If the period from the first day of menstruation to the beginning of a new cycle is not regular, then can I get pregnant before, during, and after menstruation in this case?

For example, a woman is sure that she has a short cycle, which is equal to twenty-one days. A representative of the fair sex can calculate that ovulation will take place on the 7th day of the cycle. Consequently, sexual acts that occur after 10 days will not lead to conception. Suddenly, a hormonal failure occurs in the woman's body and her cycle becomes average. With this outcome of the event, sexual contact, which took place on day 10, is likely to lead to fertilization. The woman thinks that it is impossible to get pregnant before the menstrual period, however, conception occurs because of the lengthening of the cycle.

There may also be a reverse situation. For example, a woman's menstrual cycle is long. She expects to get pregnant after the menstruation and during them is impossible. However, due to a small malfunction in the body, the cycle is shortened, and the female gamete's output does not occur on day 21 of the cycle, but at 7. In this case, any sexual contact that occurred during or immediately after menstruation can lead to fertilization.

If a woman constantly changes the length of the menstrual cycle, then conception can occur at any time. In this case, one can not rely on luck and hope that it will "carry".Take care of your health carefully.

Can I get pregnant on the 1st day of a month?

In some cases, the female body is very unpredictable. If the representative of the fair sex does not remember when they were last months and does not follow their cycle, then any spotting is taken for the beginning of the next period.

It is worth saying that in some cases, the release of the egg from the ovary is accompanied by small bloody discharge. This is due to the fact that when the bubble ruptures the smallest vessels are damaged. The blood in this case is mixed with cervical mucus and leaves the genitals. Inattentive lady takes such a discharge for the first day of menstruation. In this case, sexual contact on the given day can lead to conception with a very high probability.

In order to avoid such erroneous situations, you need to closely monitor the menstrual cycle and keep your female calendar.

Opinions of specialists

Doctors do not recognize the calendar method of preventing unwanted pregnancies. This method can be used in the case of conception planning. If you do not plan to become a mother in the near future, then you should find an alternative way to prevent pregnancy.

At present, there is a mass of hormonal drugs, suppositories, intrauterine devices and creams. Each representative of the fair sex will be able to choose for themselves the most appropriate option for protection from conception.


If you are concerned about whether you can get pregnant during a period, after or before them, you should ask your doctor about it. Surely a gynecologist will tell you that during periods of bleeding it is generally not advisable to have sex. Otherwise, you can put your health at risk of infection or various female diseases.

Keep track of your cycle, keep in mind the duration of your periods and be always healthy!