White spots on the hands - what is it? White spots appeared on the hands: the reasons

White spots on the hands - what is it? Quite significant damage, which can manifest itself as an indication of certain diseases. Spots can appear on various parts of the body: shoulders, palms, fingers and hands. In certain situations, they occur in other areas, characterized by a variety of forms and density of the cluster. Even if these formations do not cause pain, do not scrape and do not itch, this does not mean that you do not need to pay attention to this problem.

White spots on the hands: the causes of

Such marks can be placed on flexion and extensibility, in places of small and large joints, on the palms and hands. The following causes can cause the formation of depigmented spots:

  • deficiency of certain minerals and vitamins;
  • effect of sunlight;
  • genetic predisposition or heredity;
  • failure of the endocrine system, in particular, the pituitary gland;
  • multiple infectious and skin ailments;
  • is a painful development in the field of the nervous system.
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What kind of diseases can white marks say?

White spots on the hands - what is it? Many people ask this question, and some associate their appearance on the body with the concept of "vitiligo".But not only this kind of ailment can be the culprit. There are also other diseases:

  • leukoderma;
  • dermatomycosis( pityriasis);
  • white lichen.

Now you can get acquainted with each of them in detail.


This is a violation of skin pigmentation caused by the reduction or absolute dying off of the melanin pigment. There are syphilitic and medicinal leukoderma. Why do they have white spots on their hands?

With the syphilitic variety, the nervous system is affected. Most often, spots can be found on the neck, abdomen, lower back and back. In another way, this disease is called the "necklace of Venus."But if there are white spots on the hands, then it does not belong to the leukoderm.

The medicinal form is formed as a result of prolonged use of medicines.

For the leukoderm, there are small white patches of oval form with hyperpigmentation in the marking area. Regardless of the factors of the appearance of treatment, a basic malaise is necessary.

Pityriasis lichen

In another way it is also called a sun fungus. This is a chronic fungal infection of the epidermis outer cover. The source of this disease are yeast-like fungi, which live on the human body for life. The carriers of fungal saprophytes are also healthy people. That's why this disease is not considered contagious. This fungal infection leads to disruption in the cells that are responsible for the production of melanin pigment.

For the solar fungus are characterized by pale little pigment marks with distinct contours, especially on the neck, shoulders, back, chest and armpits. In general, they can be found in the summer, when the skin gets sunburn, and the affected places remain light. White patches on the arms and legs with pityriasis are almost non-existent.

Dermatomycosis is observed, usually in young men or adolescents. People who can:

  • have a genetic predisposition to a sun fungus;
  • have weak immunity;
  • have increased sweating;
  • suffer from chronic gastrointestinal diseases;
  • suffer from endocrine disorders;
  • have elevated blood sugar;
  • suffer from immunodeficiency.

Provocators of formation of lichen are also:

  • ionizing radiation;
  • therapy with corticosteroids;
  • solar radiation.

Therapy is carried out with antifungal medicines: shampoo, ointments( "Clotrimazole", "Lamisil") and soap. This disease is usually treated well and fairly quickly.

White lichen

This is also a fungal disease that affects more teenagers and children. If the hands have white spots, then this may indicate an unpleasant disease. However, on this part of the body, as well as on the abdomen, back, shoulders and feet, the marks appear very rarely. Lishay often develops on the face. These spots look like oval circles 0.5-20 cm in size, covered with a small light husk resembling a layer of dust. As a rule, they do not provoke an itch.

The cause of white lichen formation is atopic dermatitis or skin drying. This type of disease usually does not carry a threat to health and is not treated with medicines. Just regulated skin care. Sometimes prescribed ointments with corticosteroid hormones in small dosages.


Why do white spots appear on my hands? Very many would like to know the answer to this question. He is, and this will be discussed a little later. And now a little about where such marks are, what symptoms can be observed.

This type of disease originates mainly on the skin of the knees, elbows and in the hands. There is no itching and flaking. On the feet and palms of the stains of vitiligo never happens. With such marks, people in most cases do not go to a dermatologist. And this is wrong, since it is not only light visual changes in the skin, but also a malaise, which is long and rather difficult to treat. And the sooner you turn to a specialist, the sooner you can get rid of vitiligo.

In the treatment of the disease, the "Melagenin Plus", photochemical, skin graft and laser are used. But every year the methods of treatment become much larger. For a full-fledged therapy, it is also necessary to cure the main disease, which resulted in the appearance of white spots on the hands.

Causes of

Culprits of the appearance of vitiligo disease can be:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • malfunctioning of the digestive tract, liver;
  • sunburn;
  • daily stress;
  • abnormal kidney and adrenal function;
  • pregnancy;
  • chronic poisoning;
  • of the thyroid gland, as well as organs of the endocrine system;
  • imbalance of vitamins and microelements in the body;
  • is an immune disorder.


White spots on the hands - what is it? This is, first of all, a disease that must be treated, but only after the diagnosis has been carried out and the factors that provoked such symptoms have been determined. If the formation of white marks on the skin is combined with the formation of a disease such as vitiligo, the patient is prescribed complex therapy - the use of medicines and ultraviolet treatment.

For local therapy of vitiligo, a lotion "Melagenin" can still be used. The elements existing in its structure are capable of activating the development of skin pigmentation, helping the production of melanin( a natural dark pigment) in the body. This is how the white spots on the hands look. The photo is presented below.

The agent is applied to the base area of ​​the markings 3 times a day with light movements. After this, ultraviolet irradiation of the treated sites is done once a day for 15 minutes. With a good effect of the drug, light spots on the skin first acquire a scarlet color, and then gradually darken."Melagenin" can not be used during breastfeeding and pregnancy.

Why do we have white spots on our hands? And how can they be disposed of with UV irradiation? It should be used in vitiligo combination of this procedure with photosensitizing drugs that can enhance the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet and, as a result, activate the production of melanin. Such means include:

  • "Metoksalen".
  • "Púvalen".
  • "Melagenin".
  • "Melaxen".

Systemic therapy of vitiligo

Treatment depending on the manifestations may include the use of the necessary drugs:

  • "Diprospan", "Prednisolone" with the content of corticosteroids;
  • "Chloroquine diphosphate" - aminoquinoline agents;
  • "Isoprinosine", "Cyclosporin A" - immunomodulating;
  • medications that help improve gastrointestinal function;
  • vitamin and mineral complexes;
  • preparations, which establish the course of metabolic processes in the liver;
  • antidepressants;
  • means to help improve digestion.

Still used to use masking cosmetic creams, so that the white spots on the hands are not very visible. The photo shows the marks data.


In order not to face the problem of white spots, one should adhere to the rules of sunburn.

  1. Use sunscreen to avoid burns, dangerous to the skin.
  2. Sunbathing is necessary until 11.00 and after 16.00.
  3. The period under the sun should not exceed 20 minutes. So you can get the right tan. Long-term action of ultraviolet rays causes aging of the skin and increases the likelihood of white markings.

White spots on the hands - what is it? Many have already received an answer to this question after reading this material. It remains only to adhere to certain conditions, so as not to cause an unpleasant disease.