Coding from alcoholism by pricking into a vein: consequences, efficacy and feedback

Dry figures say that about 2.5 million people die of alcoholism every year. Such statistics frightens, but also makes you think, and then, realizing the problem, start looking for its solution. Before the person who decided to get rid of alcohol dependence, the natural question arises: how to do it? To date, the fastest way to defeat this disease is coding from alcoholism by pricking into a vein. The consequences of this action, its minuses and pluses will be considered below.

How does it work?

Encoding from alcoholism by pricking into a vein, the consequences

The essence of the method is quite simple. The drug is injected into the human body, the task of which is to act on metabolism in such a way that in response to alcohol consumption, instead of the usual euphoria and detachment from their problems, the patient feels extremely unpleasant sensations, physical discomfort. Thus, while the drug is in the body( and this can last from several months to 5 years), a certain reaction to alcohol is formed, which varies from loss of pleasure from its intake to complete disgust. It would seem - everything is easy. However, it is not enough just to make an injection of alcoholism. The possible consequences of this action must also be taken into account. In addition, there are contraindications, depending both on the patient, the type of coding, and on the drug used.

Action of

After the drug used for coding enters the body, it rebuilds the liver so much that alcohol and its breakdown products are not properly processed. The result is a rapid saturation of blood and tissues with acetaldehyde, the product of the breakdown of alcohol, which is responsible for the hangover. But if in the ordinary case it is quickly removed from the body rather quickly, and the hangover syndrome rarely lasts more than a day, then due to the action of the drug this does not happen and other consequences occur. Instead of a sense of intoxication, there is a whole "bouquet" of sensations inherent in a hangover syndrome, but amplified at times. Thus, making the coding from alcoholism a prick in a vein, the consequences are also worth considering. After this procedure, it is dangerous to use not only alcoholic and low alcohol drinks, but with caution should also apply to products in which there may even be a small dose of ethyl alcohol( kefir, kvass).

The procedure for encoding

Prick in the vein from alcoholism

Once again we note: it is quite difficult - coding from alcoholism by pricking into a vein. What is pricked, how it is done and who is doing it, is also of great importance. The procedure should be carried out by qualified medical personnel under the supervision of a narcologist. The preparation of the drug solution must be carried out in strict accordance with the drug instruction.

As already noted, drugs that block alcohol, in combination with it have a very powerful effect, and therefore a preliminary consultation with a narcologist is mandatory. Right before the procedure, the patient and his relatives are voiced aloud and given more than one time to listen to warnings about the consequences of coding in the recording, and the more often it is sounded, the better. Such information not only enhances the effect, but also plays the role of a kind of psychotherapy. It is important to make sure that the patient realizes that in the future he will bring coding from alcoholism by pricking into the vein, the consequences of this step and possible complications.

Another important point: before the coding procedure, it is important to make sure that the patient does not have alcoholic, narcotic or drug intoxication. As a rule, before using these drugs, you must exclude the use of alcohol for 3, and in some cases - for 7 days before the procedure. Violation of this condition can provoke such consequences after coding from alcoholism, like psychosis, hallucinations, obscuration of consciousness.

Alcohol provocation

A shot from alcoholism - how it cures and what happens

Another argument in favor of the fact that the coding must be conducted under the supervision of a specialist and in a specially equipped for this place is an alcoholic provocation. After the administration of the drug, to make sure that it works, the patient takes some alcohol( usually not more than 40 g).After the coding from alcoholism was injected into the vein, the consequences of this action can be expressed in heat, suffocation, head and heart pain, nausea and vomiting, panic, fear of death. The consequences of alcohol provocation can be experienced by the patient within 2-3 hours, however, the stronger the impressions received, the more profound the result will be. Carrying out such a procedure at home is extremely dangerous. If the dose is exceeded, the consequences can get out of hand, and the reaction to alcohol may require medical intervention, and the dose that the patient is used to using can simply kill him.

Thus, the coding procedure must be carried out in a specialized institution. In addition, there you can offer different methods of coding.

Encoding by intravenous injection of

This is the so-called torpedo. To encode a prick in the vein from alcoholism with disulfiram preparations. To date, more modern preparations based on it have been developed - SIT, MST, NIT.Their differences are in a different dose of disulfiram. If desired, the patient may be given an injection of alcoholism for 1 or 5 years. The consequences of this action should be calculated by the patient himself. If he is confident in himself and that he can independently overcome the craving for alcohol - you can choose a longer period. In addition, encoding with a prick( intravenous) from alcoholism with caution is prescribed to people with a moving psyche. This is due to the fact that the use of disulfiram and its analogues often provokes psychosis, obscuration of consciousness, hallucinations both auditory and visual.

Injections "into the liver"

A shot from alcoholism, reviews and coding methods

Of course, no one injects directly into this organ. This coding is built on the same method as coding from alcoholism by pricking into a vein."In the liver" in this case refers to the target on which the action of the drugs is directed. In this body, alcohol is oxidized and split into acetic acid and water. In this process, such hepatic enzymes as alcohol dehydrogenase and acetyl dehydrogenase are involved. They are blocked by injected drugs, which are deposited in the liver cells, preventing the full splitting of alcohol. All this with the reception of even a small amount of alcohol causes poisoning, which is accompanied by extremely unpleasant symptoms, which, in turn, through the reflex connection allows to develop intolerance to alcoholic beverages. This is the so-called aversive coding technique.

Puncture on the

Shoulder This method, popularly known as "filing," is a rather painful procedure, often requiring prior local anesthesia. The active substance here is also preparations based on disulfiram, rapidly worsening the state of health of a person after using even minimal doses of alcohol. The meaning of the procedure is that the drug injected subcutaneously( for this, the "Narcorone" or "Esperal-gel" is most often used) is slowly absorbed into the blood, maintaining the necessary concentration of disulfiram. This continues depending on the time period for which the coding is calculated.

Intramuscular injection

A shot from alcoholism for 1 or 5 years, the consequences

For a more gentle coding use a drug such as "Vivitrol".Unlike disulfiram, which provokes poisoning of the body, "Vivitrol" accumulates and blocks opioid receptors responsible for those sensations that the alcoholic tries to repeat using alcohol. In other words, all satisfaction from the accepted doses of alcohol vanishes. Thus, by making intramuscular injections once a month, a critical attitude towards alcohol intake is formed. This method is more sparing than the above and is used not only for the treatment of alcoholism, but also for the exclusion of relapses of alcohol intake.


Of course, every sensible person, before deciding on cardinal actions, will find out what it is - a shot from alcoholism, how it treats and what happens if the doctor's recommendations are violated. But this seemingly simple way is not available to everyone. Before the procedure, you need to undergo a complete examination. There are a number of contraindications in which coding with intravenous or intramuscular injection is prohibited. These include:
  • severe cardiovascular pathology;

  • hepatitis, acute hepatic impairment;

  • kidney failure;

  • glaucoma;

  • osteoporosis;

  • diabetes mellitus and other endocrine diseases;

  • fungal diseases;

  • pregnancy;

  • mental disorders;

  • withdrawal syndrome;

  • is an immunity to the body of the drug.

Coding from alcohol by pricking into a vein, into the liver

The effect of encoding against alcoholism by injection

To date, there is no unambiguous opinion on the effectiveness of this method. Different people have a different process of recovery. Someone has confidently said goodbye to alcohol dependence forever, and someone in a few weeks comes to the narcologist and asks him to "decode".Confirmation of this can be found in the reviews written on the Internet. Some of them confirm the validity of this method of encoding, many argue that only after it began to feel the fullness of life and are not going to stop there. Some of the respondents despite the doctor's warnings can not overcome the craving for alcohol and continue to take alcohol, testing their body for strength. There are also those who, after prolonged persuasions of relatives and friends, underwent the coding procedure, but nevertheless after a short time began to consume alcohol again, without experiencing any particular discomfort. Reviews are different. So what's the deal? There are several factors that make injection coding effective.

When the encoding is triggered by

Most often the cause of "breakdowns" of patients is not a physical dependence on alcohol intake, but psychological factors. Turning to the narcologist, people are guided by completely different motives. For some it is a conscious decision, someone acts under the pressure of relatives or superiors, and in this case the chance that a person will be able to get rid of alcohol dependence, sadly, is much lower.

A shot from alcoholism, possible consequences

At the core of the coding for alcoholism, a prick is the fear of the patient for his life, the realization that if he drinks, then he will be threatened by a very specific danger. But only fear is often not enough. A person gets used to it, and if there are no other goals and motivations, only fear becomes insufficient( because there is an eternal Russian "maybe").And it does not matter whether you did or did not get a shot from alcoholism. Feedback and coding methods are, of course, good, but in order for them to work, the most important thing remains one - the desire of a person to change, the realization that this can not continue and the need to achieve the goal. Yes, the support of others, psychological and medical help, of course, are important, but one can get rid of dependence only independently.