How can I increase the size of a woman's breast? Modern ways

Probably, it will be extremely problematic to adjust the size of the female breast to one common standard. This is due to the fact that each person has his own notions of beauty. Someone seems attractive first size, but someone is delighted with a lush and so desired chest.

But, even despite differences in taste, every woman wants to look attractive. We buy corrective underwear, which can make our breasts even larger and more attractive. But what to do to those who have nothing to increase? The only option in this case is breast augmentation by means of plastic surgery.

Methods of breast augmentation

  • The greatest popularity in women still enjoys an increase in size with the installation of silicone implants. This method has been used by plastic surgeons around the world for more than 50 years. Endoprosthetics of the breast by implants is considered the most reliable and effective. Moreover, each patient can choose a suitable breast. This is possible due to the huge choice of shapes, sizes, heights, etc. Most implant manufacturers give a lifetime warranty on their products. This approach suggests that there is no need to re-lie under the surgeon's knife. The way the implant is inserted is determined jointly by the surgeon and the patient.
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  • In addition to all of the above, many women resort to breast augmentation with a gel. To date, during the operation, either synthetic or natural gel can be used. It's worth mentioning that synthetic-based gels are banned in many countries. This is due to their danger to the woman's body. As for gels of natural origin, with their help at the moment, no women's breasts have been enlarged.
  • Breast augmentation - lipofilling. This method involves the introduction into the patient's breast of its own fat cells. This option of increase is the most worthy alternative to modern mammoplasty. Separately it is worth noting that during the operation, two procedures are simultaneously performed: liposuction and enlargement. If you have a desire to enlarge the breast in this way, then you should know about the fact that the increase is possible only by one or two sizes. The thing is that the fatty tissue introduced in large quantities can lead to a number of serious complications that can threaten both the health and life of the patient. Similarly, one can not help saying that before choosing such an operation, one must carefully choose both the clinic and the surgeon.

In conclusion, let's say that even if you are somewhat dissatisfied with your natural proportions, it is worthwhile to think several times before going for breast augmentation. No doctor can say 100% that after the operation and in the very near future you will not have any complications.