"Surgitron": removal of papillomas. Description of procedure, effectiveness and feedback

All of us in one way or another want our appearance to be flawless, and we strive to ensure that the skin is smooth and clean. When it appears papillomas, it negates all our efforts to preserve beauty. After all, various skin pathologies are very unpleasant and can not be associated with the concept of beautiful and healthy skin.

Modern methods of removing

removal of papillomas by the sargitron apparatus reviews

Such defects as papillomas, unfortunately, do not disappear on their own. In addition, the appearance of new papillomas, if there is a decrease in immunity.

To prevent new and stop the growth of the papillomas already available, it is necessary to start prevention and treatment in a timely manner. The most common way to fight is to remove. For example, removal of papillomas by "Surgitron".But about this device a bit later.

Alternatively, of course, you can try other methods, for example, cauterize the papilloma with iodine, lapis pencil, various tinctures. Nevertheless, these methods do not give a stable result, and treatment with them can take too much time.

If you find on your skin such defects as papillomas, you should first contact a dermatologist. It is he who will help to develop a treatment plan. You can be offered several different ways to remove skin lesions. It can be:

  • Laser .This method is based on the evaporation of papillomal tissues with a beam of polarized light. Scars after the procedure do not remain, however, this method is contraindicated for use during pregnancy, as well as if the skin has inflammations or eruptions of a herpetic nature.
  • Liquid nitrogen .This method is relatively inexpensive and at the same time quite common. After the procedure, the skin will recover in about 5 weeks. However, there is a risk that a chemical burn will occur if liquid nitrogen enters the area of ​​healthy skin.
  • Electrocoagulation .The way in which papillomas are cauterized by high-frequency current. This method is not very convenient, since the rehabilitation period is long. This is because the wound surface heals fairly long, while maintaining strong pain. After removal of the papillomas with an electrocoagulant, the risk of scarring is high.
  • Removal of papillomas by the Surgutron .This is the so-called radio wave knife. It is the safest and most effective method for combating cutaneous neoplasms.

Doctors recommend that after one of the listed procedures, they take a course of therapy for general strengthening of the body. It is superfluous to drink a course of the antiviral device to avoid relapse.

The removal of the

removal of the papillomas by the sargitron

"Surgitron" by the "Surgutron" papillom, or, as it is also called, the wave knife is a special device. It affects neoplasms in the following way: the papilloma tissues are destroyed as a result of the influence of the sharply increased temperature that occurs when using radio waves.

  • The defeat of unhealthy tissues is due to the directional action of heat.
  • Radio waves have a certain frequency.

Indications for use and contraindications

When deleting papillomas, the aesthetic aspect plays a decisive role, however, when deciding to remove them, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the procedure and the justification of its use. Of course, neoplasms cause discomfort, especially if they are on the face or visible when wearing open clothing. But still it's important to worry about the safety of the procedure.

Papilloma is not only a cosmetic defect, but also fraught with another threat. It can easily be traumatized by rubbing against shoes or clothing, damaging, producing a daily shave or caring for the underarm area.

Indications for the removal of papillomas by "Surgitron" are the following types of skin pathologies:

  • Papillomas of single and multiple localization.
  • Warts.
  • Age-related keratomas.
  • Molluscum contagiosum type.
  • Hemangioma.
  • Vascular asterisks.
  • Papillomas and erosion of the cervix.

removal of papillomas by swargonron

However, along with the indications, a similar procedure has contraindications, which should be taken into account from the point of view of the patient's safety. So, the use of a radio-wave knife is contraindicated when:

  • pregnancy;
  • epilepsy;
  • inflammation of any etiology;
  • increased temperature;
  • patient has a pacemaker.

Operation process

Usually the procedure for removing the papillomas "Surgitron" takes about 15-30 minutes. During the procedure, pain can be avoided, which can be avoided by applying anesthesia.

  1. Anesthesia is used topically - with a special cream or local injection. Then the doctor uses an electrode to cut off the papilloma from healthy skin.
  2. The effect on the papilloma is made pointwise, that is, the areas of healthy skin are not affected.
  3. Depth, strength, temperature are set manually, taking into account the individual characteristics and degree of skin damage.

The device is tuned under the direct visual control of an experienced surgeon.

Removal of papillomas on the cervix of the

papillomavage removal

If removal of the "Surgitron" by the papilla occurs on the uterus, the procedure is performed only in the first half of the cycle, which allows to exclude the possibility of pregnancy. Before the procedure, the patient must pass tests for PCR, gonorrhea, HIV and syphilis.

This method of removing papillomas can be used against women who have not given birth. Do not be afraid that there may be negative consequences, such as the failure to disclose the cervix during childbirth. The procedure is not performed during menstruation.

Positive and negative feedback on the removal of papillomas by the Surgutron

According to reviews, the removal of papillomas with a radio wave knife has several advantages:

  • After removal, scars and scars remain on the skin.
  • Electrode does not contact the skin.
  • A large enough surface of the skin can be treated simultaneously.

removal of papillomas on the uterus with a suburgron

  • Histology analysis is possible.
  • Allows you to remove papillomas not only on the skin, but also on the mucous membranes.
  • When using a radio wave knife, there is no bleeding, since it has both a coagulation and sterilization effect.
  • Represents a virtually painless way to remove papillomas.

But there are also negative reviews. The lack of removal of the "Surgitron" by the papilloma is the price of this method: relative high costs are noted. Cryodestruction, for example, costs an order of magnitude less. However, if you take into account the advantages of this method, then the price-quality ratio must be the decisive factor for using it.

Rehabilitation period

After removal of the papilloma, at the place where it was, a small crust forms, which completely disappears within a week. Under it remains a trace remotely reminiscent of the trail after the abrasion.

The healing of the wound can be accelerated by using such tools as "Kontraktubeks" or "Panthenol".Doctors insist that after removing the papilloma should be excluded from getting on the wound of various kinds of cosmetics, perfumes, various detergents and water in principle. Also it is not recommended to visit the solarium, walk in the open sun. Special care requires traces of the removal of papillomas on the face.


surgitron removal by papillomas

The overwhelming majority of patients after removal of the papillomas with "Surgitron" reviews the following: the safety, effectiveness and speed of the procedure are noted. You can remove papillomas in a variety of ways, however, it is worth considering the one that will be most sparing and effective. Before the procedure, it is necessary to consult a doctor-oncodermatologist.