Biomedics 55 Evolution UV Contact Lenses: user reviews

Contact lenses are not only useful, but also convenient. Correct vision is thus easy and simple. This is a modern approach to solving the problem. And therefore it is important to understand what the contact lenses of Biomedics 55 are. What do consumers think about them? Let's try to understand this issue. After all, most doctors generally try to keep silent about the existence of Biomedics 55 Evolution UV.Why does this happen? Are contact lenses Biomedics 55 so horrible? This is often judged by direct buyers of products. What can they say about this? contact lenses biomedics 55

Perfect correction for

Of course, the first thing to pay attention to is the efficiency of using optics. After all, vision correction for lenses plays an important role. Few people want to change glasses for this type of optics, and even get a minimal result.

Fortunately, as consumers assure, Biomedics 55 contact lenses perfectly cope with their task. And all this despite the fact that doctors without special hunt show the availability of products in a variety of salons of optics. Thanks to these lenses, many customers have significantly improved their vision. Contact lenses Biomedics 55 reviews in this regard earn positive. The result is visible after a month of regular wearing. Not very big, but it is.

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Almost all

It is also worth noting that in many cases, the correction of vision with the help of lenses becomes impossible. But this is not our option. Consumers assure that contact lenses Biomedics 55 UV can help people with myopia, and with farsightedness. With all this, dioptries do not affect comfort in wearing. contact lenses biomedics 55 uv

"Minusovik" in this situation was more lucky. If you belong to this category of persons, it is worth noting for yourself from the many product reviews that dioptries contact lenses Biomedics 55 UV are offered in 0.5 D increments. And the spectrum of possible "neglect" of the vision ranges from -0, 5 to -8 diopters. This fact is extremely encouraging to the public.

But those who suffer from a "plus" view, will have to endure some inconvenience. Here the capabilities of the manufacturer are not so great. By numerous opinions, it can only be said that you can not use Biomedics 55 Evolution UV lenses with a vision above +6.In principle, a similar situation develops with most manufacturers. And this is normal. After all, often with such indicators it is better to perform the operation before the eyes, rather than pick up optics for vision correction.

Comfort and safety

Contact lenses Biomedics 55 Evolution is a safe and convenient tool for "correcting" your eyes. This is the conclusion you can make by reading numerous reviews about this product. Why is this believed?

Buyers repeatedly emphasize that these lenses are ultra-thin - their thickness is 0.05 millimeters. This allows the eyes to not feel the optics on the cornea. Even for centuries you will not feel that you have contact lenses Biomedics 55 Evolution. Very good news. contact lenses biomedics 55 evolution

In addition, the feedback on products also suggests that this optics protects and moisturizes the eyes. Ultraviolet and burns are no longer scary. And any soft lenses do not cause any discomfort. All this is worth paying attention to before buying. Buyers say: even with prolonged wearing no redness, itching, burning and pain in your eyes you will not feel. So, this optics will not bring harm to health. Many people pay attention to this when choosing a means for vision correction.


Care of any lenses requires some effort. And the easier it is to handle optics in this regard, the better. Contact lenses Biomedics 55 Evolution reviews in this sense, the buyer is quite positive. Everyone notices that they do not require any special treatment or care.

The only thing that is necessary, at the end of each day, put optics in the night at a special solution. Without it, any lenses will wither. No further disinfection of Biomedics 55 Evolution UV is required. Although, if desired, you can use special pills that dissolve in the liquid for this optics. All this is very good for the reputation of the manufacturer. However, contact lenses Biomedics 55 UV have one small minus. Which one? contact lenses biomedics 55 reviews

Usage time

It's about the duration of use. The thing is that some consumers are unhappy with one fact - the proposed products represent monthly lenses. That is, after 4 weeks you will need a new pair. This approach to vision correction is not always convenient. So, only this moment is emphasized by consumers as negative.

If we talk about the duration of wearing during the day, then everything is just fine. The manufacturer recommends an 8-hour use. And buyers assure that you can wear contact Biomedics 55 Evolution as much as you wish. The main thing - to remove them at night, as well as in case of appearance of irritations and reddening of the cornea of ​​the eye.

Average duration of wearing, as practice shows, is about 12 hours. So, you can put on the lenses at the beginning of the day, early in the morning, and then wear them until you go to sleep. This is what most people do that suffer from poor vision. However, the audience does not recommend this kind of experiments to people with high eye sensitivity.

About the cost of

The last moment, which is constantly emphasized by the public, is the cost of Biomedics 55 Evolution UV.These lenses are usually considered quite cheap. A pair of this optics for a month will cost you around 800-900 rubles. Not so much as it might seem at first glance. contact lenses biomedics 55 evolution reviews

However, not particularly versed in the cost of lenses, consumers express their dissatisfaction with the price tag Biomedics 55 Evolution UV.Do not believe such beliefs. It is enough simply to ask the ophthalmologist for an average price for lenses from other manufacturers. It ranges between 1,500 rubles. As you can see, the difference is noticeable to the naked eye.

What is the result of all that has been said? Perhaps, contact lenses Biomedics 55 really worthy of everyone's attention. Do not be surprised if your doctor does not advise you to buy Biomedix products. After all, they are not as expensive as analogues with "loud" names. And the action of this product is often better than that of the same "Clearball".It turns out that it's unprofitable to offer Biomedics 55 Evolution UV simply to optics salons. Be interested in having this optics in each trading organization in advance.