"Stomatidin": instruction, price and reviews. The use of "Stomatidin" in children

With oral injuries, fungal infections, as well as inflammatory processes can not do without special medication. Specialists often use the drug Stomatidin. The instruction describes how to take the medicine correctly. Antiseptic for local use shows good results already at the initial stage of treatment. However, it is not necessary to use a medicine without prescribing a doctor.

Form and Composition

An antiseptic topical preparation is used in ENT practice as well as dentistry. As the main active ingredient is hexetidine. In addition, solutions such as polysorbate, propylene glycol, citric acid monohydrate, sodium saccharin, menthol, purified water are used in the solution. The drug is delivered to pharmacies in dark plastic bottles.

stamatidine instructions Shows a good antiseptic effect of the drug "Stomatidin".The instruction indicates that it is only necessary to use the medicine locally. The ingestion of a large amount of medication may contribute to the development of side effects. Hexetidine is not only analgesic, but also antimicrobial. The drug prevents the development of infection, kills germs, which led to inflammation in the oral cavity.

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Most often in dental practice, the drug "Stomatidin" is prescribed. The instruction indicates that the medicine can be used as a prophylactic agent after tooth extraction. The solution prevents the infection from developing in the well. Also, the drug can be used for infectious and inflammatory diseases of the pharynx and oral cavity. Assign a drug with such ailments, as angina, stomatitis, tonsillitis, periodontitis, glossitis. The solution can also be used in pediatric dentistry for gum injuries or inflammatory processes.

Stamatidine price Fungal infections of the pharynx and oral cavity are also an indication for the use of "Stomatidin".Experts' reviews show that the medicine perfectly removes manifestations of candidiasis stomatitis after surgical interventions. In rare cases, the medication can be used to eliminate bad breath and also as a deodorant. In most cases, the composition of complex therapy includes the drug "Stomatidin".


The drug can not be administered to children under 4 years of age. This is due to the fact that babies do not know how to spit out the solution after rinsing. If ingested, the medicine can cause a burn of the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. Women during pregnancy and lactation are not contraindicated. However, it should be used only if the potential benefit exceeds the possible harm to the baby.

stomatidine reviews Patients who are prone to allergic reactions should consult a physician beforehand. In some patients, hypersensitivity to one of the components of the drug may occur. When an atypical reaction to hexitidine appears, the drug should be immediately withdrawn. There are many qualitative analogues that can be used in the treatment of infectious diseases of the oral cavity. A specialist will always be able to find a good medicine.

Dosage of

It is right to take a solution of "Stomatidin".The instruction for children describes how juvenile patients should use the medicine. The use of medicines by schoolchildren should be strictly under the control of adults. The problem is that the drug has a pleasant taste. A small child can swallow a medicine and thereby harm his body.

Stomatidin instruction for children The drug is intended for topical use only. Do not dilute the Stomatidin supplement with water. Experts' reviews show that the drug has a weak concentration. Therefore, additional dilution significantly reduces the drug effect.

For infectious diseases of the oral cavity, use 10-15 ml of solution twice a day. Rinse should be done within a minute. A good effect is also provided by lotions using the Stomatidin. A small gauze pad is moistened in solution and applied to the affected area for 5 minutes. Such compresses should be done no more than three times a day.


How to replace the drug "Stomatidin"?The price of the drug is relatively high. Therefore, experts often designate analogues related to a lower price category. A good effect in the treatment of infectious diseases of the oral cavity shows a solution of "Hexoral".This antiseptic is based on hexetidine, as is the drug Stomatidin. Its price in pharmacies does not exceed 250 rubles. As auxiliary substances, ethanol, clove oil, sodium saccharin, monohydrate of citric acid, purified water are used. The medicine is not prescribed for children under 3 years.

stamatidine instructions price Solution "Stopangin" - another popular antiseptic, with which you can replace the drug "Stomatidin."The instruction indicates that this medication can be used for infectious diseases of the oral cavity, and also as a preventive agent for cancer diseases. The drug prevents the development of ulcerative lesions of the mucosa.

Reviews about the drug "Stomatidin"

Many good words you can hear about the drug from parents of preschool children. Unfortunately, it is children who suffer most from infectious diseases of the oral cavity. Adverse reactions do not develop if the instruction has been previously studied for the Stomatidin. The price of the medicine reaches 400 rubles. You can always choose a cheaper analog.

Medication is dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription. Therefore, you can buy it without hindrance. However, to administer the medicine to babies without first consulting a pediatrician is not recommended. If rinses do not give good results for three days, you should also consult a specialist.