How to pull out a tooth without pain?

Is it possible to pull a tooth in a dream, or does this happen only in movies( horror or fiction - at the choice of the reader)?Most professional dentists can tell this. In fact, you can get rid of a sick tooth. Children with dairy easier, adults with indigenous - more difficult. But after all we will reflect: once there were no dentists at all, and people got rid of sick teeth themselves.

how to pull out a tooth at home

Do I need this?

Perhaps this issue is the most important. It is necessary not only to have an idea how to pull out a tooth without pain at home, but also to realize that this involves a considerable risk. As you know, in a modern hospital, tooth extraction is a surgical operation performed with anesthesia and disinfection. At home, to ensure this is impossible.

Let's admit, sometimes a tooth can be removed without pain, but as for antiseptic processing, everything is very difficult. If you neglect the thorough disinfection and protection of the site, the flux will probably develop in the near future. And

get rid of it will be oh as not easy - you will have to go to the doctor and undergo a very unpleasant and prolonged treatment. At the same time, sometimes the situation is such that the tooth hurts so that there is absolutely no strength, and there is no opportunity to go to the doctor in the near future. In this situation, you should be able to provide yourself first aid yourself.

Special case

Know how to pull out the tooth at home, should modern parents. The fact that the baby teeth in babies fall out quite often. With each such tooth to write to the doctor is often meaningless. There are cases when the child took out a tooth with his fingers - and does not threaten any inflammation, because there is practically no wound itself.

However, it's worth to be attentive. Knowing how to pull out a milk tooth, you can not abuse these skills: at least twice a year you need to drive your child for check-up to the dentist. By the way, he will explain by an example what teeth will fall out soon, how to remove them at home, what problems can there be, and what signs should one suspect that urgent dental care is needed.

What should I do?

So, how to pull a tooth to a child: if the tooth is staggering hard enough, but stubbornly does not want to drop out, you just have to ask the child to chew on this tooth cracker or carrots, you can chew the toffee. In most cases this is enough to make the process "go."

is it possible to pull out a tooth

However, before this you need to carefully inspect the mouth of the baby. If there is inflammation, swelling or redness, the tooth hurts or shows signs of destruction, do not try to extract it yourself, it is better to contact the doctor. With their own strength they get rid of the disturbing reeling tooth, only when it is perfectly white, smooth, nothing hurts around, there are no ulcers and stomatitis.

Relevance of the issue

It is important to know how to pull the tooth out at home, because many babies are afraid of dental panic, and problems with teeth begin at the age of six. Scales can cause injuries to the surface of the cheeks or tongue, which will provoke inflammation and can lead to serious problems. However, even without health consequences, the situation itself is accompanied by unpleasant sensations.

When is it necessary?

The tooth must be removed by yourself or with the help of a doctor if:

  • is a strong reel;
  • crown is palpable;
  • permanent teeth begin to grow with a shift due to dairy.

to pull out a tooth in a dream

Sometimes the reasons to learn how to pull the tooth, become:

  • pain;
  • dental disease;
  • tooth mobility.

The correct preparation of

When deciding how to pull out the tooth, you must start from the very beginning, namely, with examination of the oral cavity. To the baby did not worry, he is told a thematic fairy tale - about a fairy, a golden tooth or a mouse. If the whole process can be presented in a playful form, the child will be drawn in and obedient. If the kid is not afraid and trusts the adult, the process takes less time and passes easier. It is necessary to make sure before the check that the baby was eating tight - the next three hours after getting rid of the harassing tooth, eating will be prohibited.

The tooth is carefully studied visually, trying to shake your finger. Sometimes there is destruction, while the tooth is tight, and the baby complains of pain. In such a situation, you need to go to the doctor, attempts to apply the instructions in practice how to remove the tooth, end badly, do not start.

Features of removal

Before you pull out the tooth, you need to take care of the presence of a handy sterile gauze. If the trick with the iris did not work, then through the cheesecloth wrap the tooth and pull it up sharply. The effort should not be too great, otherwise the teeth in the neighborhood and the gums will be harmed.

how to pull out a tooth

Is it possible to pull out the tooth in another way? Indeed, there is an alternative approach: use a thread treated with antiseptic medicine( alcohol, furacilin, chlorhexidine).Thread the problem tooth and tie it( or tie it to the handle of the door).Once the operation is completed, you need to give the child an antiseptic for rinsing the mouth, then cover the wound with impregnated with this compound gauze swab.

And then what?

Having finished the event, it is necessary to observe the baby for some time. There are cases when children fell into a panic, taking out a tampon and seeing blood. If half an hour after the event, the blood is still oozing, you need to urgently take the child to a doctor. The need for the help of a dentist arises, if one day after the operation there is swelling of the gum, the kid complains of painful sensations.

And what about older patients?

If you need to pull out a wisdom tooth or another tooth from an adult, in general, the rules are approximately the same - even a fairy tale as a distracting maneuver will not be superfluous. You need to understand that you can get rid of yourself only from those teeth that are already unsteady. The easiest thing is with the incisors, but the chewing organs have a complex root system - two or three channels, deeply embedded in the gum. With his own forces, such a tooth is extremely difficult to remove.

The longest root system is in fangs. To get rid of such a tooth at home is problematic. Doctors say that attempts to take out such a tooth on your own at home will be too painful and unsafe - there is a possibility of infection, so do not take risks, it's better to seek professional help.

Will it hurt?

Some believe that only a couple of analgin tablets or other pain medication - and you can already pull out a wisdom tooth without suffering pain. In fact, this is an absolute misconception. No root tooth will be painlessly pulled out by its own forces. To save yourself from unpleasant sensations, you can make yourself an injection of analgesic, but not everyone is capable of it: others are afraid of needles, syringes, blood, others - the very injection, others simply do not know how to stab correctly.

to pull out the wisdom tooth

All kinds of abnormal movements, operations when trying to remove the tooth on their own lead to numerous complications. It is much easier, it's more effective to go to the clinic right away. It will be more profitable both for money, and for the time spent, and for the unpleasant feelings that will have to endure.

What to expect from a doctor?

Professionals have access to modern equipment and very effective analgesics. Even complex and lengthy operations pass for the patient imperceptibly. Of course, in a few hours, when the frost goes away, this area may get a little whining, but the sensations are not comparable to those that might bother when trying to get rid of the tooth by yourself. The big problem for many is panic fear of the dentist, because of which the trip to the doctor is delayed, and in the end it is necessary to remove the tooth, which could easily be cured in a quarter of an hour, the patient should address in time.

how to pull a tooth without pain

Many cases are known from practice when an independent attempt to get rid of a tooth resulted in prolonged bleeding, inflammation, flux and even sepsis. Another option is that the crown may break when trying to pull the tooth, but the root will remain inside the gum. At home, it is completely impossible to remove it, you will have to urgently go to the doctor to perform the operation. You can not pull: almost immediately develops purulent inflammation.

Yes, I have everything simple!

The only option when you can take a chance and try to get rid of the tooth yourself is if he is already staggering, and there's no way to go to the doctor objectively. In this situation, experts advise first carefully to loosen the tooth - this will take a lot of time, but the more efficiently everything is done, the easier and painless the process will go.

Before direct pulling out use strong painkillers, nonsteroid medicines to fight inflammation. As a local anesthetic, lidocaine-containing gel will come to the rescue. At hand, you need to have a bandage( strictly sterile), antiseptic, gloves. Before the operation you need to eat tight - after it will not be able to eat another four hours. Anesthetic is used 30 minutes before the event.

What should I do?

The first stage is cleaning the oral cavity. Use paste, antiseptic, you can rinse your mouth with quality vodka. After that, wash and treat with a disinfectant solution of the hand, prepare a tampon from sterile gauze( it is also impregnated with antiseptic).

how to pull out a milk tooth

After completing the preparation, the tooth is wrapped around the cheesecloth. If you work with the cutter, you can first rotate it in different directions - this will simplify the process of excavating. As soon as it was possible to achieve the maximum mobility, sharply pull out a tooth from a gum.

It seems it turned out!

If everything is done correctly, blood will not go away. The place where the tooth used to be, turns into a small wound, for protection of which put a sterile swab for 30 minutes. During this time, even mild bleeding completely ceases.

Another day after the operation it is forbidden to eat and drink hotly - only warm food. Two days after the event, it is necessary to treat the oral cavity with an antiseptic compound. Not only ready-made medicines will benefit, but also herbal infusions and decoctions - on chamomile, sage and St. John's wort, in a word, any herbs that can fight inflammations. Use only warm broths. If the gum begins to swell and it lasts a day or more, you should immediately go to the doctor. The probability of soreness of the damaged area is high, the temperature can rise. In any of these cases, a qualified surgeon in the dental clinic is needed.

This is important!

Teeth for a person are important, both dairy and indigenous, so you can not rush to remove them. It is necessary to understand: premature pulling of milk teeth provokes an incorrectly developed bite that will ruin the whole future life of a person.

how to pull a tooth in the home

If in the place of a remote dairy something will grow in the future, then it is not possible to restore the molar tooth, therefore it is necessary to carefully take care of it by nature. Of course, in the future you can put implants, but their sensitivity is much less, and you will not get problems. In addition, it is quite expensive, from time to time you will have to change artificial teeth. In order not to interfere with this as long as possible, you should visit the dentist regularly, check the quality of teeth and treat all diseases in a timely manner, without starting them up to the point where the only way out is removal.