Sanatorium "Bobrovnikovo", Veliky Ustyug: photo, reviews

Listing Russian resorts, many remember Sochi, Yalta, Mineral Waters, but rarely will anyone say about Father Frost's homeland. And absolutely in vain. Here you can give your child a winter fairy tale, relax and gain strength. And of course, to visit the magic estate, where the main characters of the New Year celebration live. And for accommodation you can choose a sanatorium "Bobrovnikovo".health resort Bobrovnikovo

Northern fairy tale

It is located only 15 minutes from the manor of fairy-tale heroes. Sanatorium "Bobrovnikovo" is surrounded by stunning nature, a real fairy-tale, New Year's forest. Guests note that this is the best place where I would like to celebrate the New Year. The town itself is very beautiful. A cozy northern town sparkles in the sun with the golden domes of churches. The professional work of the team, the organizers of the cultural program, will not let you get bored during the rest. You will visit his Santa Claus mail, spend time on the fiefdom. In addition, you can easily arrange yourself a tour of Velikiy Ustyug. Here you will find exhibitions, interesting entertainment programs. In this case, all activities are conducted without hackwork, with a soul and conscience.

Climatic features of the region

The sanatorium "Bobrovnikovo" is not in vain found a place here."Velikoustyugskaya Anapa" is famous for its coniferous forest and picturesque rivers. Favorable bioclimatic conditions are widely used for recovery. Very good effect on the person fresh air, coniferous forest, an abundance of physiotherapy procedures. Speleotherapy is very well proven in the case of respiratory disease. This applies to both adults and children. The healing power of nature of these places has been used since ancient times, and in 1924 the first rest home was opened here. After the mineral waters were discovered on the territory, he acquired the status of a health resort. Since 2001 the sanatorium "Bobrovnikovo" accepts guests for a health course. health resort Bobrovnikovo Great Ustyug Photo

Treatment factors

All conditions are created for treatment, prevention and rehabilitation in the sanatorium. The most important curative factor is mineral water:

  • Drinking medical-dining room, which refers to slightly mineralized, chloride-sulfate sodium.
  • Rapa for balneological use. This is a strong brine with the addition of bromine and boron.
  • A speleoclimatic chamber equipped with blocks of sylvinite, which is mined from mines.

Accommodation for tourists Bobrovnikovo sanatorium Great Ustyug reviews for children holidays

The sanatorium "Bobrovnikovo" of the Vologda region offers its guests a rest in cozy buildings. Today, on the basis of the health resort, a climatic health resort was established, which took first place among all the health resorts of the North of Russia. The sanatorium offers its guests several accommodation options. In total, tourists are offered 104 rooms to choose from.

He works all year round. Adults and children can rest here. Three or four meals a day, this depends on the choice of each client. The territory of the health resort occupies 41 hectares, the entire territory is covered with coniferous forest. Therefore, fresh air, saturated with phytoncides, you are provided.

Building №1

This is a two-storey wooden building with new plumbing fixtures and furniture. In total there are 37 beds:

  • Triple rooms with partial conveniences. On the floor there are shower cabins with hydromassage. TV is shared on the floor.
  • Room for four people.
  • Quintuple room with partial conveniences. health resort Bobrovnikovo Great Ustyug photo winter

Case # 3

A small two-story building with 52 seats. TV in the room - on request. Shower on the first floor, one for the whole building. On the territory of the sanatorium there is a bath, which all guests can use. There are two types of accommodation. This is a triple room of economy class with a washbasin and single beds, as well as a toilet. For a large family there is a quadruple room. This building is praised by the guests for their comfort and good repair. Nothing superfluous, but at the same time very comfortable. Standard set in the rooms are beds, bedside tables, lamps and wardrobe. Judging by the reviews, there is not enough carpet on the floor, in the winter walk on the linoleum is not too pleasant. Bobrovnikovo sanatorium Great Ustyug reviews

Comfortable rest in the sanatorium "Bobrovnikovo"

If you are going to rest with children, then you need to carefully choose the conditions for living. They are ready to provide you with a sanatorium "Bobrovnikovo".Great Ustyug, whose photo surprises with its beauty - is a small town. During the vacation it can be bypassed all and visit all the protected corners."Bobrovnikovo" is located very close, which makes it particularly convenient for accommodation. There are three more options for living:

  • Building # 4 is a well-appointed building consisting of four floors. The rooms have TV, shower and toilet on request. The cost is 1850 rubles.per day.
  • Building №6 is a small, two-storey, well-appointed building with 10 rooms. It offers triple rooms with TV and shower, refrigerator, toilet and beds. The cost is 2060 rubles.per day.
  • Cottage is a detached building with 10 rooms. Five single rooms and the same two-bed. Each of them has a TV and a bathroom, a wardrobe and an armchair, a coffee table, a sofa and two beds.

Studying reviews about the rest, you can find and negative. People write that the rooms are dirty, the towels are poorly washed. On the other hand, there are a lot of positive feedback that satisfied customers leave. This can be explained by the fact that on the eve of the New Year there is such a flow of tourists that, it is possible that employees do not physically have time to prepare the numbers. Spring, autumn and summer holidays here are held at the highest level. The sanatorium is open all year round.


Tourist food is provided in the cafe, which is located directly in the building of the sanatorium "Bobrovnikovo"( Veliky Ustyug).Winter photo allows you to assess how hot food is really relevant. Reviews are different, one likes lunches and dinners, others are not thrilled with the dishes offered. It should be noted that there is no cafe nearby, so you will have to be content with what is. Many come with children, and if the kid is cranky, then you have to invent something. There are shops where you can buy food. Those who spend all the time on excursions, often do not have dinner in the building.

Children's rest Bobrovnikovo Vologda sanatorium

The sanatorium "Bobrovnikovo"( Veliky Ustyug), which can be called a family health resort, receives a large number of parents with children every year. Just next door is the estate of Santa Claus, a huge fairy town, which everyone dreams to visit. For small patients, special medical programs are offered here that allow the body to recover and correct chronic diseases. On the territory there is a snow slide and skating rink, ski and skating rental, a Russian bath, a shop. Children can ride horses, and in the evenings there is a disco. For the children there are regularly held recreational activities, fabulous performances, outdoor games.

Instead of conclusion

At any time of the year you will find the sanatorium "Bobrovnikovo"( Veliky Ustyug).The reviews are overwhelmingly good, they emphasize a cozy atmosphere, good food, cleanliness and attention in the rooms. Here, the diseases of the skin and the musculoskeletal system, kidneys and respiratory organs, gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system are successfully treated. And this is not to mention that the health resort is located next to the most magical place in the world, a winter fairy tale, the estate of Santa Claus. You can combine visiting the fiefdom with outdoor walks and therapeutic procedures. This will allow you to spend time with benefit to all family members.