Description, composition, instructions for use and reviews: "Nano gel" from psoriasis

This strange disease is taken from nowhere and significantly reduces the quality of people's lives. Psoriasis refers to the category of ailments of non-infectious autoimmune nature and affects mainly the skin, but it can affect both joints and nails, negatively affect the work of the heart.

What is psoriasis?

This disease is characterized by the so-called "paraffin lakes" - plaques on the covers of the dermis of gray color of the convex structure. In these spots an inflammatory process occurs: excessive proliferation of lymphocytes, keratinocytes and macrophages is observed, abnormal formation of small capillaries is noted. Such changes can occur on any part of the skin, but most often occur on the extensor areas of the joints. This is the main difference between psoriasis and eczema. But when the disease is gaining momentum, lesions can occur on the scalp, palms and soles, as well as on the surface of external genitalia.

nano gel reviews from psoriasis Psoriasis refers to chronic diseases. It flows wavy - with periods of exacerbation and remission. In the same patient, the disease can proceed in different ways. It is localized in a certain place, it affects the entire skin. They can undergo changes in the nails, and in 10-15% of cases psoriatic arthritis can develop. Remissions can be long, and may be absent altogether. The disease can progress quite quickly and continuously. This ailment, of course, causes not only physical, but emotional discomfort. Every person who is confronted with this disease dreams of getting rid of it. Now quite a lot and often talk about such a tool as "Nano gel" from psoriasis. The instruction, the composition of this tool, as well as real opinions of doctors and patients will be considered in this article.

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Why does psoriasis occur?

Many patients with psoriasis note the fact that the disease can develop spontaneously, for no apparent reason. However, there are a number of factors that play a significant role in the onset of lesions of the skin. These include:

  • Reducing the barrier functions of the skin: mechanical trauma, abuse of detergents and soap, frequent contact with household chemicals, various solvents.
  • The presence of allergic reactions with skin manifestations.
  • Infectious diseases of the dermis caused by streptococcus.
  • Emotional and physical overload.
  • Change of climate and seasons.
  • Chronic and acute infectious diseases.
  • Some medicines are taken: lithium carbonate, antidepressants, beta-blockers, antimalarial drugs.
  • Alcohol abuse.
  • Incorrect power.
  • Obesity, overweight.
  • Cosmetics and perfumes.

A surprising fact, but among AIDS patients, psoriasis is more common and is difficult to treat.

The fact that medicine has not yet found the means that would cope with this skin ailment makes many people suffering from it look for any drugs of an alternative course. For example, "Nano Gel" - ointment for psoriasis, customer feedback about which you can hear a variety: from admiring to disappointed. Let's take a closer look at the composition of this tool and the mechanism of its therapeutic effect.

What does the manufacturer promise?

The company that produces this product promises a wonderful release from all the ailments of the skin in just a few weeks of application. Do these promises confirm the real feedback?"Nano gel" from psoriasis is a remedy that acts externally and is designed to instantly reduce the unpleasant sensations and external manifestations of the disease. nano gel from psoriasis action composition Most people note that these indicators are achieved, but the duration of remission is short.

According to the manufacturer, "Nano Gel" acts as follows:

  • causes the death of microorganisms;
  • promotes the establishment and intensification of local blood flow in the skin;
  • feeds tissues with essential vitamins and minerals;
  • reduces inflammation, relieves itching;
  • softens on the scaly layer;
  • stops the process of cell division;
  • makes the skin surface smooth.

This is what all people with psoriasis dream of. In addition, it is convenient: you do not need to sit in the humiliating queues of a medical institution. And you can, without leaving your home, order by mail a wonderful tool from the series "smeared and went."All this is very tempting, but the reviews "Nano Gel" from psoriasis managed to earn not only enthusiastic, but also full of disappointment. People note the short-term effect, and the inability of this tool to cope with the ailment, contrary to promising advertising slogans.

From psoriasis and not only

It is interesting to say that the producers of Nano Gel from psoriasis, doctors' reviews, allegedly confirm this, can help not only with psoriasis. The universal composition of this tool will help to overcome and such ailments as:

  • herpes;
  • dermatitis;
  • onychomycosis;
  • folliculitis;
  • eczema;
  • acne;
  • candidiasis.

This statement is paradoxical in itself and leads to a dead end. All these diseases are so different that one and the same composition can oppress the causes of some and aggravate the factors of others. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, therefore, to cure it, it is required to suppress immunity. Herpes needs special antiviral treatment. nano gel ointment from psoriasis customer reviews Candidiasis and onychomycosis require antifungal therapy, and acne and folliculitis will require antibacterial agents. In addition, suppress immunity in infections is impossible - this will only exacerbate the picture of the disease. With dermatitis and eczema, one can not start treatment at all without a comprehensive examination by a doctor and finding out the cause of the disease. Therefore, using this gel from all diseases is not only senseless, but also dangerous.

What is in the "Nano Gel"?

In pursuit of the latest technology, we have not noticed how these very achievements entered our everyday life. The term "nano" no longer leads our citizens into a state of stupor, and almost every person dreams to let in their life progressive goods of domestic and imported production. All the same they are recognized as facilitating our life with you. Therefore, the reviews "Nano Gel" from psoriasis deserve the most diverse. Some people expect him to solve all problems, which, however, promises to advertise this tool. But faced with a real effect, many are disappointed, there are no miracles. But they promised. ..

Information and a wonderful tool can be found a lot, but all of it consists of laudatory odes and promises of miraculous healing. But the most necessary data on Nano gel from psoriasis - action, composition - can be found in the most minimal amount. All the ingredients of the gel are described in fairly general terms:

  • silver ions;
  • vegetable oils and phytoextracts;
  • vitamins and minerals;
  • mint extract;
  • earth mushroom;
  • blackhead oil.

Agree, rather veiled composition. It is interesting, what is hidden under the collective image of vegetable oils, vitamins and minerals? The manufacturer did not specify which components were honored to enter the miracle of the elixir. Maybe that's why on the official page of the manufacturer reviews "Nano Gel" from psoriasis has only enthusiastic and admired. The lack of necessary information is more than compensated by obsessive marketing.

From the fact that it is possible to clearly distinguish from this cloud of laudatory odes about the miracle gel, this is that it contains nano-particles of silver, mint extract, earth mushroom and blackthorn. They will need to be considered in detail. All the other components that are remarkable but hidden by the manufacturer under common phrases will be included in the "additional ingredients" section.

Silver ions

Silver is a metal that is known for its bactericidal properties. Until recently, the preparations "Protargol" and "Collargol" were used for the treatment of colds. They are nothing but colloidal solutions of silver. The ions of this metal enter the cell and lead to the fact that it loses the ability to divide. Think about it, getting into our body, the toxic effect of silver has not only on the cells of bacteria, but also on normal healthy human tissues. His numerous positive reviews of the cream from psoriasis Nano gel was due to the inclusion of microscopic particles of this noble metal. The use of silver is justified only if a secondary bacterial infection has attached to psoriasis.

reviews cream from psoriasis nano gel This element of the periodic table refers to heavy metals and cellular poisons. As xenobiotics, silver ions replace the trace element particles in enzymes( for example, cobalt), which are responsible for multiplication and metabolic processes. As a result, the functions of the cell are broken and it dies.

You should not drink mindlessly water with silver particles. The content of this element is a MAC, which is 50 μg / l. Silver, like lead, belongs to the third class of danger according to the sanitary-toxicological sign. The constant intake of this substance, even in small doses, is capable of provoking argyria. This chronic illness is directly related to the content of silver ions in the human body, exceeding the norm.

Fans of mineral water with silver ions should know that this method of disinfection is no different from chlorination or bromination. And if you prefer home filters with ions of this metal, then choose those in which this element is firmly fixed on the carrier and does not get into the purified water.

By the way, the use of silver as a bactericidal agent in water for baby food is prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The US Food and Drug Administration or the FDA has stated that the use of colloidal silver in the treatment of infectious diseases is not only inefficient, but also quite dangerous. This can cause side effects such as arginia, kidney dysfunction, nervous system and digestive disorders, fatigue and headaches.

Judge for yourself, psoriasis is not a bacterial, but an autoimmune disease. Silver here has nothing to do with it. This metal is not only useless in this situation, but it can also harm the body in excess of its use.

Mint oil

The beneficial properties of mint were known even in biblical times, and this is not surprising. This fragrant herb contains a lot of useful compounds:

  • tannins and resins;
  • flavonoids( hesperidin and rutin);
  • a number of organic acids( chlorogenic, oleanolic, coffee and ursol);
  • rhamnose and glucose;
  • phytosterols;
  • saponins;
  • vitamins A, C, PP and group B;
  • essential oils.

ointment from psoriasis nano gel reviews Due to this composition, mint oil has a number of properties that make it valuable for external use:

  • analgesic - relieves pain;
  • menthol narrows the vessels, reduces their fragility and softens the mucous membranes;
  • cools the skin and eliminates itching;
  • nourishes vitamins and restores the regenerative properties of the dermis.

Thanks to the inclusion of peppermint ointment from psoriasis "Nano Gel", the reviews are positive. Many patients note the relief of the symptoms of the disease: reducing pain, eliminating itching, and softening the skin. However, people with individual intolerance to peppermint this drug is contraindicated.

Earth mushroom

A very mysterious "creature", which in the people is called gay. This fungus is positioned as a powerful antitumor and oncoprotective agent. The mechanism of its action is as follows:

  • increases the formation of immunoglobulins M and G;
  • increases the activity of cytotoxic T lymphocytes and NK killers;
  • reduces the activity of the specific protein NF-kB1, the enhanced production of which is characteristic for cancer patients.

It is strange that this component is generally included in the composition of the treatment for psoriasis, in which immunity is already excessively active. Effective therapy for this disease is designed to suppress the local defense response, then the manifestations of the disease are significantly reduced. Reviews of "Nano Gel" for the treatment of psoriasis do not directly indicate an increase in the manifestations of external signs of ailment. nano gel from psoriasis instruction composition Therefore, it can be concluded that either it does not contain this earth fungus, or it is contained in trace amounts. Medical experts say that eating a paddle can provoke an aggravation of any autoimmune disease: rheumatism, psoriasis, scleroderma. Therefore, this contradiction calls into question the effectiveness of using the "Nano gel" from psoriasis. Reviews negative can be heard not only from the mouth of doctors, but also from patients who note the inefficiency and high cost of this drug.

Blackthorn oil

Blackthorn is often used in folk medicine as a means to strengthen blood vessels and stimulate peripheral blood supply. Its tannins and antioxidants have a positive effect on the inflamed skin, softening and healing erosion. Thanks to such properties, the oil of thorns was included in the "Nano Gel" from psoriasis. The patients' feedback allows us to conclude that the remedy really helps to remove external signs of the disease, although this effect is very short.

Other components of

All the remaining ingredients, and these are unknown vegetable oils, phytoextracts and vitamins, cause a lot of questions and concerns. As you know, any of these components can cause an allergy attack.
This is especially dangerous for psoriasis patients whose immune system is already working too actively. Any allergen can provoke an exacerbation of the disease. Such cases are known in the practice of using the "Nano Gel" from psoriasis. Reviews, real people reviews, and not the texts of advertising campaigns, indicate an aggravation of the condition after using this remedy.

How to use and price

I want to say separately about the skillful marketing of the creators of the "Nano Gel" product from psoriasis. The instruction on application, the price, responses - all this is calculated with mathematical accuracy. It is very simple to use: anointed on clean skin, waited 15 minutes - and enjoy the result. The price of it also seems acceptable - 1000 rubles per bottle. And the abundance of grateful reviews directly inspires people who for years suffer from an incurable disease.

However, in reality everything turns out differently. The volume of the bottle with the ointment is very small. For those who have the severity of psoriasis above average, it lasts for a while. We have to buy several packages, and the effect of its use is comparable to "Psorilom."By the way, the cost of the latter is an order of magnitude lower. Here is what Nano Gel means from psoriasis says about this aspect: the price of this ointment is unjustifiably great, for a drug that has only a short-term external effect, the cost is too high;in the pharmacy there are many analogs that have the same effect, but are much cheaper.

Be vigilant!

The thematic forums tell of the numerous cases of fraud associated with the sale of a miracle remedy. These reviews about the drug "Nano Gel" for the treatment of psoriasis are full of anger and doom. Having trusted scams, people pay quite a lot of money in the hope of healing from ailment, and as a result they get absolutely not what they ordered. Instead of "Nano gel" they are sent cheap analogs. nano gel from psoriasis reviews real reviews To return their money, to sue fraudsters and somehow get even with them from deceived consumers, there is no way: the allegedly "official" site stops functioning, the phone does not respond. Therefore, if you decide to use this tool, then a priori, consult a doctor and then look for the manufacturer's website. It is worth noting that it is not easy to do this: such online sellers appear daily as mushrooms after the rain. Be vigilant and take care of your health!