Instructions for use, analogue of "Valvira".Reviews about "Valvier"

Many faced such an unpleasant disease as herpes. It can be of two types and can affect any area of ​​the human skin. Eruptions caused by the herpes virus, not only cause discomfort, but also pain and itching. Nowadays, there are wonderful medicines that will help to cope with this problem. Tablets of this group have a rather pronounced antiviral effect. Well-established such a medical product as "Valvir".Analogues( cheap) of this medicine have the same indications for use as the original.

Composition and form of the drug "Valvir"

The preparation is manufactured in the form of tablets. They have a slightly convex and oval shape. Above, the preparation is covered with a white film. It helps the drug dissolve faster without causing irritation to the walls of the stomach. On one of the surfaces the medical device is marked with the letter V2.Due to this, it is possible to avoid buying an unlicensed drug.

analogue of Valvir

The main active component of this drug is valaciclovir. Auxiliary elements of the drug are povidone, magnesium stearate and cellulose microscopic. The film membrane of the drug contains white opadrai, hypromellose and titanium dioxide. The tablets are packed in a pack of aluminum foil and paper. In one sticker there are 7 of them. What can replace the medical device "Valvir"?Analogues, reviews about which are also positive, the drug exists. However, you should consult a doctor beforehand.

Action of the drug

Once ingested, the substance of valaciclovir is completely cleaved to acyclovir and L-valine. These components inhibit the activity of the human herpesviruses of the first and second types. In people who do not suffer from kidney pathology, acyclovir is excreted in urine within three hours. In elderly patients, the process of removing the drug from the body takes approximately 14 hours.

Valvier analogues

Any analogue of "Valvir" will have the same effect. If the medicine fully meets the therapeutic qualities of antiviral drug preparations, then it can be used in the event of herpes on the prescription of a doctor.

Dosage of

There are several forms of herpes. Different doses of Valvir are required. When herpes zoster is prescribed tablets at a dosage of 1000 mg three times a day. The treatment period is one week.

With conventional herpes, it is enough to take 500 mg twice a day. The course of treatment covers from 3 to 5 days. In case of a serious course of the disease, the pill should be taken up to two weeks.

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The flow of a labile form of herpes requires compliance with a certain pattern. The first day appoint 2 g 2 times a day. Next, the next dose will be 12 hours after taking the last pill.

With the preventive purpose it is necessary to drink 500 mg of a preparation. With frequent relapses of the disease, the dose for one dose is 250 mg twice a day. Patients who have weakened immunity should take 500 mg of medication twice a day. The general course of treatment takes from 4 months to one year.

In order not to get infected with genital herpes from a sick partner, you need to take prophylactic measures and take Valvir tablets at a dose of 500 mg once a day for a year. If the sexual life is irregular, it is possible to start taking the medication 3 days before contact with the ill partner.

For cytomegalovirus infection, adult patients are prescribed 2 mg 4 times a day. Positive results can be achieved after a three-month treatment.

In patients with kidney failure, use Valvir with caution. Instructions for use, analogs, side effects - all this is subject to study before the start of therapy.

Side effects of

Most often with the reception of "Valvir" tablets, there is headache and sleep disturbances. In very rare cases, neurological disorders, renal insufficiency, and a rise in platelet blood may develop.

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From the side of the digestive tract very often there is nausea. Less often - diarrhea, discomfort in the stomach, vomiting. In individual cases, medication causes disturbances in the liver, which is similar to manifestations of hepatitis. After discontinuation of the drug all the side effects disappear. Any analogue of "Valvir" can have similar manifestations.

From the hematopoietic system appear leukopenia and thrombopenia. There is also a headache, dizziness, unclear consciousness, hallucinations. In very rare cases, depression, mental disturbances, tremors manifest themselves. Rare skin rashes, itching are rare.

From the side of the urinary system can also be pathological changes. Violation of urination, kidney failure, and renal colic. All these side effects are observed in patients with reduced functioning of the immune system, as well as in people suffering from other chronic malfunctions in the body. The drug "Valvir" and its analogs have many side effects with improper admission.

Indications for use of the medical device

The drug is prescribed for herpes zoster. The medicine can also be used in the treatment and prevention of skin and mucus eruptions, which were caused by the herpes simplex virus. Achieves a persistent therapeutic effect with labial herpes.

Valvir preparation and its analogs

It is necessary to take a drug for the prevention of genital herpes, as well as in cases of protection from the virus in cytomegalovirus infection.

Contraindications to the appointment of Valvir tablets

The drug should not be taken with severe forms of HIV infection, bone marrow transplantation, kidney transplantation. It is not recommended to prescribe a drug before 18 years, if there is no good reason for it. In case of serious side effects and hypersensitivity to the substance, which is a part of the tablets, it is worth canceling the "Valvir" remedy. Analogs have the same contraindications for taking medication.

Very carefully and correctly it is necessary to calculate the dose of the medicine in the presence of a patient with renal insufficiency, hepatic problems. During lactemia and during pregnancy, medicament is not prescribed. Analogues of the preparation Valvir

There are many quality substitutes for the Valvir tablets. Analogues are cheap and available for the treatment and prevention of herpes. What kind of similar drugs can I use? Perfectly fit tablets "Vairova", "Valaciclovir Canon", "Valtrex", "Valavir."They all have a similar composition and have an antiviral effect.

valvir analogues are cheap

The dose of medication may vary slightly. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions for the use of this medicine, and do not start therapy without consulting a doctor.

Vairova tablets

The drug has an antiviral effect. If ingested, acyclovir is released. It is widely used in the treatment of all types of herpes.

Assign the drug at a dose of 0.25 to 2 g, depending on the course of the disease. Take it 2 times a day until complete recovery. The analogue of "Valvira" has the same side effects and contraindications.

Valtsikon tablets

The drug is prescribed for the treatment of an antiviral infection, which is caused by the herpes virus. Tablets of white color. Above, the preparation is covered with a protective film. The composition includes valacyclovir substance and other auxiliary components. Assign adults to patients and adolescents after 18 years.

valvir analogues reviews

The tool has a fairly large list of side effects. Contraindicated in these pills for kidney and liver. The analogue of "Valvira" is prescribed in a dose of 2 g once a day. Treatment is carried out before the onset of recovery.

Reviews of Valvir tablets

When used in patients, a positive therapeutic effect is observed. Specialists note that the disease is almost not manifested relapses. The medicine has a convenient form and is covered with a protective coating, which does not cause inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

Patients note that after long-term use of the medication there is no dependence. The price of medicine in pharmacies reaches 1500 rubles. For people who suffer from herpes, the real remedy is the "Valvir" remedy. Analog cheaper to recommend a specialist. Without a prescription, you can buy a drug Valtsikon for 800 rubles or a Vairo for 1,000 rubles. However, the Valvir tablets are considered to be the most effective.