How to reduce pain with menstruation. Tips and Tricks

Today, many women face literally unbearable pain during menstruation. Some people prefer to drink special medicines in this case, while others, on the contrary, turn to the help of alternative medicine. In this article, we will talk about the main ways to reduce pain with menstruation.


At the moment, according to experts, heat is the most effective method of how to cope with unpleasant sensations during menstruation. So, a great option is a warm shower, but it does not help everyone. Here, special electric heaters come to the rescue. But not every woman has the opportunity to stay at home with a month and lie down with a hot water bottle in bed. In this case, the so-called disposable warmers are an alternative. They can be attached to clothing and boldly go about their business.

Tablets against monthly pain

Drugs are also considered to be the most effective methods. Modern medicine offers a wide range of tablets that can be purchased in almost every pharmacy( preparations "Tempalgin", "Ibuprofen", "Advil", etc.).Note that the medicine should be taken solely by the enclosed instructions. If the pain is very severe, you are allowed to drink the maximum allowable dose of the drug.

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Lower abdominal pain after menstruation and before them? The pose of the embryo will help!

On the one hand, this may sound ridiculous, but many admit that this pose really helps. Have you ever noticed how little babies lie when they suffer from stomach pains? They turn over on their side and pull their legs to their chests. It is in this position that our body is able to relax muscles as much as possible, thereby reducing the feeling of discomfort. For some ladies this option does not always help. However, coupled with medicines is an excellent way of how to reduce pain with menstruation.

Physical Exercises

In fact, many are surprised that sports help to get rid of unpleasant discomfort. However, it is the physical load that contributes to the production of endorphins, which serve as analgesic substances. This does not mean that you need to run to the gym. It's enough to increase physical exercises several days before the menstrual period, for example, to give more time for walking. In this case, you will no longer be concerned with the question of how to reduce pain with menstruation. In addition, yoga classes are an excellent option. It is enough to attend training sessions only twice a week, and the result will be visible in a few weeks. Note that it is recommended to consult with specialists in advance so as not to cause significant damage to the body, as some sports during the menstruation simply are contraindicated.


For sure, many are no longer surprised that aromatherapy allows you to relax, reduce pain. If you spend several sessions during menstruation, it will not be worse for sure. Before the procedure, fill the bath with warm water, light all along the perimeter of the candle and add a small amount of aromatic oil. The inhalation of vapors and direct contact with water give a striking effect.


Massage session is another way of how to reduce pain with menstruation. Note that it is not necessary to go to the spa for these purposes, you can do it yourself. Circular movements and gentle strokes in the lower abdomen allow to lower the pressure in the inguinal region and thereby relax the muscles. But this is exactly the effect we have been striving for!