How correctly to do inhalations with "Borjomi"?

"Borjomi" from Georgia gained its popularity in the former USSR.Hydrocarbonate-sodium water with natural mineralization from the city of the same name is used for the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as in such diseases as gastritis, pancreatitis, stomach or duodenal ulcer, enterocolitis and liver diseases. However, its use is possible not only as a table water.


Inhalations with Borjomi for coughing, pharyngitis, pneumonia, bacterial and fungal infections of the respiratory tract are used quite often. Due to the large content of cations and anions, a therapeutic effect is provided.

inhalation with Borjomi

Also in the period of infection with many diseases, inhalations will help increase the body's resistance. Stability of application of this method will lead only to a good result.

How to do?

How to do inhalation with Borjomi? Before the procedure, you should release the gas from the mineral water, it is advisable to leave the bottle open at night. If this is not possible, then a couple of hours can suffice. To do this, pour the water into a container and stir until the bubbles completely disappear. If you use an inhaler, then the water should be heated to 37 ° C.The duration of the procedure should be from 10-15 minutes, with the first half of the time you need to breathe through the mouth, and the second half through the nose. The frequency of inhalation is 3-5 times a day. The course is usually prescribed by a doctor, but most often the duration is from 4 to 5 days.

inhalation with Borjomi for children

Remember that inhalation during the acute period of the disease is prohibited, especially if you have a fever. Also, you should wait for a pause after eating and exercise. In pharmacies, you can buy inhalers, which for you warm water to a certain temperature, and you will only have to breathe. The most common version of such a device is steam. The advantage is that you can add any herbs or oils without fear of damaging the surface of the heating element.

In the

nebulizer Use Borjomi for inhalations in a nebulizer is allowed more often. And with this method there are no contra-indications by age. Water should be heated to 35 ° C, pour, depending on your device, from 3 to 5 ml. It under the action of a nebulizer will be transformed into an aerosol. Breathe here you need through a special attachment, which is included in the kit. Thanks to the nebulizer, the drug cloud penetrates easily into the lungs and bronchi, thus ensuring a quick recovery.

how to do inhalation with Borjomi

There are compressor, ultrasonic and mesh-nebulizers. Compressor - massive, heavy and very noisy. Ultrasound - compact, almost noiseless, but they do not allow the addition of antibiotics and hormones, in contrast to the compressor.

inhalation with Borjomi for children how to do

Mesh-nebulizers allow for inhalation at a slope, very practical because of their small size and simply irreplaceable for people suffering from seasonal allergic reactions.

With herbs

Inhalations with "Borjomi", reviews about which people leave mostly polzhitelnye, have an expectorant property, but with the addition of eucalyptus, St. John's wort or chamomile it increases. Then the result will be visible in the coming days. Pairs of mineral water will soften the upper respiratory tract, help to remove irritation and accelerate the recovery process.

Old method

If there is no inhaler or nebulizer at home, the old proven method will do. In a normal pan, you need to pour 250 ml of water in which there is already no gas. Warm up to 50 degrees on the stove, then remove from the stove, bend over the water and cover the head with a large towel. Inhale couples need about 10 minutes, children - 3-5 minutes. Be careful, very hot water can cause a burn, and if it is cold, there will not be a therapeutic effect.

For children

Inhalations with "Borjomi" for children are quite a difficult test, they rarely pass quietly. Sitting in one place and breathing in pairs is a very difficult task, therefore it is recommended to purchase a nebulizer for these purposes.

inhalation with borzoi on coughing

If the child is often sick, it will help to recover faster, and also to carry out seasonal prevention of respiratory diseases.

How many times a day do you need to inhale with Borjomi for children? How to do them correctly? Frequency of procedures should not exceed 3-4 times a day, and duration - 5 minutes. In order to distract the child, turn on the TV or ask him to listen to some song. Having reduced activity, interest him with something to make inhalations more useful. After the procedure, it is undesirable that the baby immediately started running or jumping. Need to rest a little( play quiet games, see cartoons, etc.)

Contraindications for inhalation with Borjomi

  1. Mental personality disorders.
  2. Heart problems in which the patient has severe swelling.
  3. Hypertension.
  4. Renal failure.
  5. Various diseases of the stomach.
  6. Alcoholism.

When pregnant

Is it possible to do inhalation with Borjomi pregnant or lactating? Here the answer is unequivocal - yes. Some drugs are forbidden for admission to this important period for women, since they have many side effects. Inhalations are not included in this list. On the contrary, during the season of colds they will help not to catch or quickly recover in case of illness. Microelements contained in water, will help strengthen the body of mother and child. For best effect, it is recommended to carry out the procedure at night. So all the substances will get into the body, and while you sleep, they will start to act.

Tips for

For your complete and speedy recovery it is not recommended to walk in cold air, especially after inhalation with mineral water. Refrain from hiking on the street for several days. If you still need to go out, wait until 2-3 hours pass from the last inhalation with Borjomi. When you are in the street, do not breathe with your mouth. The fact is that cold air, coming through the nose, is more warmed by passing through the airways than through the mouth.

These inhalations are completely harmless, and in this their plus, useful substances quickly penetrate into the lungs and facilitate rapid separation of sputum.

Self-medication for coughing or other diseases of the respiratory system is prohibited. All procedures should be prescribed by your doctor, from whom you are observed. After all, only he knows the reaction of your body to drugs and methods of treatment. He will tell you when you can start inhalation with Borjomi. Since in the acute period they can harm you. Often inhalations are prescribed together with the course of medications. Do not interrupt their reception, if you feel relieved after a couple of procedures with mineral water. To maintain immunity, many recommend drinking Borjomi( but only after consulting a doctor).

inhalation with Borjomi reviews

So therapeutic properties will help in the work of the stomach, kidneys and other organs of the digestive tract, weakened by the disease. Be careful when buying water in dubious stores. Counterfeits of Borjomi can be found even in expensive ones. Since this brand has proved itself many years ago, its reliability has been proven and tested, and fraudsters are rushing to use it, giving out ordinary water for an expensive brand. Inspect the bottle, the present is made of quality glass, there are no coarse seams, the deer's mark has clear boundaries, and the cork is an even carving and pattern. Buy water in pharmacies, where you can meet forgery, but much less often.