How to remove a tick at home?

Spring, summer, autumn - a time when we are so drawn to the forest and parks. But not only we are activated at this time. Ticks also wake up and show considerable activity. And since the insect is quite small, it is quite difficult to find it on your body. And you need to know how to remove a tick at home. So, you found this insect on any part of the body, do not panic. Before you run to the hospital, it's worth it to pull it out. And how to do it right?

How to remove the tick at home

These small insects can quite bite not only you, but your animal, which went for a walk. Yes, the first desire at seeing such an unpleasant sight is to pull out and throw out the tick. But you should not do this, he can not only bite, but also with a snatch leave his small head under the skin, and this can lead to inflammation and infection of blood. So, if the mite is placed under the hair or hair, then they need to be moistened and combed to the sides. Now you need to take tweezers, previously disinfected, or a napkin. In no case do not take the tick with your hands, suddenly he suffers encephalitis. Grab the insect as close to the skin and pull. Only it is necessary to do it very carefully, so as not to crush the tick. Pull slowly until the skin rises. Hold the insect for about two minutes. You can slightly shake it from side to side. If it does not help, you need to drop a little alcohol into the skin entrance. This will help get it out much faster.

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How to remove the mite yourself - doctor's advice

The first and most well-known method is to take tweezers, alcohol, iodine, thread and needle. The forceps carefully take the mite by the body and pull it by turning it on the axis. Having pulled out an insect, the wound should be treated with alcohol and iodine. Tweezers need to be processed too, and wash hands with soap.

The second way

It is also known to almost everyone. It is necessary to drip oil or smear with Vaseline the place where the tick has stung. This will block him from accessing oxygen, and the insect will begin to get out. At this point, it should be picked up with tweezers and pulled out neatly, leaving no head under the skin. After this, the wound should be treated with zebra or iodine.

The third way

This option is suitable for you if the tick sucked shallowly into the skin. It is necessary to make a ring of thread and to put it on the insect as close as possible to the proboscis. The knot needs to be tightened, and then pull out the tick with slow swinging movements. If suddenly the head of the insect remains under the skin, you need to take a needle, burn it on the fire and gently pull it out. Carefully process the wound.

And the last way, telling how to remove a tick from a person yourself

To do this you will need a cotton swab and oil or Vaseline. On the wand put a little oil and drive it around the mite. This paralyzes him, deprives him of air, and he starts to get out himself. After this, the insect will only be picked up with tweezers and burned. Now you know how to remove a tick at home, but how not to undergo a bite at all?


Before you go to the forest or park, protect yourself. Fill trousers in boots, and it is better to wear socks. Put your shoes on higher, and cover your neck with a handkerchief. Dress so that the tick does not have a place in which it could "leak".And after returning home, be sure to examine yourself from all sides. Often mites can be brought on clothes. And most importantly, if you live in an area where encephalitis is common, immediately after a bite, contact the hospital. Well, that's all advice, how to remove a tick at home and do not pick it up at all.