Tincture of sapelnik for joints: indications, application and reviews

The healing power possessed by the tincture of the saber, for the joints is a real salvation. Legends of "Russian ginseng", as this remarkable plant was nicknamed, were composed in ancient times. Unique healing properties of the pyatilist, decapa, marshmallow, as people called sabelnik, are manifested thanks to a whole storehouse of components useful for human health. Tincture of sapelnik for joints Inconspicuous marsh grass and its rhizomes serve to treat a variety of ailments. But in diseases of the joints, the swamp fawn( or sabelnik) facilitates or eliminates any pain that is a symptom of problems with the human musculoskeletal system.

Long-term shrub

An unpretentious plant - swamp saber, a tincture for the treatment of joints from which is valued in folk and official medicine for more than one century - grows everywhere where the main parameter of the soil is its high humidity. Wet places and wetlands are a favorite place for the spread of this perennial bush: in forests and tundra, in marshy meadows and along the shores of forest lakes, one can meet "Russian ginseng".It propagates with the help of rhizomes and seeds. Many of the summer residents, in areas where there are raw places, it is not difficult to grow this wonderful plant and always have at your fingertips a cure for "a thousand ailments".

What is a swamp's mantle: the chemical composition and the description of

Biologists consider a saber - a perennial shrub - a family of rosaceous. Its stiff, branchy stem is reddish-brown in color and can reach a height of 0.2 to 1 meter. Exquisite triple leaves with sharp edges and dark green teeth, from below have a grayish shade. In the old days, they reminded many of the sharp sword that cuts all diseases, for which the plant got its name. Sabelnik tincture for joints reviews Five-petalled dark red flowers, similar to asterisks, appear in July-August. They have a whole hemisphere with a lot of stamens and a lot of pussy burgundy shade. The woody rhizome of the saber grows long( up to 3 m) and is weaved into a dense pillow, which is able to withstand the weight of a person. For the treatment of various ailments they are excavated in late autumn or early spring, dried in lofts or under canopies. The finished raw materials are stored in paper bags or dry glass containers in places not accessible to moisture. It was precisely the high healing power of the rhizomes that became known to the saber. Tincture for the treatment of joints is endowed with tannic substances and essential oils, carotene, flavonoids, organic and phenol carboxylic acids, natural resins and dyes. Leaves and stems, which are no less valuable plant raw material than rhizomes, are rich in a cascade of trace elements: magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper and manganese, as well as vitamins C and P, saponins and flavonoids. Tannins are distributed on the plant in such concentration: the stems of the "mountain ash"( sabelnik) contain the smallest number - 7.5 percent, the rhizome - 10 percent, and only the leaves contain the maximum volume of binders - 12.5 percent.

Fiberglass: tincture for joints

The instruction refers this remedy to medicinal products of plant origin."Swamp Rose", as it is often called a sabelnik, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, analgesic, post-diuretic, wound-healing, antipyretic, antihypertensive and hemostatic action, and also increases the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels. The doctors of a number of countries( Japan and China, Korea and Mongolia) have recognized today that the tincture of a jointing compound for joints can not be better. In addition, it exhibits antitumor activity. Immunostimulating, anticoagulant and nephroprotective properties of "strawberry marsh" are also confirmed by modern research.


Official medicine today continues to study the action of sabelnik on the human body, but already widely uses it for anti-inflammatory therapy and in the complex treatment of degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis, arthrosis. Tincture of the sapelnik for the joints relieves pain and swelling, reduces the inflammatory processes in the cartilaginous tissue, restoring it, and also improves the mobility of the spine and all the structures that form the supporting framework of the human body. Its analgesic( non-narcotic) action helps with rubbing and applying compresses to people suffering from gout, osteochondrosis, arthritis and arthrosis, radiculitis. Sabelnik tincture for the treatment of joints Scientists have identified the effectiveness of the sabelnik for problems with gastrointestinal tract( digestive disorders, diarrhea, dysentery) and hemorrhoids. Cardiovascular and oncological diseases, diseases of the liver and kidneys, the gallbladder are ailments, in the complex treatment of which helps sabelnik. Tincture for joints, a photo of which is placed on the official site of the manufacturer - the company "Evalar", improves the condition of patients already at the initial stage of treatment, but its use must be agreed with the doctor! In the treatment of female diseases, with mastopathy, uterine bleeding and breast cancer, the use of a saber is approved only by herbalists and folk healers. Therefore, when neoplasms appear, it is necessary to contact the doctor, and preparations with Russian ginseng should be used only when receiving his recommendations.

Application internal

Pharmacy tincture of the jointing compound for joints is prescribed for oral administration twice a day before meals, in the amount of one teaspoon of the product, which must be diluted in 70 ml of water( one third of the glass).Phytotherapists are usually advised to take a tincture with osteochondrosis and inflammatory processes in the joints with a course of 60 days, then you need to consult a doctor about the need for repeated treatment. A noticeable therapeutic effect with gout or salt deposits occurs after several three-month courses with weekly breaks between them.

External application: grinding and compresses

"Swamp Rose" is effective for stretching, bruising and dislocations, as a first aid. A lotion, rubbing or compress will relieve the pain, stop the inflammatory process in the tissues. How to make a tincture from a jointer for joints Sabelnik( tincture for the joints "Evalar") can also relieve pain and relieve inflammation with arthrosis and arthritis, rheumatism and radiculitis. A small amount of the drug is applied to the affected area of ​​the joint and rubbed into the skin. Then the treated place is wrapped for several hours. When treating the vertebrae, tincture is rubbed into adjacent areas of the skin without affecting the line of the spine. Making compresses from alcohol extract of Russian ginseng, they wet a bandage or a piece of gauze( you can take a linen cloth), then wrap the patient joint. On top of this design is covered with cellophane or parchment paper and wrapped in a scarf. Keep such a compress can be from 3-4 to 8 hours, leaving it for the night.


Who should not use a medicinal plant - sabelnik? Tincture for the joints, reviews of which can only be found positive, are not given to pregnant and nursing mothers, children and adolescents, other patients if they have an individual allergic reaction to the components of the drug. With caution, the tincture of the saber( due to the content of ethyl alcohol in it), doctors can prescribe for: trauma or brain diseases, epilepsy, cardiovascular pathology, liver disorders and people suffering from chronic alcohol addiction. When interacting with other phyto-drugs and medications, it is necessary to take into account that some of them weaken or intensify the action of the tawny marsh, therefore, medical control and correction of doses are necessary in the presence of accompanying ailments.

Self-preparation of tincture from Russian ginseng

A home recipe for a jointing tincture for joints can contain different components, the basic ones being dry shredded rhizomes and vodka( or alcohol).Sabelnik tincture for joints Additional ingredients can serve as dry stems and leaves of the "marsh rose", dried roots of the calgan( or erect cedar), elecampane. Predlagae and your attention the basic composition of tincture. You need to take 50 g of dry rhizomes, chop them into pieces and pour vodka( 0.5 liters).Keep a valuable medicine in a dark place, periodically shaking the bottle. Filtering the finished product, you can be sure that due to tannins it has a rich brown color. A tablespoon decoction tincture should be diluted in 50-100 ml of water and taken before meals. The course of treatment is 20 days( 3 times a day), then you need to make a three-day break. For the complete disappearance of the symptoms of inflammatory processes in the joints, usually 4 such courses are required. How to make tincture from a saber for joints, using stems of a plant and rhizomes? Vegetable raw material is filled to two thirds of the tank and filled with alcohol or vodka to the top. In a dark and dry place, we insist on a 20-21 day remedy with alcohol or 27-28 days - with vodka, shaking periodically a bottle or jar with a darkening liquid. Then strain and take a tablespoon of tincture, diluted in 50-70 ml of water, three times a day, half an hour before a meal. The full course of treatment is a month and a half, the entire period of treatment you need to additionally rub the alcoholic decoction extract into the affected areas and make compresses on its basis. Saber tincture for joints instruction How to make a tincture from a jointer for joints in a more complex version? Two parts of the dry rhizome decoctions are mixed with one part of the roots of the tentacle eruptive( Kalgan), we put this collection in a glass container( up to half the capacity) and fill it to the brim with 70% alcohol( or moonshine not less than 50%).We insist 3 weeks. If you fill the tincture of rhizomes with vodka, then keep it in a dry and dark place for at least 4 weeks, shaking, as in other cases. In the recipe containing the dried root of elecampane( 25 g), it is necessary to take 10 grams of rhizome decoctions, mix and fill the container to the edges with 500 ml of vodka or alcohol. Otherwise, this tincture is prepared in the same way as the previous ones.

Popular and popular plant - saber

Tincture for joints reviews collects the most laudatory. Many of them report on the need to follow a diet, not to eat salty, sharp, sour dishes, and also that one should refrain from drinking alcohol. In patients suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, often as a result of therapy with medications, the state of the gastrointestinal tract worsens, there are pains in the stomach and intestines. This is noted by most people using sabelnik. Сабельник tincture for the joints photo The tincture for the joints of "Evalar" reviews gets admired: the painful symptoms of degenerative changes in the joints( arms, legs, hip area) go away, and the gastrointestinal tract calms down. Improvement of mobility is noticed by people with arthrosis of the hip joint and congenital dislocation of the thigh( dysplasia), pain in the joints of the fingers and knees, with rheumatoid arthritis( in remission) and many other ailments.

Special warning

What you need to know before buying an effective tool called "tincture of a saber"?Application, reviews on forums about which laudatory, you need to check with your doctor! In addition, everyone who was treated with an alcohol extract of the sabelnik, reported an initial exacerbation of the disease, which should not be feared. In some patients this period took several days, others - for a longer time( up to two months).Knowing that after a certain deterioration in the state of health, long relief from many unpleasant symptoms will come, many of them continued taking decoction tinctures, consulting the doctor.