How to choose a maternity home: when to do it, what criteria to use in choosing

Choosing a maternity hospital is now a very important issue in prenatal care. Especially since no one is obliged to give birth solely at the place of residence: having an insurance policy, you are free to choose the obstetric hospital that you will like.

When is it necessary to finally decide on a choice?

Despite the availability of various research methods( for example, ultrasound, CTG, a huge number of laboratory tests) that are performed during pregnancy, even the most normal pregnancy does not give 100% guarantee that the birth will be easy, normal in duration and without complications. And if the pregnancy is already taking place with some problems? Conclusion one: the hospital where you will give birth, you need to choose in advance, but not at the very beginning of pregnancy, when it is still unclear how it will flow, but a month or two before the expected delivery.

By what criteria and how to choose a maternity hospital?

1. First of all, it is important to make a choice based on your own health and on how pregnancy proceeds. There are maternity homes that specialize in some chronic pathologies or features of the course of a 9-month period of a woman's life.

For example, there are obstetric hospitals where specialized cardiac care can be provided( for example, for women with rhythm disorders or those with hypertensive disease).There is a maternity home where the birth and the puerperium are shared by an obstetrician and an endocrinologist( for women with thyroid disorders, diabetes mellitus and so on).Also there is a maternity hospital, in which there is all necessary support for nursing a child, if it is born prematurely( if there is such a possibility personally in your country).

2. The second criterion, how to choose a maternity home, is based on the possibility of contract with a particular doctor. This is an additional paid service, when you get acquainted with a specific obstetrician, he gets an idea of ​​your situation, you jointly discuss the presence or absence of indications for caesarean section, epidural anesthesia and so on. The doctor gives you his phone, and you can not only call him when you have contractions, but also get additional advice before and after childbirth.

3. The next criterion, how to choose a maternity home, is based on the availability of different equipment and high-class specialists who perfectly own it. Beforehand it is necessary to get acquainted with what departments are in the hospital, how many doctors and what qualifications work, is there a department of children's intensive care, is there a neonatologist and resuscitator at birth. Reviews already give birth to women will help determine which maternity home to choose.

4. Next, look at the convenience of placing an obstetric hospital relative to your home. This is an important criterion for large cities.

5. It is important to know also whether partner births are possible, whether there is the possibility of vertical delivery or delivery in water( if you want to give birth in this way, and there are no contraindications), whether it is possible to walk during labor( not all maternity homes practice this).

6. The next point of advice on how to choose a maternity home: the presence of individual chambers, their convenience, the presence of a shower stall, a microwave oven, whether there is an opportunity to be in the ward with a husband or mother.

How to choose a maternity hospital in Moscow, considering all these criteria? Fortunately, the Moscow maternity hospitals and those large hospitals in which there are maternity wards, almost all have their own sites. In addition, in these pages, the puerperas, leaving home, leave positive or negative feedback, which may well help in choosing.