How to change the color of the eyes with and without lenses

Today you can easily change the color of the eyes and even make it completely unnatural and fantasy. The question of changing the color of the eyes in the direction of something unusual excites, in the first place, those who will soon visit a carnival or a fashionable party.

How to change the color of the eyes with the

lenses You just need to go to the optics salon, where together with the consultant you will pick up contact lenses of the color that you like. Your eyes can now be both cornflowers, and violet, and blue-black, and emerald green, and red like a vampire. There are also lenses that mimic cat's eyes.

Do not think that the lens - this is the lot of those who suffer from poor vision. They can be simple, without diopters. And a person with good eyesight, who put on such lenses for the sake of changing the color of his eyes, will not spoil his sensory organs at all. Of course, the safety of wearing lenses is a relative concept. Therefore, only buy a quality product from a reliable manufacturer, wear and take care of the lenses according to the instructions( for example, for longer than 3 consecutive months, as well as for colds and other diseases, lenses are not recommended).When you go to bed, always remove your contact lenses.

If you are planning to use lenses for the first time, we recommend that you first visit an ophthalmologist who will give you the necessary advice on the rules for choosing and wearing lenses.

As a rule, before buying a salon employee offers you to try on your favorite lenses. Do not neglect fitting. The lens material should not be felt inside the eyes and cause uncomfortable sensations, otherwise you just can not wear your purchase.

How to change the color of the eyes without lenses

People( especially women) have long sought to change the color of their eyes. So, during the Middle Ages( then, of course, contact lenses were not invented yet) beauties buried their eyes with tincture of the herb of belladonna, which includes atropine. This created the effect of dilated pupils with an almost imperceptible iris, and the eyes seemed bottomless, expressive, and very beautiful. Atropines can also be purchased atropine, however, it is not recommended to use it to change the color of the eyes, since it has a lot of side effects. And to learn how to change the color of the eyes, without resorting to the help of lenses, consider the following several very simple and safe ways.

1. Change the colors of your wardrobe. So, it is very easy to change the shade of blue, gray or green iris, depending on the color of the clothes. If a gray-eyed man wears a blue shirt and a hat of the same color, then his eyes will appear bluish. The trick is that the colors of the objects around us are reflected on the parts of our body, in particular in the eyes.

2. How can I change the color of my eyes? Women will be helped by decorative cosmetics. Shade your eyes with shadows of a different color and see in the mirror what effect you will achieve. For example, if the owner of green eyes skillfully uses a gray or brown eye contour and shadows, then her eyes will acquire a more intense, darker shade, different from the natural color of the iris.

3. Changing the color of the eyes is sometimes promoted by stressful situations. The color of the iris can also change after a serious illness has been transmitted( in particular, Posner-Schlossman's syndrome, Fuchs syndrome, in particular, they are changing the color of only one eye, leading to heterochromism).But these changes will be insignificant - the eyes will change the usual shade, but their color will not change radically. By the way, it's also noticed that the color of the eyes can change with the course of life, that is, if you were born with blue eyes, they can then become gray-blue or gray, and to get old in general, get a honey-caramel shade.

4. There are a number of eye drops of hormonal action that doctors prescribe to patients suffering from glaucoma in order to reduce the intraocular pressure. Long-term instillation of the eyes with such drugs leads to a darkening of the iris, but in brown-eyed people this effect is almost not noticeable. And hardly any ophthalmologist will write you these drops just for the sake of your whim to change the color of your eyes, since the latter is considered the most real side effect of the drugs.

5. How can I change the color of my eyes? Some believe that this can help a certain ritual, thanks to which you can at the same time be able to verify your extrasensory abilities. Conduct a ceremony every morning and evening for 15 minutes. Close your eyes, relax. Focus only on one thought that you want to change the color of your eyes. Imagine your eyes in their original color, and then concentrate and start with the power of thought to fill your eyes with the color you want to receive. The new color should completely fill your consciousness, let it sparkle from your eyes and shine with bright beams.