Preparation "Bisacodyl": analogues, synonyms, instructions for use

What only do not produce medicines at the moment. To correct the work of the human body, many different means have been created. For sure in every home medicine cabinet there are drugs that regulate the work of the intestines, in particular, the act of defecation. A similar preparation is Bisacodyl. Analogues and synonyms of the drug will be described in this article. You will learn how to replace this tool. Also it is necessary to tell, how the medicine "Bisakodil", analogues is used. Instructions for the use of drugs will be presented to your attention.

bisacodyl analogues

Form of the preparation

The medicine "Bisakodil" is a candle. Analogs of this drug are also available in the form of rectal suppositories. This is the most preferred form of medicine. In addition, the medication can also have the form of tablets. Also, the manufacturer offers patients to buy pills.

The active substance of the drug is a chemical compound called bisacodyl. It was this that gave the trade name to this drug.

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Synonyms of the drug

What does the "Bisacodyl" analogue have? Medicines, which in their composition are absolutely identical to the original, are called synonyms. Based on this, it can be concluded that these drugs should act in the same way on the human body.

The main synonyms of this drug include compositions with the following trade name:

  • "Bisacodyl Acry."
  • "Bisacodyl Altpharm".
  • "Bisakodil Nizhpharm".
  • "Bisakodil FPO", as well as many others.

What is the difference between all the listed compounds? In fact, there is no significant difference. The main component of all these drugs is bisacodyl. The only difference is that they are issued by different trading companies. It should be noted that the dosage for these medicines is the same.

bisacodyl analogues instruction manual

"Bisacodyl": analogues of the preparation

Among the analogs of this drug can be identified many tablets, suppositories and other forms of formulations. All of them have the same effect on the patient's body. However, their composition is completely different. The following preparations can be classified as substitutes for the original preparation. Rectal suppositories "Glycelax" and "Glycerin suppositories".

  • Syrups "Dufalac" and "Gutasil".
  • Tablets "Senade" and "Phitalax", as well as other medications.
  • bisacodyl analogs and synonyms

    Analog "Bisacodyl" in tablets, syrup or candles suggests the use of different dosages. That is why you should carefully study the instructions before using this or that drug. Also consult a doctor before starting the correction.

    Indications for use of similar drugs

    Medication "Bisacodyl", analogs, synonyms and substitutes are prescribed for correction of stool. Thus, the use of drugs is recommended for constipation, stool retention for more than three days, the inability to empty the intestine after surgery. Often, medicines are prescribed to newly mummified mothers after the birth of a child. Also, the medicine can be used in preparation for some diagnostic manipulations on the intestine.

    The drug is also prescribed to relieve defecation with anal fissures, hemorrhoids and other pathologies. However, in such situations it is worthwhile to consult with specialists beforehand and to obtain individual schemes of application.

    Are there any contraindications to such drugs?

    When is it forbidden to use the medicine "Bisacodyl", analogs and synonyms? Instruction for use informs that contraindication to such correction will be various inflammatory processes of the intestine and stomach. It is also not recommended to use the formula for intestinal obstruction. Acute hemorrhoids, cystitis, uterine bleeding are a direct contraindication to correction.

    bisacodyl analogues of synthetic origin

    Some analogs of the drug are not recommended for use during pregnancy.this can lead to various complications, including premature birth. The drug is not assigned to people with hypersensitivity to the components.

    Method of using laxative medicines

    The scheme of reception and the way of use of a medicine is selected proceeding from the chosen form. Thus, rectal suppositories "Bisacodyl", analogues( "Glycelax" and others) should be inserted into the anal opening, pushing the finger as deeply as possible into the intestine. Adult patients are prescribed two suppositories per day. Children under 7 years are recommended 1 candle. If there is a need to use the drug in children under 7 years old, they are advised to cut the suppository into two parts before insertion.

    Dragee and tablets take 1-2 pieces before going to bed. If you want, you can use the drug in the morning, but you need to do it half an hour before breakfast. Drink the medicine with simple water in unlimited quantities.

    There are analogues in the preparation of Bisacodyl, which are available in the form of a suspension. Such drugs should be taken strictly according to the instructions. Some of them suggest a one-time use in the morning hours. Others should be used several times a day.

    Method of operation of

    preparations. How does the Bisacodyl drug, analogues and synonyms work on the patient? All these medicines are designed to ease defecation. Rectal suppositories usually irritate the intestinal wall and increase mucus secretion. Desires for defecation come already in 10-20 minutes after the administration of the drug.

    Tablets and dragees, as well as lozenges are provided for preliminary use. So, it is recommended to take the drug a few hours before the planned act of defecation. Doctors recommend that you perform the procedure before each bedtime. The drug works on average in 2-4 hours. After all, the medicine must pass through the stomach and the entire intestine.

    Syrups and some pastilles are based on natural ingredients. That's why they can be used for a long time, which can not be said about the very original. Addictions do not cause such funds, but for the beginning of their work a cumulative effect should occur. The effect of drugs comes about in half a day or a day. However, the effect persists for a long period of time.

    bisacodyl suppositories

    Side effects of

    Most of the substitutes and analogues of the drug "Bisacodyl", as well as the original, do not cause a negative reaction from the patient's body. However, there are reported cases when one or another medicine could provoke diarrhea. Usually these are situations where the patient has exceeded the dose of the medication.

    Side effects include the development of an allergic reaction. To avoid its occurrence, it is worthwhile to carefully study the instructions and the described contraindications to the use of the drug. Only after this is it possible to use the medication. For more accurate information, you should contact your healthcare professional.

    analog of bisacodyl in tablets

    Instead of concluding

    , you became aware of what the Bisacodyl drug is. Analogues of synthetic origin are presented to your attention in this article. Before you make a replacement and choose another remedy for treatment, it is worth consulting with your doctor and get an individual scheme of use. Health to you and good health!