What are the traffic jams before childbirth? When does the color come off before the birth?

Women, who are about to become a mother soon, throughout the pregnancy are tormented by various issues. Particularly strong representatives of the fair sex are worried about childbirth. After all, the process can start completely unexpectedly. This article will tell you about what are the traffic jams before childbirth. Also you will learn the time of the departure of this element and its features.

What kind of a cork is during pregnancy?

To begin with it is necessary to say that the formation of the cork begins already from the first days after the conception took place. The cervix becomes denser and thicker. In the passage begins to collect mucus, which normally leaves the genital tract of a woman. Cork formation lasts the entire pregnancy. And only before giving birth, she leaves her usual place.

The only function of this mucosal formation is protection. The formed lump reliably protects the fetus from the penetration of various pathological bacteria and viruses.

What other plugs are there in the human body?

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In the human body, in addition to a lump of mucus in the cervix, elements can be formed that seal this or that passageway. So, many people have traffic jams in the intestines. More often they are called calico stones. They rarely go out on their own and must be treated.

What are the plugs in the ears? In this organ sometimes there are sulfur lumps. Such plugs negatively affect a person's way of life, as the hearing begins to deteriorate. At present, there are a lot of means for treating such ailment. If necessary, correction can be carried out in the walls of the hospital.

What color is the cork before delivery?

This question, perhaps, is asked by every woman who is preparing to become a mother. What are the traffic jams, you already know. A lump of mucus that forms during the expectation of the baby does not require medical intervention in order to leave the place of his stay. Most often this process begins and goes naturally. So, what are the traffic jams in color?

Most often, the slimy lump does not have a certain shade and is transparent. In some cases, additional impurities may be observed. Thus, cork from cervical mucus often have white veins or blotches. All this is a variant of the norm.

Also, the cork can be colored brownish or brown. In most cases, this shade is acquired due to damage to the smallest vessels. Dark color indicates that the blood curdled, and, therefore, it is old. There is no danger in this case.

The scarlet color of the cork may indicate bleeding. In this case, you need to see the doctor. It is better to go immediately to the maternity hospital. You may need urgent medical attention. If the red color of mucus has acquired after a doctor's examination, then, most likely, in your case there is nothing terrible. Perhaps the doctor accidentally damaged the tender shell of the cervix, and as a result, the slimy lump was soaked with scarlet blood.

When does the cervical mucus leave before delivery?

What are the traffic jams in color, you already know. Now it is worth mentioning the timing when mucus leaves the female body.

In most cases, if you observe the beginning of an exit of a stopper, the generic process will begin within a period of two to ten days. However, not always these terms are accurate. There are cases when the birth activity began within a few hours after the departure of the mucous lump. Also, the cork can and do stay in the woman's body until the most attempts. This, of course, is quite rare. In this case, the flow of waste water can imperceptibly wash off the slimy plug.

Also, medicine knows cases when the cork departed more than a month before the onset of labor. It is worth noting that this situation can be quite dangerous, since the fruit is deprived of its protection.

The mucous plug can leave the body of the expectant mother at a time, and sometimes this process lasts several days.

Since a normal pregnancy lasts an average of 40 weeks, the mucous plug may begin to separate already at 37-38 weeks. Also it is worth considering the fact that some babies are born only in 42 weeks. This is a variant of the norm. In this case, the departure of a lump of mucus can begin in 39-40 weeks of pregnancy.

Summing up

So, you now know what are the traffic jams, what is the cork during pregnancy and when it departs. The average volume of mucus may be in the range of 5 to 20 milliliters. If you start to move away the cork, then pay attention to its color. If red inclusions or veins are present, contact your doctor as soon as possible. Also it is worth considering your own feelings. Departure of the cork is completely painless and almost unnoticeable. Successful and easy to you delivery!