Cosmetology clinics in Moscow: rating, reviews, addresses

Cosmetology is a medical direction that deals with the issues of appearance and correction of face and body deficiencies with the help of modern scientific developments, as well as regenerating and anti-aging activities.

This uses a complex of surgical procedures, specialized products( creams, oils, beauty injections and other materials), as well as individual nutrition programs, massages, SPA sessions, and physiotherapy.

In large cities of Russia, such as Moscow, there are many specialized clinics where high-class and experienced doctors are able to make every woman more youthful and attractive. The team of cosmetologists and plastic surgeons is working on improving the appearance of clients, providing a variety of services, such as facial and body plastic, rejuvenating, cleansing and caring activities, figure correction, correction of teeth shortages or bite.

Cosmetic clinics in Moscow:

rating So, as already said, in the capital of our Motherland there are many institutions where they perform cosmetic procedures. Sometimes it seems that the options are even more than enough. How to decide on the choice and how not to be mistaken by entrusting your face and body to the medical personnel of an institution and paying money for activities?

Rating cosmetology clinics in Moscow is widely covered on a variety of sites on the Internet. You can read detailed information about the addresses of institutions, specialists working in them, as well as get acquainted with the positive and negative opinions of clients about these organizations.

Almost every clinic of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology offers the following set of activities for its customers:

  1. Cleansing procedures for facial and body skin.
  2. Rejuvenating injections.
  3. Plastic operations.
  4. Removal of excess hair from the face and body with a laser, wax, sugar scrub, etc.
  5. Different types of massage procedures
  6. Measures aimed at getting rid of excess kilograms, cellulite, etc.

Basic criteria for choosing a cosmetology clinic

medicine and beauty on paveletskaya

To find an institution where the service and the quality of the procedures will satisfy you, you need to adhere to several important rules.

First, the clinic should be equipped with good modern technology. Best if it is foreign equipment. Secondly, it is desirable that the specialists of the institution( both doctors and nurses) be experienced and have a high level of professional skill. The rating of cosmetology clinics in Moscow is based on information on organizations located both in the city and in the regional areas. Thanks to this, you can easily choose the institution that is closest to your place of residence and work and that satisfies those basic and additional criteria that seem most important to you when considering different options.

In the following sections of the article will be discussed in more detail about several Moscow clinics of cosmetology, aesthetic medicine and dental cosmetics.

Beauty Clinic: "Your beauty is in our hands"

This section will cover one of such institutions located in the Russian capital. The clinic of aesthetic medicine Beauty Clinic applies low-harmless, sparing and, at the same time, effective methods for correcting external defects and fighting the signs of skin aging. Doctors of the center are real masters of their business, working daily on the appearance of their clients, trying as best as possible to improve it.

cosmetology clinics in moscow rating

The clinic is popular and popular among Muscovites, has earned a large number of positive assessments, and medical staff regularly receives additional cash incentives, stimulating further professional development of specialists. Doctors of Beauty Clinic regularly apply innovative methods in practice, as well as attend foreign seminars and courses in order to improve their qualifications.

The institution provides medical services not only to adult clients, but also to minors from the age of 16, conducting various examinations, preventive and therapeutic measures, as well as cosmetic procedures( cleansing masks and scrubs, various types of plastic surgery, beauty injections).

A little more about aesthetic medicine

Moscow is known to be a big city, and Beauty Clinic is not the only organization offering plastic and facial skin care. As another example of such an institution, you can call the clinic "Medicine and Beauty" on Paveletskaya.

The Center has received many positive reviews, and it is also known that the specialists working in it have perfected their professional skills for many years. If you become acquainted with the opinions of the clinic on the sites, you will be pleasantly surprised that the overwhelming majority of clients is quite enough by the service, the staff and the result of the conducted procedures. Center "Medicine and Beauty" has modern equipment and a wide range of methods and tools for treating dermatological disorders, rejuvenating the face and body.

clinic of aesthetic medicine

In addition, the clinic offers medical services, for example, managing pregnancy and eliminating difficulties in conceiving and bearing a child. After reviewing the reviews on the Internet, we can say with certainty that the majority of visitors are extremely pleased with the effect of treatment, and even women with serious problems managed to give birth to healthy children.

Beauty and health - one thing

Everyone knows for certain that a good physical condition is sure to be reflected on the face and body. Experts of the clinic "World of Beauty and Health" are convinced: regular care of appearance is the basis of attractiveness and youth. The center offers a range of services to eliminate problems with the face and body( removal of stretch marks, acne, tightening and beauty injections) and a complex of restorative and anti-aging activities.

prima medica

Also in the salon you can make tattoos, nail extensions, manicure of any kind and complexity. The center is equipped with modern equipment, has a huge selection of the latest cosmetics on a natural basis. Last year, the Cosmetology Clinic "The World of Beauty and Health" was recognized as the first among such organizations on the basis of customer feedback. Having entrusted your face and body to the experienced professionals of the institution, you can be sure that you will get a guaranteed and tangible result from a qualitatively and carefully conducted procedure. Perhaps, this institution is not the cheapest, but it provides an amazing effect and leaves the visitors completely satisfied.

Clinic of dental cosmetology: become the owner of a dazzling smile

Most modern women pay much attention to the condition of the skin of the face and body, as the external appeal allows you to make a good impression, and beauty is the key to self-confidence. But do not forget that it is important to monitor the condition of the mouth and teeth, because it is a charming snow-white smile that helps us become irresistible.

"Dental Cosmetics Clinic", located near the metro station "Novokuznetskaya", is equipped with innovative equipment for accurate and safe medical events. In the center they perform dental treatment, the installation of seals, prostheses and braces.

clinic of dental cosmetology

An incorrect bite often is a great inconvenience and source of complexes. Many hesitate to wear braces, believing that they will look unaesthetic. And in vain. After all, modern models are not something that will not spoil the appearance, but even give him some flavor. In addition, they are made of quality materials and almost do not cause inconvenience and pain.

Do not forget about the health of the skin

As they say, all the problems and stresses are reflected on the face. When you are overworked, do not sleep enough, eat wrong and are exposed to negative influences of the environment, it will certainly manifest itself, and sooner or later you will not be satisfied with your reflection in the mirror.

world of beauty and health

Cosmetic center "Anta-honey" offers a wide range of procedures aimed at treating skin problems and maintaining its health. Innovative equipment and cosmetics help to achieve maximum effect. Doctors of the clinic perform cleaning and massage activities, beauty injections, plastic surgery, diagnostics and therapy of dermatological pathologies.

The result of health problems certainly affects the appearance. That is why in many medical centers the services of a cosmetologist are offered, along with the treatment to provide clients with the opportunity to improve the appearance and correction of its shortcomings.

For example, the medical center "Prima Medica" provides both medical consultations( diagnosis and therapy of tumors, problems with the spine and CNS, hormonal disorders, eye and skin problems, various types of physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises, inoculations), but also the procedure for removing superfluous facial hairand the body, as well as braces and rejuvenation.

Customer Testimonials. Conclusions

So, we have examined in detail the specifics of metropolitan cosmetology clinics, such as "Clinic of Dental Cosmetology", "Medicine and Beauty", "World of Beauty and Health".Also described the activities of institutions Beauty Clinic, "Prima Medica", "Anta Med".And although the rating of cosmetology clinics in Moscow shows that these centers are among the best, reviews about them are not always positive. Naturally, many visitors express gratitude to the medical staff of the clinics, note the high-quality service and the excellent quality of the equipment and procedures, are pleased with the effect they have received from them.

But, on the other hand, some are confused by high prices and, in their opinion, too obsessive offer of additional goods, for example, cosmetics. Yes, quality services are always not a cheap thing. You, of course, can perform a number of rejuvenating and therapeutic procedures at home, but will this give the desired effect? Think before you decide.

anta honey cosmetology center

Maybe it's better to trust qualified professionals, but be sure that the money spent will pay for itself and will cost a long-term and good result, which you eventually get.