Children's dentistry at Domodedovo invites small customers

Pediatric dentistry is a separate area, which by all criteria differs from the adult clinic. Here, doctors use more sparing drugs, equipment and other tools to reduce the impact on the children's body. A pediatrician should be able to treat children, find an approach to them, since if a child has bad memories of dental treatment, this can cause fear of dentists for life.

On the Importance of Visiting a Dentist by Children

It is easier for adults and children to prevent a toothache than to treat it later. Therefore, it is better to show the child's doctor twice a year, and if there are any problems, then once in three months. Particular attention at this age should be paid to prevent caries and oral hygiene. Children's dentistry at Domodedovo always pays much attention to these problems, and when you visit the center you can get advice on how to choose the right paste for a certain age and toothbrush. Doctors in a play form will show the baby how to make hygienic procedures and tell about the deplorable consequences that are inevitable, if not to do so.

Children's dentistry at Domodedovo warns that timely treatment to the doctor can prevent painful toothaches, as well as serious interventions in childhood and in adults.


Teeth treatment for children is one of the main directions. For many years the children's dentistry at Domodedovo has been providing all kinds of services for the treatment of small patients and is trying to do everything possible so that they understand the importance of caring for their teeth and have no fear of going to the doctor.

To date, it is very difficult for parents to choose a doctor and a clinic to which he can entrust the treatment of his child. But it is worth remembering that when choosing a clinic you should pay attention to its location and the cost of services. Professionalism and quality are the characteristics of children's dentistry at Domodedovo. Feedback from regular customers assures that there is a special careful approach to small patients.

Services provided at the

clinic Children's dentistry at Domodedovo is known for its individual approach to any client despite the age and problem with which he applied to the clinic. Children happily go there to talk to that nice aunt or uncle again. Also, attention is paid not only to children, but also to parents. They are told in detail about the proper nutrition, products that contain calcium, as well as the necessary care for the oral cavity of the baby. All treatment and procedures are in the form of a game to exclude the fear of the baby to dentists. children Provides services such as:

  • Consultation, examination of the patient, issuing the necessary information.
  • Treatment of easy and complicated dental caries.
  • Removal of milk teeth.


Working hours and address of

How does pediatric dentistry work at Domodedovo? Opening hours are very convenient for everyone, because doctors take with acute pain even on weekends. On weekdays the reception time is from 9 to 21 hours, on Saturday from 9 to 18, and on Sunday from 9 to 15 hours. The clinic is equipped with modern equipment, and for their work doctors use safe drugs. Before prescribing treatment to a child, doctors are forced to undergo an examination to identify all possible contraindications to treatment. Also all sanitary and hygienic standards are at the highest level. Practically all tools are disposable, and those that are used constantly, undergo thorough processing. Many are interested in exactly where the children's dentistry is located at Domodedovo. Address: st. Domodedovskaya, 24, building.3. The location is convenient, to the dentistry is easy to reach. From the underground to go on foot about 10-15 minutes, by public transport - 5 minutes.

pediatric dentistry at home-domed address

Cost of services

The prices for services, of course, can be different. It depends on the complexity of the disease and the types of treatment, as well as the drugs that have been used. All exact
pricing is most often fashionable after the treatment session.

Do not be afraid for the safety and quality of treatment. They will do everything possible so that your baby does not feel painful feelings and is not afraid to go to the doctor any more.