Brown discharge a week before the month - what does it mean

As a rule, about the fact that there is a serious pathology, brown discharge a week before the month can not talk. But still find out why this happens is worth it. As well as going to a consultation with a doctor if the situation recurs.

Reasons why there are discharges one week before the monthly

Start of menstruation. That is, in the first couple of days, very weak, brown color selection can go, which then acquires the usual color and abundance. Scanty menstruation is typical for women with malnourished ovaries, and with healthy ones. And also those who use hormonal contraception.

Brown discharge one week before the month - is it possible pregnancy

This process is called implantation bleeding - this is one of the signs of an interesting situation that occurs about a week before the month, which, of course, will not come on time. If you do not want to give birth to children yet and you had unprotected sexual intercourse in the cycle, when there was a smear, while you already have a delay in menstruation, you need to take a blood test for HCG or make a test.

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Brown discharge one week before the month - a sign of erosion of the cervix

This diagnosis is at least once assigned to every woman. And for most physicians, erosion is considered a risk factor for the development of cervical cancer. Modern studies have shown that this relationship is not, and in itself, erosion is an innocuous condition that does not require treatment.

Brown discharge one week before the month when taking oral contraceptives

This condition should not cause anxiety, as it is just an addiction to the drug. Soon everything will be normal. If the smear causes you severe discomfort, then it is necessary to replace the drug. After the uterine spiral is established, there may also be an anointing, for several months. And it does not matter if the hormonal spiral is installed or simple.

Adenomyosis( one of the special cases of endometriosis).

This disease affects, as a rule, women, whose age is more than 35 years, until they started menopause. As a rule, with such a disease, there are abundant menstrual bleeding.

The presence of polyps in the uterine cavity or in the cervix.

It is believed that the cause of their appearance are the violation of hormones. Polyps can always be cured only surgically. Treatment with medicines, and even more folk medicine means will not bring effect. The main symptom of polyps is the spotting before the onset of menstruation.

An oncological disease, such as, for example, a cancer of the uterus body

In this case, immediate treatment is required, or complete removal of the uterus. In such a situation, doctors can not do without intervention. As you have already noticed, the reasons can be very different. Some of them can be very serious, and about some you do not have to worry. And for this reason it is required to undergo a survey for further sedation.