What is so good about Khalil Mamoon hookahs?

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Recently, non-standard ways of smoking have become increasingly popular. People are beginning to understand that no cigarettes will replace the good old hookah. It's not for nothing that the East believes that this is a great way to spend a good time in a good friendly company. Among the vast number of different models with such a task, hookahs Khalil Mamoon can best handle.

Pride of the East

This unusual smoking device was made in the 18th century by the famous master Khalil Tag-el-din Mamun Khalil, who was famous for his unique talent as a restorer. People used such devices several centuries ago. The talented Egyptian only slightly improved the apparatus. As a result, Khalil Mammon hookahs have become exactly as they are now known. The master made the first smoking device, while on business in Turkey. Later he presented the device to the ruler of Egypt. In those years they were great Muhammad. It was then that Khalil Mamoon hookahs were considered an Egyptian invention. True, the Turks to this day categorically disagree with this fact. During his lifetime, Mamun Khalil passed on his skill to his son, and so it went from generation to generation. A whole dynasty was formed. Descendants of the famous master still continue to make Khalil Mamoon hookahs that have already become famous.

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Over time, they changed their appearance a little: they became brighter and more elegant. But, despite this, the devices are still characterized by the highest quality and special technique of execution.

What does the consumer think?

Many smokers with great experience choose Khalil Mamoon for their personal use. Reviews about this product are always only positive.

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What is so good about the Egyptian device, and why even beginners are asking it from the sellers of specialized stores? There are two main reasons for this. First, in Egypt, according to an ancient tradition, it is customary to make all the details manually. This process is laborious and very laborious. For example, the mine is an integral metal structure, assembled of several elements, connected together by a strong manual soldering. On finished products, even traces of these compounds are sometimes visible. But this does not make them worse, but only guarantees complete tightness of the device.

Secondly, hookahs of this brand are distinguished by excellent traction. The reason is in the large diameter of the shaft tube. The air passes easily. Yes, and to clean such a device is very convenient. In addition, due to thick walls, the smoke in it does not overheat. All this is complemented by a long hose( 1.8 meters), which has recently been made from medical silicone. This is another plus of the famous brand.

The right choice of

Given all the details of production, it is clear that the best hookahs Khalil Mamoon make at home, in their native Egypt. Only local masters can, using the age-old experience, with such accuracy to realize what was invented by their ancestors many centuries ago. An important role is played by the material from which these hookahs make. Usually for casting use stainless steel, copper, brass or bronze. This allows to guarantee the stability of the finished product to corrosion and greatly facilitate the care of it. Of great importance is the external design. Any hookah of this brand is a real work of art.

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It is decorated with bright patterns, executed in the characteristic oriental style. The smoker has a feeling that he was in a fairy tale. Among the most successful models can be identified "Alam Maser", "Kamanja" and "1001 night".Their designs are almost flawless in terms of smoking technology: a wide tube facilitates traction, and the weight of the structure gives it stability. Use such a device - a complete pleasure.

Distinctive features of

Among the models of other brands, it is difficult for an inexperienced customer to immediately distinguish Khalil Mamoon hookahs. Photos on the advertising booklets do not give a complete picture. Coming to the store, you need to know exactly what to look for. First you need to understand that such devices usually consist of four parts:

1) Clay bowl.

2) Metal shaft with a valve and a tube located inside it.

3) Glass flask.

4) Flexible hose with mouthpiece. Sometimes it is equipped with a cooling capsule, but it is better to take it without it. This addition is not very effective, besides it greatly hampers cravings.

In the upper part of the shaft there is usually a special saucer, which is designed so that it can place coals and tongs for them. It should be quite wide and have the name of the product brand( Khalil Mamoon) on the front.

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The same name will be on the tube. Otherwise, you can be sure that there is a fake on the counter. A standard valve must have only one hose holder. In the East, it is not customary to smoke one hookah alone or three together. Such a toy invented by Americans as fun and a way to increase popularity. When all the points are taken into account, it remains only to test the device. To do this, you need to assemble the apparatus, and then close the bowl with your hand and try to draw air. With a quality hookah it will be impossible. After this, you can safely buy a device and be sure of the correctness of your choice.