Treatment of lymph nodes. Several folk recipes

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Treatment of lymph nodes that have become inflamed with a catarrhal disease, as a rule, does not include any special measures. This is due to the fact that in such cases, the lymphatic system acts as an indicator of the severity of the development of infection.

Often, the treatment of lymph nodes is performed with the use of drugs "Lymphomyosot"( homeopathic drops) and oral medication Prednisolone.

It should be noted that the medicinal effect prescribed by the doctor, in combination with some folk recipes, can significantly accelerate recovery. However, when choosing funds, it is necessary to consult with a specialist about possible contraindications.

Than to treat lymphonoduses? Several folk recipes.

  1. Flowers of lavender, elderberry, currant leaf and wormwood in the same proportions are mixed and crushed. Raw material is poured in a thermos with boiled water( one liter).Insist recommend during the night. In the morning the mixture is filtered. It is recommended to take the remedy instead of tea.
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  3. Treatment of lymph nodes can be done using a tincture of raspberries. This requires 250 grams of roots. In a three-liter can, a layer of raw material is laid, covered with sugar, then again raw, again sugar. Then, add one hundred milligrams of boiling water and heat the mixture in a water bath for eight hours. After that, the container must be put in a dark place for three to four days. The drug is taken daily on a tablespoon.
  4. When inflamed lymph nodes often use tincture of echinacea. This plant is known for its medicinal properties. Tincture can be easily purchased at the pharmacy. A glass of water will require ten drops. It is recommended to drink four times a day.
  5. If, for some reason, broths or tinctures are not suitable for treatment, you can make a compress. To do this, cleanliness is suitable. The plant should be finely chopped, pre-rinsed and dried. Then the juice is squeezed out of the celandine. It adds alcohol at a rate of 1: 1.Then put a compress. It should be noted that this remedy is also effective in the treatment of angina.
  6. Vitamin C is very useful for the body. Typically, 750 mg per day is sufficient( 250 mg three times).However, in some cases, the dose can be doubled.
  7. In some ways, the unusual leaves are walnut leaves( walnuts).The raw material is filled with water and boiled for four hours in a very tightly closed container. After the required cooking time, the product is added to the bathing bath.
  8. Often inflamed nodes are lubricated with camphor oil.
  9. Bilberry tincture can also be effective. For its preparation, five grams of raw material should be poured a glass of boiling water. Apply three times a day in a spoonful or two( table).

Treatment of the lymph nodes of the neck should in no case be done with the help of heat or rubbing. Otherwise, you can greatly aggravate the inflammation. Contraindicated and iodine reticulums, it is not recommended to stay in the open sun for a long time.

Before using any remedy, it is necessary to identify the exact cause of the disease. With a long-term increase in the treatment of lymph nodes should appoint a doctor. In many cases, self-selection of therapy can be extremely dangerous and provoke the development of very adverse effects.

If one of the lymph nodes differs significantly in size from the others, or there is an increase in all the lymph nodes, and if signs of inflammation persist for two or more weeks after all infectious causes have been identified and eliminated, it is not recommended to postpone the visit to a specialist.