Sanatorium "Russian Bor", Togliatti: description and reviews

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What is the advantage of rest and treatment in Russia? Let's try to figure it out. You do not need to issue a visa, you do not have to go far, you have to spend time adapting to another climate and time zone. Nature in Russia is no worse than in Germany or France. The main advantages of the central band are forests, lakes, rivers. All the usual and dear! Our doctors are no worse, and in many spheres even more seriously prepared. Especially in the age of globalization, medical workers constantly have access to professional development, are constantly aware of all current achievements and, of course, have access to all the achievements of medical science. And one of the best places for rest and treatment is the sanatorium "Russian Bor"( Togliatti).

health resort russian borough Togliatti

Description of health resort

The sanatorium is in an excellent location, on the coast of the Zhigulevsky reservoir, more often called the Zhigulevsky Sea. Pine forest, mineral springs, ecologically clean area, crystal clear air in the central part of Russia. The features of this sanatorium are:

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  • modern buildings with cozy rooms;
  • innovative medical treatment programs;
  • advanced medical equipment;
  • a wide range of services for the treatment of various diseases;
  • round the clock guarded territory;
  • throughout the territory free Wi-Fi;
  • is just a great vacation in nature.

health resort boron Togliatti prices

Comfortable rest in the resort

The sanatorium "Russian Bor"( Togliatti) offers entertainment for every taste. A fan of outdoor activities can go in for sports. A lover of walks can wander through the forest, plunge into the bosom of nature. You can do fitness or just read a book. In summer, swim and sunbathe on the beach, play table tennis, badminton, football, volleyball. In winter you can take skis. Any inventory is given for rent, you do not need to carry with you. Arriving at the sanatorium "Russian Bor"( Togliatti), choose entertainment for your taste:

  • chess or checkers;
  • gym;
  • sauna and swimming pool;
  • billiards;
  • excursion;
  • walks on the yacht.

Do you plan to hold a corporate event? Teambuilding, company holiday? Sanatorium "Russian Bor"( Togliatti) - a great place for this. Assembly and conference rooms for the official part. The banquet hall and the summer playground - in order to celebrate the event.

Have you come with the children? No problem! While taking the procedures, children can play on the playground or watch a resort russian borough Togliatti reviews


Sanatorium "Russian Bor"( Togliatti) has a state license for its activities, certified modern equipment. Medical staff regularly improves qualifications. If you have heart disease, suffer from increased blood pressure, trouble your legs, nerves chag, men's problems, impaired metabolism or suffer from diabetes, then here you will find the best treatment.

The list of medical procedures and services offered by the sanatorium "Russian Bor"( Togliatti):

  • treatment of the prostate on the apparatus "Androgyn" - complete restoration of male health;
  • hydrocolonotherapy - delicate bowel rinsing;
  • various types of therapeutic and health-improving massage - help with osteochondrosis, back pain, and just a pleasant procedure;
  • action by the magnet on the organism with the device "Multimag" - an innovative method for improving microcirculation and metabolic processes, used for osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, neuralgia;
  • pneumomassage in case of vascular disease with the "Lymph E" apparatus;
  • posture correction, spinal restoration, scoliosis and sciatica treatment on the "Swing-machine" simulator;
  • in the physiotherapy department, you can go through procedures: electrophoresis, ultrasound, magnetotherapy, various inhalations;
  • full range of dental services;
  • balneary - therapeutic, aromatic, pearl, vortex and other baths, Charcot's shower, hydromassage and mud therapy;
  • novelty for the treatment of spinal diseases - kinesitherapy, the newest system of training on special simulators, activates the work of deep spine muscles.

health resort bor-g Togliatti

Accommodation in a sanatorium

One of the most popular now is the sanatorium "Russian Bor"( Togliatti).Prices in it are quite democratic. For the most unpretentious guests an economical option is offered, accommodation in a simple room without amenities, a double room. The cost is from 1270 rubles per day.

More improved conditions - from 1820 rubles per day when placed in a single or double room with private facilities. Double luxury room costs from 2300 rubles. And for 2620 rubles a day is offered an euro-suite for two guests. For the wealthy there are truly presidential apartments! The cost is from 2910 rubles per night for a double room. health resort russian borough Togliatti reviews about masseurs

Travel to sanatorium

For the purpose of treatment at the resort you need a sanatorium card. Information about the resort can be found on the phone: 7( 8482) 48-99-79.Sanatorium "Russian Bor" in Tolyatti is located at: Lesoparkovoye shosse, 12.

Three meals a day, treatment and medication, accommodation - all this is included in the cost of the tour. Depending on the recommendations of the attending physician, dietary meals are prescribed.

There is a restriction on the minimum accommodation for treatment:

  • 5 days in autumn and spring;
  • 10 days in the summer months.

Sanatorium "Russian Bor", Togliatti: reviews

We will not tell you how well they treat in a sanatorium. Let's not praise. We proceed as follows. Ask those who have already been treated or rested in the sanatorium "Russian Bor".Most people celebrate professional service, quality treatment, delicious food and comfortable rest. Especially much is written about the effective treatment provided by the sanatorium "Russian Bor"( Togliatti).Reviews about masseurs note that these professionals are doing wonders.