Vagizil( cream): instructions for use

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Modern women often have to feel discomfort in the intimate area. It is associated with wearing tight underwear, using deodorized hygiene products, applying soap and so on. Help in this situation, "Vagizil"( cream).This remedy is safe and contains natural substances. More information about what has "Vagizil"( cream) application, you will learn from the article.

vagisil cream

Description of the preparation

A remedy is available in a tube with a volume of 15 milliliters. The cost of such a drug is in the range of 380 to 450 rubles. You can buy it without a doctor's prescription. The cream is stored at room temperature and used as needed.

Active ingredients of the drug are two components: polidocanol( laureth 9) and surfactant. Also in the cream is vitamins( A, E, D) and herbal calming ingredients( aloe extract).The consistency of the drug "Vagizil" is low-fat, light and pleasant.

vagisil cream instruction

Assignment of

When is Vagizil used? The cream is intended for the removal of dryness in the intimate zone, it eliminates irritation and discomfort. Creamy substance moisturizes, softens the delicate skin and mucous membrane. The agent is able to block the unpleasant odor that appears for various reasons. The drug "Vagizil"( cream) restores the elasticity of tissues.

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You can use it without the advice of a doctor. The remedy is safe. But it should not be used with a possible allergic reaction to the components. It is better to consult a doctor before using the cream during pregnancy.

vagisil cream application

"Vagizil"( cream): instruction for use

The drug is applied to the perineal region as needed. Preliminary it is necessary to conduct hygienic procedures. Be sure to wash your hands before using the product. It is allowed to use "Vagizil" for prevention purposes. The cream will prevent the appearance of irritation and discomfort. In such cases, the product is applied in small amounts before going to bed.

To eliminate the already existing itching, irritation, unpleasant odor, the cream is applied in sufficient quantity and carefully rubbed. Multiplicity of application can be up to 6 times a day. It is allowed to use the product for a long time. It does not cause adverse reactions( sometimes allergies may occur).

vagizil cream instructions for use

Additional information

You already know that it tells about the drug "Vagizil"( cream) instruction. Many representatives of the weaker sex before the application want to know and feedback about this tool. Opinions about him are only positive. Women admire such a drug, because the effect of it is felt right away. They say that after the first application the dryness disappeared. The cream forms a thin, imperceptible film on the surface. It protects the skin and mucous membranes from germs and harmful microorganisms. The drug blocks the unpleasant odor. This is important for women who can not regularly observe the rules of hygiene( in hiking, traveling, traveling, at work).

Separately it is worth to learn about the reviews that are available about the cream in pregnant women. As you know, the instruction does not prohibit its use in the period of gestation. But doctors caution that at this time, the sensitivity of the fairer sex increases. And this means that allergies can occur. Despite this, the fairer sex is satisfied with the cream. During pregnancy there is a reorganization of the body. Reducing the production of some and raising other hormones can cause dryness and burning sensation in the perineum. Most expectant mothers also face thrush. Cream "Vagizil" becomes a salvation. It does not relieve fungal and bacterial infections, but greatly facilitates their symptomatology. Women who used the drug during pregnancy, noted that the drug does not have a negative effect on the fetus.

Summing up the presented information, we can say that the cream "Vagizil" is a safe modern remedy helping to get rid of discomfort and dryness in the intimate zone. The manufacturer also offers to purchase other products of the brand "Vagizil": gel, soap, spray, napkins, powder and so on. Good health to you!