How to remove the itch from an insect bite at home?

There is no person in the world who has never been bitten by insects. These representatives of the invertebrate class inhabit the planet extensively. Insects belong to the detachment of arthropods and are represented by different species. The consequences of their bite are different, it all depends on the belonging to a certain detachment and the individual reaction of the human body. For some people, even a mosquito bite can be fatal. How to remove the itch from an insect bite?

Insects that represent a danger

The main danger for people who live in the middle latitudes are bites of insects such as bees, wasps and bumblebees. Usually they bite not to provide themselves with food, but for defense purposes. In this case, the human body gets poison, containing active proteins and substances - strong allergens. Appears redness and swelling in the bite area. Different insects attack a person in different ways.

How to remove the itch from an insect bite? This will be written later, but for now it is necessary to list the most dangerous types. According to the existing statistics, four times more people die from stings of bees and wasps than from snake bites.

A person, in addition to receiving negative sensations, is at risk of being infected with the infection:

  • malarial mosquitoes can cause malaria;
  • lice - recurrent typhoid and rickettsiosis;
  • fleas - bubonic plague;
  • mites - Lyme disease;
  • spiders( black widow) - serious complications, sometimes even death.

In case of a bite of these insects, a person should seek medical help in order to avoid the development of serious diseases.

What are the symptoms of insect bites?

How to relieve itching and redness while biting insects? This will be discussed further, and now we will tell you what symptoms in this case arise. Most bites are accompanied by:

  • swelling and swelling;
  • with pain;Itching and irritation of the skin.

Remedies for itching after insect bites

Despite the unpleasant sensations, it is impossible to comb the skin at the site of the bite because of the possible infection with the infection. Sometimes, in addition to local reaction, there is a general - a rash all over the body, loss of consciousness and respiratory failure. Sometimes a fatal outcome is possible.

It is possible to divide the allergic reaction into moderate and acute. In the first case, no special measures should be taken. There are such symptoms: pain, itching, swelling, fever in the bite area.

In case of acute reaction of the body urgent medical attention is needed, because it is possible:

  • increased heart rate;
  • dizziness;
  • rash on the skin;
  • breathing disorder;
  • lowering of blood pressure.

Such a reaction to an insect bite is rare, but carries a danger to life. Sometimes 10 minutes are enough to cause an anaphylactic shock, then loss of consciousness and death.

Bites of bees, wasps and hornets

Insects such as bees, wasps and hornets, usually bite in case of self-defense. The peculiarity of wasps and hornets is that they can sting several times. Together with the sting that gets into the skin, poisonous substances enter the body. Therefore, it must be immediately removed from the wound.

The site of the bite turns red, swells, pains appear, sometimes the body temperature rises. These symptoms are associated with fever and lethargy. Usually this condition occurs in humans with several bites.

How to remove the itch after an insect bite? If the hand is hurt, it is necessary to remove all ornaments and remove the sting. It is necessary to squeeze out the liquid from the wound. To remove the sting, it is necessary to scrape it with a solid object, but do not try to pull it.

If a person does not have an allergy to the bites of such insects, he will have enough to drink an antihistamine and treat the wound with ammonia or ethyl alcohol. It will not be out of place and a glass of warm tea.

Antihistamines should be taken before the swelling subsides. If pain occurs, take Ibuprofen according to the instructions.

How to remove the itch from an insect bite with folk remedies? In this case, you can use the following methods:

  • crush the dandelion leaf and attach to the wound;
  • treat the affected area with mint juice;
  • cut a raw onion and apply to a sore spot overnight.

Ointment that removes itching from insect bites

In some people, the individual intolerance to the venom of these insects manifests itself after a certain time. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the body and promptly seek medical help if nausea, heat and rashes occur throughout the body.

What to do with mosquito bites?

After the bites of insects appears not only an itch. There is a danger of contracting malaria from them. More than 2 thousand species of mosquitoes are known, but only a few are carriers of this disease.

Blood suck female specimens when it's time to lay eggs. After all, a hungry female can lay 50 eggs, and full - 300.

Itching from insect bite than to remove

How to remove the itch from an insect bite at home? The consequences of bites can be reduced as follows:

  • place the bite with a solution of soda;
  • treat the wound with boric acid or tincture of calendula on alcohol;
  • with a lot of bites to take an antihistamine;
  • to anoint the affected area with Fenistil.

The folk remedies include:

  • sour cream treatment;
  • blur the bite site with the "Star" balm.

Which remedies for itching after insect bites are best applied? Gels and ointments of local action, for example, "Psilo-Balsam", "Deta" or cream "La Cree" showed themselves well. Necessary medicines should be present in the first aid kit if a walk to the forest or lake is planned.

What should I do if I bite a spider?

In nature there are spiders, whose bite is deadly to humans. If this happens, the victim should be urgently sent to a medical institution.

Not every insect is a threat to humans, the most dangerous are the Karakurts, tarantulas and brown spiders, hermits.

If one of these insects bites, it is necessary: ​​

  • to wash the wound with water with soap;
  • impose a tire on the limb, so that the poison does not spread quickly throughout the body;
  • above the wound to pull the tourniquet with a leg or arm;
  • make a cold compress in the bite area;
  • drink plenty of fluids to release the body from the poison.

It is necessary to go urgently to the hospital:

  • if the victim is a child;
  • if after a bite the condition deteriorates sharply.

It is necessary to enter an antidote in case of attack of a brown hermit or a karakurt.

When biting spiders, self-medication should not be done to avoid negative consequences.

Bites of bugs

There are more than 50 thousand varieties of these insects in the world. Because of their wide distribution, it is simply impossible to be with bedbugs in one apartment. They feed on the blood of children or women who have a thin skin. Sometimes bites bugs are taken for manifestations of allergies or mosquito bites.

How to remove an itch after an insect bite? When a parasite sucks blood, a person does not feel any discomfort, because the bedbug "anesthetizes" the place of the bite. However, these creatures are very dangerous, because they are carriers of diseases such as plague, anthrax and smallpox.

To get rid of bedbugs apartment, it must be disinfected. Sometimes the colonies do not die at once, therefore, a re-treatment of the room is required.

How to remove the itch from an insect bite

A tick bite

A tick usually bites a person on a walk in the forest or on a meadow. After returning home, people should inspect their clothes to find parasites on it.

How to remove the itch from an insect bite? If a tick insertion site is found on the body, it is necessary: ​​

  • with tweezers, trying not to pull, but to rotate counter-clockwise, to remove the insect;
  • after removal, inspect the wound and treat with alcohol;
  • take an antihistamine drug;
  • always seek medical help.

When a tick is found on the human body, the parasite must be examined for carriage of encephalitis.

When children suffer

Very often, insect bites affect children. After all, they have thin skin and active circulation. A bee or a wasp can sting a child if it comes upon them.

A mosquito bite can contribute to the appearance of severe swelling and redness in children, which is more pronounced than in an adult.

How to remove the itch from an insect bite at home

How to remove the itch from insect bites in children? If a child has been bitten by a stinging insect, the following should be done:

  • remove stinger;
  • apply the cold;
  • give an antihistamine;
  • grease the affected area with "Fenistil".

If there are many bites, the child should be taken to a medical institution for assistance. If the skin feels itchy, then it needs to be reduced by special means to avoid combing and getting into the wound infection.

How to remove the itch from an insect bite in a child at home? The main methods used for mosquito bites:

  • mix soda with water in equal amounts and lubricate the wound;
  • treat the bite site with ammonia diluted with water;
  • treat the wound with mint paste.

When bitten by a child, the wound should be rinsed immediately with soap. Itching can also be reduced with the help of baking soda. Gadgets are put on for a quarter of an hour, and then replaced with fresh ones.

How to correct the consequences of bites

Treatment depends on the symptoms. If there are small swelling and pain, then it will be enough to put ice or a cold lotion. You can treat the wound with soap and try to refrain from combing it.

How to remove the itch from an insect bite? For therapy, antihistamines "Zirtek", "Suprastin", "Tavegil" are effectively used.

If bites are carried by a person heavily, then an anti-anaphylactic package is used.

When an infection enters the wound, a course of antibiotics is prescribed. In serious cases, use a dropper.

Ointments from insect bites

Ointments that remove the itch from insect bites are divided into hormonal and nonhormonal. We can distinguish the following:

Insect bites how to remove itching and redness

  1. "Psylo-balm" helps to eliminate itching, redness and swelling of the skin. It has analgesic and cooling effect.
  2. "Vital" - a product containing in its composition plant components. Ointment can reduce itching, relieve inflammation and destroy germs.
  3. "Fenistil-gel" helps to remove itching from insect bites.
  4. "Sinaflan" - ointment, which can be used for bites, sunburn and dermatitis.

All these ointments can significantly ease the person's health with insect bites and eliminate the symptoms.

When do I need help with a doctor?

You already know how to remove the itch from insect bites yourself. And if the bite causes not only the usual redness, but negative feelings? In this case, you need to see a doctor immediately. After repeated manifestations can lead to anaphylactic shock.

Most often, the body's reaction manifests itself in the form of urticaria. If no other symptoms are found, the doctor will prescribe antihistamines.

If the site of the bite is infected( hot tissues, a bright band appears on the skin), then the specialist's help is simply necessary.

To remove the itch from an insect bite with folk remedies

When a patient previously had severe reactions to insect bites, it must be urgently taken to a medical institution.

First aid is given if the following symptoms occur:

  • heavy breathing;
  • shortness of breath;
  • chest pain syndrome;
  • coordination disorder;
  • signs of infection.

After the examination of the patient, he is prescribed treatment aimed at reducing the severity of symptoms.


To avoid the negative consequences that arise from insect bites, you must adhere to simple rules:

  1. Take into account their daily activity( mosquitoes are active in the dark).
  2. Avoid apiaries.
  3. Women, going to nature, do not use perfume with floral scents.
  4. During a walk wear clothes with long sleeves, tuck the shirt in trousers. This prevents insect bites.
  5. You do not need to wave your arms when insects approach.
  6. While in nature, you should examine yourself for the presence of ticks and other parasites.
  7. When going to the forest, do not wear bright clothes, so as not to attract the appearance of insects.
  8. Use insect repellent. They are applied not only to the skin, but also to the fabric. Even after washing, the product retains its properties.
  9. Mosquito nets can be an effective aid, which can be used even for baby cots.
  10. Mosquitoes react to an elevated level of cholesterol in the blood, so to prevent bites it is necessary to reduce its indices.


With insect bites, it is necessary to understand that even a minor lesion can lead to anaphylactic shock. To avoid negative consequences, effective measures should be taken.