"Russian style" - cigarettes: description

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The brand of cigarettes "Russian style" appeared on sale in the distant 1995.It was developed for the Russian market by the well-known Japan Tobacco International. The production was to become an alternative to the cigarettes "Peter the First".


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Luxurious design of the pack, embossing and gilding along its edges are the hallmark of the Russian Style brand. This brand fully meets the most stringent requirements for tar and carbon dioxide content. The manufacturer is very sensitive to the health of consumers, and therefore all varieties of Russian Style cigarettes are of excellent quality. It should be added that the design of the pack is truly unique.


The company, developing this brand of cigarettes, focused on the peculiarities of smoking tobacco in Russia. The brand was initially positioned as an elite brand, so the "Russian style" - cigarettes for respectable, self-confident people who value quality and understand the sense of pleasure. The desire of the manufacturer of this brand to touch the thin strings of the soul of consumers says slogans used in advertising and on packs. The motto of the brand: "Style determines quality" and "Russian style" - cigarettes are elegant and refined. Life in the style of perfection "- no doubt able to attract buyers who are good taste.

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Everything in the design of a pack of cigarettes speaks of the luxury of the times of the Russian Empire. A pack of designs resembles the cigarette case of that era. All this is intended to emphasize the elitism of this brand. Designing a pack of cigarettes "Russian style" is a vivid example of a thoughtful combination of classics and modern design principles. This advantageously highlights the status of the owner of cigarettes of this brand. In the design of packaging used as attributes of greatness eagle, embossed text font, a substrate for a tree.

Users appreciated the Russian style cigarettes. Customer feedback on specialized electronic portals is full of admiring epithets describing the merits of this brand's cigarettes.

Over time, the packaging design is being improved. They get a more modern look, they become more elegant. Not the least role in improving the design of the pack is the use of advanced achievements in the field of printed products.

Variants of release

Cigarettes of the given mark are issued in several variants, differing in the maintenance of pitches and nicotine. These are light, super-light and long cigarettes. They also differ in the color of the pack. It can be red or blue.

"Russian style" - cigarettes, without exaggeration, ahead of their time. They are distinguished by a pleasant soft and rich taste, they do not at all corrode the mucous throat. Users mark a convenient filter mouthpiece. I'm glad that the quality of cigarettes of this brand has been increasing with the years. The company-manufacturer uses only the best varieties of tobacco, which gives the products a unique taste and unique aroma of smoke.

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"Russian style" - cigarettes, which allow you to feel the grandeur and elitism, to step up and penetrate the atmosphere of life of imperial Russia. The number of fans of this brand of cigarettes is growing steadily. This is promoted by the competent price policy of the company.


Cigarettes "Russian style", whose price is, in comparison with other brands, quite democratic, are, nevertheless, to the premium class. The user can evaluate the excellent quality at an affordable price. The cost of cigarettes "Russian style" varies between 80 and 100 rubles per pack. They are, without exaggeration, a visiting card of a refined man with perfect secular manners.