Eye drops "Futsitalmik": user's manual, reviews, description

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At the first symptoms of eye diseases that are of bacterial origin, you should immediately contact a doctor. After untimely treatment of such ailments can lead not only to the physical and aesthetic discomfort of the patient, but also to the development of severe complications that will have a detrimental effect on the person's vision. eye drops fucitalmic instruction

One of the most popular antibacterial drugs that are used in ophthalmic practice is Fucitalmic( eye drops).The instruction, medicine analogs will be presented below. Also you will learn about what kind of feedback consumers leave about this tool, how effective it is and so on.

Composition, Description and Packaging of Medication

In which packaging is Fucitalmic( Eye Drops) sold? The instruction for this medication is in a box of cardboard. It also contains a dropper-vial with a clear and colorless medicinal substance.

Active ingredient of this agent is fusidic acid. Also included are additional compounds in the form of disodium edetate, carbomer 974P, benzalkonium chloride, mannitol, purified water and sodium hydroxide.

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How does the drug "Futsitalmik"( eye drops) work? The instructions for use indicate that the active substance of this agent is part of the fusidin group and is an antimicrobial compound. Its effect is associated with impaired protein synthesis in bacterial cells.

According to experts, fusidic acid is able to block the elongation of factor G and prevent its association with guanosine triphosphate and ribosomes, interrupting the release of energy, which is extremely necessary for protein synthesis. As a result, the bacterial cells are completely destroyed. fucitalmic eye drops instructions

What other properties can boast eye drops "Futsitalmik"?The instruction says that the action of fusidic acid is directed strictly at those microorganisms that most often cause the development of various infections.

It should also be noted that this preparation has a certain viscosity. Thanks to it, a long-term effect of the drug on the conjunctiva is provided.

The therapeutic result after application of the drug is noticeable within an hour and remains for twelve hours.

Indications for the use of drops

Why are eye drops "Futsitalmik" prescribed? The instruction indicates that the given agent is actively used in the treatment of bacterial infections of the visual organs, namely:

  • blepharitis;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • barley and other inflammations of the eyelids;
  • keratite;
  • acute and unspecified inflammation of lacrimal ducts.

Contraindications to the use of medication

Does the solution "Fucitalmic"( eye drops) have contraindications? Instruction, reviews indicate that this remedy can not be used in the presence of hypersensitivity to the elements of the drug. fucitalmic eye drops

It should also be noted that a component of the drug, such as benzalkonium chloride, is considered an allergen.

"Fucitalmic" preparation( eye drops): instruction

For children this medication should be prescribed only by an experienced pediatrician.

According to the instructions, the agent in question is applied only conjunctivally. The drug is instilled in a conjunctival sac by one drop( in each eye).Such procedures are carried out twice a day for a week.

If the positive dynamics did not appear, you should contact an ophthalmologist to prescribe suitable therapy.

Side effects of

Do eye drops with Fucitalmic have side effects? The instruction states that this drug is well tolerated by patients. Although sometimes after applying the solution, it causes the development of allergic reactions( swelling of the follicles in the transitional folds of the conjunctiva, urticaria, burning, itching, conjunctival hyperemia, lacrimation, soreness, eyelid edema, exacerbation of conjunctivitis).

Usually, all of the listed symptoms disappear immediately after the cessation of therapy.

Fucitalmic eye drops Instruction reviews

Special recommendations for the use of drops

What does the patient need to know before using Fucitalmic( eye drops)?Instructions for use of this medicine are required to read. According to her, the medication in question, especially with prolonged use, can contribute to the development of superinfection, which is caused by microorganisms( including fungi) resistant to this drug.

When using the drug in the form of a gel, the tube should be carefully twisted after each use. In this case, one should not touch its tip to the visual organs.

Treatment with this drug should be discontinued if there are signs of hypersensitivity to the medication.

During the period of application of eye drops, it is forbidden to wear contact lenses. This is due to the fact that fusidic acid microcrystals can cause scratching of the cornea or lenses.

When observing the blurring of vision after instillation of a drug, one should refrain from managing motor vehicles and potentially dangerous occupations requiring increased concentration of attention( until normal vision is restored).Fucitalmic eye drops Instructions for use

Analogues and cost of drops

How much do eye drops "Futsitalmik" cost? The instruction on this question does not give an answer. To do this, you need to contact the nearest pharmacy. The average cost of the drug in question is 340-370 rubles.

If this medication is not suitable for the patient, it is replaced by the following analogues: "Azidrop", "Futaron", "Dilaterol" or "Gentamicin".

Consumer feedback on eye drops

Most often, reviews of this drug leave the parents of young children. After all, babies are the most susceptible to eye diseases.

When using medication in newborns, it manifests itself very effectively. Therefore, the mothers of infants speak of him exclusively on the positive side. They argue that this remedy is good at suppuration of the eyes, especially with washing with herbal decoctions and in combination with a massage. Fucitalmic eye drops instructions for children

The drug "Futsitalmik" eliminates not only suppuration, but also inflammation of the eyes, even in the most difficult cases. This happens within one week. However, it should be remembered that the effect of this medication does not extend to all infectious agents. Therefore, if therapy fails to produce the proper result within seven days, it is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist about the appointment of a more appropriate treatment.