Finast: reviews, form of release. Instructions for the use of "Finasta"

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How to use and in what form is the "Finast" medication manufactured? Instructions for use, the form of the drug is discussed below. Also, the article presents information about the appointment of this drug, its contraindications and therapeutic features. instruction on application finast

Composition of the drug, its description, manufactured form

In what form is the product in issue? What information does the instruction manual contain?"Finast" - a tablet that is coated with a film( film), have a white or almost white color, as well as a round and biconcave form, and embossing FIN on one side.

The active ingredient of this drug is finasteride. It also includes auxiliary ingredients in the form of lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium carboxymethyl starch( type A), corn pregelatinized starch, sodium docomate and magnesium stearate.

With regard to the coating of tablets, it consists of hypromellose, propylene glycol, titanium dioxide and talc.

Features of the drug

. What features does this preparation have? What information does the instruction manual contain?"Finast" shows antiandrogenic properties, as a result of which it is able to influence the metabolism in the tissues of the prostate gland.

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The principle of action of finasteride is that, after its application, the activity of an enzyme such as 5-alpha-reductase is suppressed. This effect prevents the transformation of testosterone into androgenic hormone 5-dihydrotestosterone. And its concentration is reduced not only in the blood, but also in the prostate gland. This effect prevents the growth of its tissue. finastic reviews

According to the experts, after receiving the "Finast" preparation, the instruction of which is given below, the prostate gland decreases considerably in size. Thus, the symptoms of the existing disease almost completely disappear.

Kinetic properties of

How does the drug undergo absorption? What does this tell us about the instructions for use? Finast is absorbed very quickly in the digestive tract. At the same time, its bioavailability is 82%.

The peak concentration of a given drug in a patient's blood is reached 95 minutes after its administration. One can not help saying that finasteride has a good connection with plasma proteins( about 90%).

This medicine is metabolized in the liver, and it is excreted together with urine and feces.

Indications for taking medication

In what cases is Finast administered? Instructions for use, reviews report that this medication is intended to treat hyperplasia( benign) prostate gland with the aim of:

  • acceleration of urine outflow;
  • reduction of discomfort associated with hyperplasia;
  • reducing the size of the prostate gland;
  • reduces the risk of developing urinary retention( acute), which requires catheterization or surgery, including prostatectomy and transurethral resection of the prostate gland. finder instruction

Prohibitions on the prescription of

What are the contraindications to the use of Finast? The responses of specialists say that this medication is forbidden to be prescribed at:

  • prostate cancer;
  • obstructive uropathy;
  • in childhood;
  • high sensitivity to finasteride and other components of the drug.

It should also be noted that the mentioned agent is not assigned to the fairer sex.

With caution, this medication is recommended for people with impaired liver function. This is due to the fact that the finasteride metabolism occurs in this organ.

Instructions for use

"Finast" should only be taken orally. As a rule, it is prescribed in the amount of 5 mg once a day, regardless of the meal.

The duration of treatment with this drug to assess its therapeutic effectiveness should be at least six months. Approximately 52% of patients had disappearance of all signs of the disease with Finastom therapy for one year. finacist instruction on application form

Side effects after taking the tablets

What side effects can cause this medication? The instructions indicate the following negative effects:

  • gynecomastia, decreased potency or libido, tenderness of the mammary glands, decreased ejaculate volume;
  • decrease in the concentration of PSA, impaired ejaculation, increased concentrations of FSH and LH in the blood;
  • various allergic reactions.

We can not say that the incidence of side effects after taking the drug in question does not exceed 3-4%.Moreover, this figure can be reduced during treatment.

Interaction and overdose

To date, there is no information about overdose cases by Finastom. Also, there was no significant health or strong interaction of this drug with other medications.

Feeding and Pregnancy Period

Pregnant women and women of childbearing age should avoid any contact with Finast's lost integrity or crushed tablets due to its probable entry into the body. finaster instruction manual

Finasteride, well penetrating the seminal fluid, is able to inhibit the process of converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Thus, it can cause violations in the development of genital organs in males.

This medication should not be used by nursing women.

Special recommendations

In the process of using Finast medicines, people with a large volume of residual urine, and also with a reduced current, are required to monitor the possible development of uropathy( obstructive).

Before the start of treatment, the presence of diseases that simulate the benign prostatic hyperplasia of the prostate( for example, prostate gland cancer, urinary bladder hypotension, urethral stricture, infectious prostatitis, urethral innervation disorders) should be avoided.

This medication is able to cause a decrease in prostate-specific antigen after six months and a year of admission at 41.5 and 48.5%, respectively.

To exclude the development of prostate cancer during the treatment with finasteride, regular examination of patients should be carried out. finaster instruction on application reviews

Reviews, analogues

Now you know what "Finast" is. Instructions for use of this medication have been described above. How can I replace this drug? Its analogs include such drugs as Adenosteride-Health, Proscar, Penester, Prostan, Urofin, Prosterid, Finasteride, Finpros, Finistere, and so on.

There are a lot of consumer reviews about this medication. Many male patients report that this drug is really effective. However, its properties are fully manifested only if it is completely drunk.

It should also be noted that some people leave negative reviews about the Finast tablets. Often during the first week or month of treatment, this medication causes such side effects as decreased libido or decreased ejaculate volume. However, many patients immediately stipulate that after a while these phenomena are independently eliminated.