Guarana - is that a plant?

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Guarana is a plant that looks like a climbing vine. Its habitat is the forests of the Amazon. Plant seeds are collected and processed. Their value is in the chemical substance in them, the guarana. This component is similar in its properties and structure to caffeine. In the seeds of the exotic plant are also saponins and starch, resins and theobromine, pectin and tannins.

guarana is It was amazing to the discoverers of the American continent to observe the speed of reaction and the endurance of the local population - the Indians. Soon they discovered a source of such energy. He was hiding in the seeds of an amazing guarana plant. This natural raw material was often used to eliminate headaches, fever, heat, spasms, and for the prevention of bacterial infections.

Guarana is a liana, in the seeds of which the caffeine content is maximal. The stimulating effect of its use exceeds the effect of coffee two to five times.

guarana instruction Guarana, the use of which is recommended for increased physical loads, contributes to improving the performance of the body and its endurance. In addition, the fruits of an amazing plant have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

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Guarana is a liana whose fruits are the only source of high concentration in Guaranín. The characteristics of this substance are similar to caffeine. However, in contrast to the latter, guaranin acts very gently on the nervous system, exerting its tonic effect up to four to six hours.

An exotic plant helps improve metabolic processes in the body, strengthens the process of fat splitting. It stimulates memory and mental activity, as well as sexual function. Guarana cleanses the liver and prevents the development of atherosclerotic disease. The extract obtained as a result of seed processing is recommended for the normalization of the heart and vascular system.
With intensive physical activity, guarana promotes the removal of lactic acid from the tissues, which provides an analgesic effect. This ability of the plant is widely used in sports medicine.

guarana application Substances contained in guarana, the body is digested slowly. This makes it possible to not feel tired for an extended period. Guarana extract helps to reduce appetite, which contributes to getting rid of excess kilograms.

Specialists recommend energy drinks, which include guarana. Instructions for use indicate an excellent tonic effect from their use. Such drinks, unlike coffee, do not irritate the stomach mucosa. They invigorate and contribute to the creation of a positive emotional state. Guarana, contained in such beverages, increases the process of hydrolysis of fats and the release of adrenaline.

It should be borne in mind that the use of an exotic plant requires some caution. Exceeding the dose can cause excessive excitability and insomnia. It is not recommended to use guarana for elderly people, hypertensive patients and suffering heart pathologies. It is forbidden to use this plant for women during the period of expectation of the child and lactation.