Hypodinamy: consequences, prevention, causes and features of treatment

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What is hypodynamia and what are its consequences? Let's look at this in more detail. Hypodinamy is a violation of the functioning of the human body in the form of a decrease in muscle tone, which is a consequence of limited motor activity. hypodynamia effects

The problem of modernity

Today, this problem is recognized throughout the sea as a "disease of civilization", and in the last few years doctors have sounded the alarm, as not only adults but also children suffer from hypodynamia. This condition is not a disease, but it leads to very dangerous consequences for a person, for example obesity, hypertension, stroke, heart attack, etc.

A person has always sought to make his life easier. Thus, various adaptations and devices have been created, thanks to which time and physical effort can be saved, but this has led to the fact that the physical activity of people began to decline rapidly from year to year. This causes great damage to the body, as, as you know, movement is life. The consequences of hypodynamia can be very serious.

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Children suffering from

Children's form is even more dangerous because insufficient movement during active growth slows development, disrupts the functioning of the vascular and muscular systems, and this, in many respects, depends on the development of intelligence, and mental activity, and the ability to learn.

Restriction of physical activity negatively affects the condition of all organs, causes mental disorders, depression, etc.

The consequences of hypodynamia are discussed below.

Reasons for

Hypodinamy is the result of an incorrect way of life and thinking, and its main reasons are:

  • urbanization;
  • "sitting" profession, work at the computer;

what is hypodynamia and what are its consequences

  • labor automation;
  • application of the achievements of technology in everyday life;
  • conscious refusal of activity.

All these factors are decisive in cases of limiting the necessary physical exertion, but in most cases, hypodynamia occurs regardless of the person's desire. To such reasons it is possible to carry as social preconditions, for example, when the person is compelled to work in a sitting position, and physiological, for example serious illnesses or traumas which do not allow the person to move much. However, even people who are unable to lead an active lifestyle due to the disease show maximum muscular activity, which prevents the development of many concomitant diseases.

Incorrect way of life

Consequences of hypodynamia in muscles in children is the result of the wrong organization of the lifestyle and regime of the day. The fault here lies primarily with the parents, because they are responsible for the health and well-being of their child. In this case, each child is shown sports and daily walks in the fresh air.

Unfortunately, in the modern world, the professions related to intellectual work have become more demanded, therefore the upbringing and development of children today is more oriented toward learning than to motor activity. Plus, almost all parents have a personal car, which makes life easier for children in terms of the fact that it was much easier to get home from school.
consequences of hypodynamia in muscles

The causes of childhood hypodynamia, in addition to living conditions and upbringing, can also be factors such as birth trauma, perinatal hypoxia, as well as a variety of infections, brain dysfunction, pathologies of the central nervous system, etc. The consequences of hypodynamia are of interest to many.

What happens to the body?

The sedentary lifestyle provokes the development of numerous diseases of the motor apparatus, cardiovascular and nervous system. People who move little, notice a strong fatigue at the end of the day, even if they spent the whole day in bed.

Physical loads are needed to ensure that the muscles are toned, the metabolism in the body is correct, such qualities as endurance and stress resistance developed. In addition, with sufficient physical activity, immunity increases, which is directly related to the intake of sufficient oxygen in the body tissues.


The list of diseases that arise as a consequence of hypodynamia is huge. The main ones are:
hypodynamia causes and consequences

  • obesity;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • violation of posture and scoliosis;
  • ischemic heart and vascular disease;
  • osteoporosis;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • depression, neurosis;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • stroke, heart attack.

Long-term decrease in physical activity inevitably leads to atrophy of the muscular apparatus, and then to osteoporosis. Diseases that can arise in this case, are treated quite difficult, and sometimes it so happens that medicine is powerless in dealing with the consequences of hypodynamia.

Signs of the pathology of

There are no specific symptoms of hypodynamia, since this condition is not a disease. However, insufficient physical activity can manifest as follows:
consequences of hypodynamia for the body

  1. A person feels constant weakness and fatigue.
  2. Decreased intellectual abilities.
  3. Fast fatigue.
  4. Sleep disturbance.
  5. Frequent mood changes, irritability, propensity to nervous breakdowns.
  6. Changing appetite.
  7. Depression, emotional disturbance.

These signs can characterize hypodynamia not only in adults, but also in children. You can add weight to them, as well as disruption of the digestive system, when a sedentary person may suffer from such things as constipation, bile delays, hemorrhoids, etc.

Over time, a person begins to experience pains in the muscles and joints, indicating that, that the disruption of the musculoskeletal system begins. Apparently, the consequences of hypodynamia for the body are extremely dangerous.

Treatment of

Any disease is much easier to prevent than to later fight it. In this case, the state of low mobility is treated not medically, but with the help of specific measures to change the lifestyle and regime of the day. Medicines are designed to fight already with the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, which are associated with the occurrence of certain physical disorders and diseases.
consequences of hypodynamia changes in muscles

In order to increase physical activity, it is not necessary to purchase expensive devices, to visit gyms and spend a lot of time on it. These measures do not require any material costs and are available to every person at any age. The main thing in this case is the desire to be healthy and have a good figure and appearance.

The first thing you need to abandon bad habits, such as smoking, overeating, computer games, frequent pastime in front of the TV.The nature of nutrition is extremely important, because too much fatty food, saturated with carbohydrates, causes weakness and a desire to rest. The diet should be balanced so that the food contained a large number of vitamins and fiber. Such food does not cause gravity in the stomach, it is quickly digested and promotes vigor.

It is important to know the main consequence of hypodynamia - changes in muscles.

In cases where work activity involves limiting physical activity of a person, it is necessary to organize a working day so that before and after work there was time to exercise, for example, you can get up a little earlier and jog, and in the evening book for yoga or gymnastics classes. Even simple evening walking will help maintain the body in normal physical condition. For this you can, for example, refuse to use transport and get from work on foot.

If the house has dumbbells, then this is a great way to maintain your muscles in tonus. You can even do it in the evening, watching your favorite TV show.

How to minimize the consequences of hypokinesia and hypodynamia? consequences of hypokinesia and hypodynamia

Sporting as a method of solving the problem

A very positive way to get rid of the disease is swimming, which actively stimulates blood flow, uses all muscle groups, strengthens and hardens the body. It is especially useful to go in for swimming in childhood, because this is the only type of exercise that has no medical contraindications. The risk of injury during swimming is minimal.

Today, cycling is very popular. By bicycle, you can get to the place of work, replacing them with a personal car, as well as make trips to recreation parks, participate in bike rides. This is very interesting, because it helps a person to find friends and expand the circle of communication, and it is very useful, because during a ride on a bicycle the muscles are strengthened, the vessels are trained, the respiratory system is active.

There is a positive change in muscles during training. The consequences of hypodynamia will no longer manifest themselves.

For people suffering from obesity, you can also choose a special program to combat stiffness and excess weight. First, it is necessary to comply with the diet, and secondly, a person should have a desire to cope with their problem, and thirdly, the compulsory physical load must be daily. You can alternate classes in the gym with walking or jogging.

In case of forced physical inactivity, for example after surgery or during illness, masseurs, as well as specialists in physical therapy classes, can come to the rescue.

We have considered the causes and consequences of hypodynamia.