The drug "Tardiferon": instructions for use, description, composition, analogues and reviews

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What do you know about Tardiferon? Instructions for use, the price, composition, indications and analogues of this medication will be presented below. You will also learn about how the medication works, what side effects it causes, whether it has contraindications and what kind of feedback it leaves. tardiffon instruction

Composition, description, shape, packing

The drug "Tardiferon", the instruction of which is enclosed in a cardboard package, is produced in the form of smooth and biconvex tablets of white color, covered with sugar shell.

Active component of this drug is ferrous sulfate. It also contains additional components in the form of ascorbic acid, potato starch, mucoproteosis( anhydrous), magnesium trisilicate, methacrylic acid, triethyl citrate, methacrylate copolymer( Eudragita S), magnesium stearate, povidone, castor hydrogenated oil and talc.

Also this product can be purchased in the form of a dragee with a prolonged effect.

In the sale this medicine comes in blisters, which are placed in a pack of cardboard.

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Pharmacology Drugs

What is a tool like Tardiferon? The instruction informs, that it is a stimulant of a hemopoiesis.

It is not a secret for anyone that iron is the main component of the hemoglobin molecule. This element stimulates hemopoiesis and eliminates all violations of hemopoiesis.

As for ascorbic acid, it allows up to four times to increase the digestibility of iron sulfate. tardifiron user

Features of the drug

What determines the effectiveness of the drug "Tardiferon"?Instruction for use says that this anti-anemic remedy, the effect of which is directly related to the properties of the substances that make up its composition.

When iron salts are used, the deficiency is quickly replenished, which ultimately leads to regression of laboratory and clinical( for example, weakness, dizziness, fatigue, soreness, tachycardia and dry skin) signs of anemia.

Mucoproteosis, which is a part of the tablets, increases the bioavailability of the drug, ensures its better tolerability and promotes the gradual release of ferrous iron from

. It should be noted that tablets "Tardiferon", the instructions of which are described below, are covered with a special coating that providesabsorption of active substances in the small intestine.

The absence of a local irritant effect on the gastric mucosa promotes the normal tolerability of the medication from the digestive tract.


Where does the absorption of Tardiferon take place? The instruction( the price of the medication is indicated below) states that after taking the pills inside, iron absorption occurs in the 12-finger, and also in the small intestine( in the proximal part).

tardiffon user

The highest concentration of iron ions in the blood is observed after 7 hours and persists throughout the day. The average absorption of the drug is 10-20%.Its absorption is significantly increased if the iron stores in the body are minimal.

The association of the active substance with plasma proteins is 90%.The drug is deposited in the form of hemosiderin or ferritin in phagocytic macrophage cells, and also in the form of myoglobin in muscle tissues( insignificant amount).

Iron is excreted along with urine, feces and sweat. What is the medicine "Tardiferon" for? Instruction for use informs that this is a combined remedy, which is quite often used for the treatment and prevention of iron deficiency anemias, caused by the following reasons:

  • irregular and malnutrition;
  • prolonged and profuse bleeding;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Is it possible to take Tardiferon alone? Instructions, reviews say that this medication has a large number of contraindications. Therefore, before taking pills, you should consult a doctor and take a test.

tardiffon instruction price

The tool should not be used with:

  • elevated iron content in the body( hemochromatosis, hemosiderosis);
  • anemia, which is not associated with iron deficiency( thalassemia, aplastic and hemolytic anemia, megaloblastic anemia associated with an isolated vitamin B12 deficiency);
  • esophageal stenosis, acute bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract, intestinal obstruction and obstructive changes in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • fructose intolerance, invertase / isomaltase deficiency, impaired glucose and galactose absorption;
  • disturbed mechanism of iron utilization( anemia caused by lead poisoning, sidero-hrstatic anemia);
  • in childhood( up to 6 years);
  • hypersensitivity to drug substances.

With special care, this medication is prescribed for alcoholism, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney failure( or hepatic), peptic ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract.

The drug "Tardiferon": instructions for use

The price of this remedy is not very high. Therefore, many patients buy this particular drug.

Adults and children older than 6 years of tablets are administered orally before meals or during consumption of food. The drug is not chewed, but simply washed down with plain water. For the treatment of children from 6 years, use 1 tablet a day.

As for adults and children over 10 years of age, they are prescribed 1-2 tablets per day.

For preventive purposes, during pregnancy, women are advised to take one tablet a day a day during the last 2 trimesters of pregnancy. gyno tardyferon user

Adult patients should use the drug until the iron reserve in their body is restored. The dose for the fairer sex is 600 mg, and for the strong - 1200 mg.

The presence of iron deficiency anemia requires taking the drug for 3-6 months.

Side effects of

Adverse reactions to the background of taking the drug in question are extremely rare. It is possible to develop allergies, especially in diseases that cause violations of absorption and excretion of iron.

The following undesirable effects from the gastrointestinal tract have also been recorded:

  • loss of appetite;
  • feeling of nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • constipation.

Cost and similar remedies

You can replace the medication in question with drugs with similar effects. They include such drugs as "Hemofer prolongatum", "Ferrogradumet", "Sorbifer Durules", "Gino-Tardiferon".Instructions for the use of these funds are also enclosed in a cardboard box. Before replacing them, "Tardiferon" should always consult a doctor.

As for the price, the tablets under consideration are not very high. You can buy them in the amount of 30 pieces for 120-150 rubles.

tardiffon instruction reviews

Reviews about the iron

Now you know how to use the drug "Tardiferon".The instruction of this medication has been described in detail above.

Patients claim that this is a very effective drug that restores hemoglobin levels after the first course of treatment. Its main advantage is that it does not cause side effects.

Also about tablets "Tardiferon" very often put off their reviews of pregnant women. They say that this medication effectively cope with the task.