Facial arc in dentistry: description, application, types and reviews

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Restoration of the chewing function aims not only to replace the teeth that have collapsed, but also to recreate the correct trajectory of the movement of the lower jaw.

The direction of movement of the jaw is individual and depends directly on the anatomy of the crowns, as well as the structure of the temporomandibular joints. Ensure the correctness of the indicator can set the front arch. It is difficult to imagine modern dentistry without this device.

Facing arc installation

What is it?

Facial arc is a device that is used to transfer the model of the jaw from gypsum to the inter-frame space with respect to the axis of its opening, taking into account the orientation of the tooth row with respect to the skull and mandibular condyles. The articulator is a device that reproduces the movement of the lower jaw.

The front arch is a U-shaped metal plate that is attached to the ears or temporomandibular joints by means of special stops. Also, the device is attached to the nose bridge using a nasal stop.

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The part that is attached to the teeth is called a "bite fork".It is attached to the facial arch by means of a three-dimensional retainer.

The principle of operation of devices has much in common with the function of brackets. The facial arch provides a certain pressure on the teeth, so that they take a natural location.

Versions of structures

Such a device, as a face arc, the price of which depends on the type of construction and the manufacturer, can be of three types:

  • with a locking device in the neck;
  • with fixing device in the head area;
  • with a fixing device in the neck and head.

Face arc price

Installing the

tool The installation of the front arch is possible in a single position. By means of this property, a unified application of the apparatus and the stability of the final result are achieved.

The bite fork in conjunction with the impression mass registrar is located in the oral cavity and is pressed against the dentition of the upper jaw or simply to the gums, if there are no teeth.

After this manipulation, the bite fork and the face arc tightly close together. Then the device is removed from the patient's mouth and ears. Transitive construction with a bite fork is passed to the dental technician along with the impressions.

The application of the face arch ensures correct orientation and trajectory of movement of the patient's jaws.

Overlapping of the facial arch

The main advantages of the device

The advantages of the articulatory arc include:

  • reduction in the number of visits to a prosthetic physician for the installation of a prosthesis( it takes much less time to fit the design);
  • convenience and comfort of the finished prosthesis;
  • reduction of the period of habituation to the prosthesis;
  • rapid and effective recovery of chewing function;
  • rational distribution of the load on the dental line, which increases the duration of the prosthesis, as well as supporting molars and implants;
  • providing an aesthetic location of the front teeth with respect to the eyes, nose and lips;
  • high level of aesthetics of the patient's smile;
  • providing the possibility of checking and straightening the sides, axes and inclination of teeth and bumps with respect to movement in the joint along the lateral and incisal direction.

What can lead to wrong orthopedic treatment?

With incorrectly performed orthopedic therapy without taking into account the peculiarities of the arrangement of the rows of teeth, the temporomandibular joint structure changes.

This may lead to the development of:

  • arthrosis;
  • of migraine;
  • discomfort when opening the mouth.

Therefore, the task of the dentist-orthopedist and dental technician is not only to recreate the correct form of the crown, but also to preserve the functionality of the temporomandibular joint.

The ability to ensure the correct position of the tooth in the arc is provided by the technique of using the front arch and the individually selected articulator.

The use of the facial arch in the field of orthopedics

In orthopedics, the face arc is used in the following cases:

  • for setting the state of the upper and lower jaw relative to the bones of the skull;
  • for transferring the position of the upper jaw and the rotational axis of the lower to the articulator;
  • for determining the rotational axis of the condyle;
  • for bite marking by means of a mass of silicone or thermoplastic material.

After the measurements are taken, the face arc is removed and the data is transferred to the articulator. This device provides the opportunity to imitate the direction of the lower jaw.

Facing Arc

Use of the device in orthodontics

The face arch in the area of ​​orthodontics is a device that is used to free space in the dentition by moving the teeth back.

In orthodontics, the device is used in the following cases:

  • to ensure the correct location of the chewing molars after removal of the crowded teeth;
  • with strong crowding of teeth, located in front;
  • to prevent early movement of the lateral teeth forward when correcting the position of the teeth of the front row;
  • for correction of jaws during their formation in adolescence;
  • for correction of occlusion and improvement of the process of teeth alignment.

Recommendations for patients using the facial arc

If a patient needs to wear a facial arch to eliminate any pathological process, he must adhere to certain rules for using this device:

  • In almost any case, the device is worn for up to 12 hours a day. To correct the bite, you need to wear the device up to 14 hours a day.
  • When wearing the device every six months, you should visit the dentist's office to sanitize the oral cavity.
  • In the presence of tissue diseases near the teeth, the facial arch is established only after consultation with the periodontist.
  • Before installation, it is absolutely necessary to eliminate all existing defects in the enamel, chips, and also to check the integrity of the seals and crowns.
  • If you have allergies, the patient needs a complete examination with an allergist.
  • To eliminate the pathology of the lower jaw, the treatment of the orthodontist is inadequate. To the therapy, a dental surgeon must be connected.
  • The duration of treatment with a device such as a dental articulator with a facial arch is from several months to a year, depending on the complexity of the disorder.
  • If you notice such unpleasant symptoms as bleeding and swelling of the gums when using the device, you should immediately consult a dentist. The doctor will correct the pressure of the structure.
  • The device is not used in active occupations, as it can cause serious personal injury. Particular attention is paid to the outside of the device. It is recommended to wear a facial arc in a dream, while reading or watching TV.In particular, this recommendation applies to children, since they can injure a person in sudden movements.

Articulator dental with facial arch

  • The most secure devices include neck structures. In the presence of a number of indications, it is necessary to wear a device with a head mount. In this case, great care is needed. Such devices are especially dangerous during sleep, as they can easily come off and cause injury to the person. To avoid an accident, it is advised to sleep solely on the back, first checking the reliability of the structure. So the probability of injury will be reduced to a minimum.

If you follow all the precautions, then wearing the facial arch will be absolutely safe and allow for a short time to achieve a high level of efficiency in the area of ​​teeth alignment and correcting an incorrect bite.

Effective model: articulating arc Asa Dental 5032

The articulator with a face arc, the price for which is 22 900 rubles, is an ergonomic solid aluminum construction from the Italian manufacturer. The product is presented complete with bite forks and a table.

What is the advantage of the Asa Dental device? The facial arch makes it possible to arrange the model of the upper and lower jaw in an individual order.

Asa Dental Facial Arc

Which indicators influence the cost of the device?

The design price is affected by the following indicators:

  • type of locking device: head or neck;
  • oral condition of the patient;
  • the age of the patient.

How much does it cost to install such a device as a dental articulator with a facial arc? The price is determined after a careful examination of the patient and the study of pictures taken with the help of X-rays.

The orthodontic facial arch is versatile, but requires an additional fit. Before installing the orthodontic arch, a panoramic image of the oral cavity and an x-ray of both jaws are performed.

The price for the front arch is different for children and adults. On average, the cost of treatment with a facial arch is between 2,500 and 9,000 rubles.

Articulator dental with facial arch


The articulator and facial arch in dentistry are inherent attributes. The devices help to correct orthodontic deficiencies, and also to produce individual orthopedic constructions.