How to quit smoking? Can I smoke during pregnancy?

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Women have fought for so long and seriously for equal rights with men that they seem to have forgotten that they are still women. Ladies lead, fight, engage in power sports and smoke on a par with representatives of the stronger sex. But you can not deceive nature, and a woman may be much like a man, but there is one fundamental difference: she is a future mother who must bear and give birth to a child. So, with some habits will have to part!

Today we will talk about whether it is possible to smoke during pregnancy, and how to deal with this habit, won in the struggle for equality. Can I smoke during pregnancy?

Once again about the dangers of smoking

Smokers who are pregnant often motivate their slowness in refusing a bad habit by the fact that for them the attempt to not smoke will become stress. And he, they say, in turn will hurt the baby. But this is Jesuitism! Think about whether it is possible to smoke during pregnancy, being afraid to give up this occupation for fictitious reasons, if the baby experiences a real, everyday, many times repeated oxygen starvation, which is satisfied by an unlucky mother, without letting the fetus develop normally!

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It is her selfishness that can lead eventually to the fact that the baby is born with a low body weight( the fault is the same starvation that inhibits the development of the fetus) or in general prematurely. And Mom herself earns at this time early toxicosis, gestosis, varicose veins, constipation, dizziness and, most serious, the threat of miscarriage.

As doctors come to the rescue

Of course, waiting for the child of women in such situations come to the rescue and some doctors who say that quitting smoking, especially for those who smoke a day more than ten cigarettes - is a blow to the body. That's great! Means, that at pregnancy it is possible to smoke, time it is blow? Yes, a blow if you perceive an attempt to quit smoking as a trampling of your interests, but try to remember one more person!

If you are a strong-minded person, try in the first days to thoroughly reduce the dose of cigarettes, and they do not do it to the end. At the same time, remember what is happening now with your baby. And, most likely, in a few days you will not be able to smoke at all.

And those who smoke infrequently, and do not need such "farewell" procedures. Whence such sharp statement, you will understand, having read all material. during pregnancy you can smoke

Is there a nicotine addiction?

Whatever you say about the dangers of smoking medics and just knowing people, you listen, agree and nervously look for the started pack. Why is this happening? How to quit smoking? Is there really that nicotine addiction? Maybe yes. But immediately we will make a reservation that it is present for those who smoke cigars or a pipe. And ordinary consumers of inexpensive cigarettes, fortunately, do not produce it. Why? And in cigarettes that you smoke, almost no tobacco!

And this is no secret. They are made half from paper, and the second part - scraps from tobacco leaves, from which they make cigars. In order not to throw waste, they are processed, pressed and sent to us. And here they are treated again and stored in tar in the form of tar. This stuff, consisting only of chemicals and paper, is filled with cigarettes. abruptly quit smoking during pregnancy

Where does the desire to smoke come from?

According to psychologists, every smoker has, in the first place, a dependence on the ritual, from a nasty habit, when at the moment of excitement or rest you need to keep something in your mouth - like a baby's nipple. It soothes and helps to gather. But seriously thinking about how to quit smoking during pregnancy, you will understand that this action can be successfully replaced by any other, and you have no dependence on cigarettes! Do you need a ritual? So create it! And you do not have dependence, and this means that you can safely quit smoking. as with pregnancy quit smoking

A few parting words for pregnant women who quit smoking

Remember, you do not force yourself to quit smoking suddenly during pregnancy. Simply, you learned about your "interesting situation" and look forward to a strong and healthy buduza, and this, only this thought now occupies your head!

Do not think of any "red" day of the calendar. Do not say: "I quit on Monday, no, from the first day, no, since the Children's Day."This is pretense, and so you are just looking for yourself the opportunity to delay the process, trying to find an excuse.

And no solemn vows! Majestic crumpled packs or broken cigarettes - this is a drawing before the public and nothing more. The quieter the beginning of a healthy life, the sooner it will become your norm.

And most importantly, remember, you were already guilty before your baby. You are now sitting and letting smelly smoke, and he is gasping at the same time, he does not have enough oxygen! But you are enjoying, doing the ritual, do you need to think about a defenseless being completely given to your power. Well, how? Do you like this layout? why not smoke during pregnancy

A few more tips, like during pregnancy, quit smoking

Help yourself - do everything to bring it to the end. To "accidentally" change your mind, create favorable conditions for yourself that will prevent it. Go, for example, to visit your mother or mother-in-law. They will not let you smoke! But care will be comprehensive. Or lie down in the hospital for preservation. There, too, not very much you will smoke.

Having well understood why it is impossible to smoke during pregnancy, try replacing the ritual of smoking with another, less harmful. You can always come up with something in return: throw a lollipop or chewing gum into your mouth as soon as your hands look for a pack of cigarettes. Click the nuts, peel the seeds, gnaw apples. All that you want your soul, and still not alone now.

It turns out that the world smells great!

You will definitely leave your unnecessary ritual and discover a lot of interesting things: wonderful delicate smells that you have not heard because of the constantly stuffed with tar of the airways, amazing taste sensations lost with the first cigarettes smoked. And then there will be an exhausting cough with which you looked like an old woman, a terrible smell from the mouth and yellowness on your fingers. Imagine how many changes are waiting for you right after solving the question of how to quit smoking during pregnancy? Good luck to you! Willpower and a healthy strong kid! He will thank you.