What drugs for potency are better, natural or artificial?

Weakened potency is associated with diseases that have little to do with colds. Usually these are some kind of destructive processes. To get rid of them in a few days will not work. Requires a long reception of drugs. Which ones? The choice is not great. Or funds are recognized as official medicine, or alternative methods of treatment are used. Let's consider in more detail

Viagra is a salvation or a curse?

Viagra tablets is the most popular drug known all over the world. Therefore, we propose to take it as an example of a chemical agent. The main advantage - before reaching the market, the products have passed the necessary laboratory research. Many believe that different tablets appear on the shelves of pharmacies literally from the air. This is not true. For some primitive analgin, years of research are worthwhile.

Antibiotics and other complex drugs undergo longer training. Sometimes tests are delayed for 10-15 years. In fact, Viagra tablets are studied from and to the product. Experts know about all the subtleties that accompany treatment. Not surprisingly, contraindications and side effects have been identified. Established categories of patients who can not take the medicine.

From Viagra you know what to expect. Before you buy Viagra tablets, you should know that taking the drug under certain conditions and under the supervision of a doctor is absolutely safe. The main thing is to follow the instructions clearly. Otherwise, pills from salvation from sexual impotence will turn into a curse. There is a risk of a potency and not recover, but to acquire a lot of other dangerous diseases. Both physical and mental.

Herbs and roots - will it stay healthy?

Preparations from natural components are often presented with bioadditives. As an option, there are grandfather ways. If natural supplements are usually made in the form of tablets or capsules, in the second case they use those same herbs and roots. Do any additives and folk methods have any effect? Hard to tell. Not because of the danger to health, but because of the lack of adequate research.

Official medicine for some reason is extremely negative when it comes to alternative means. The reason is not very clear. What do you think, what did our ancestors treat diseases? Correctly, a variety of roots and weeds. They had no choice. Some "preparations" did a good job. Today many people have forgotten. It is more profitable to stamp chemistry than to apply to nature.

The situation is not very good. The market of bioadditives almost no one controls. Each manufacturer makes products in its own way. No rigid standards, as in the manufacture of Viagra tablets, no. With the grandfather's methods even worse. If the additives are at least somehow watched by government agencies, there is no control there.

Imagine this situation. A person who has difficulties with potency, finds on the Internet a magic recipe, which supposedly makes the sexual system work as expected. Let's say it is based on a hot compress. The reality is that in this case it is impossible to warm a sore spot, since such actions will lead to severe complications.

Perhaps the example is pulled by the ears. It is important that you understand the main point - self-medication leads to disastrous consequences. This is constantly spoken by doctors. For some reason, very few people listen to them. Is it really necessary to discard the natural preparations for potency or folk remedies? No. Care must be taken to select them carefully. Unlike tablets of Viagra, it is not known what to expect from rootlets or plants.

For information to be better fixed in the mind, let's give one more example. A lot of experts advise to eat for weight loss cauliflower. There is nothing bad in it. Think about what will happen to you if you eat only cabbage for six months? Will there be diseases that are difficult to get rid of? Will you be a normal person or become an invalid?

In this lies a considerable danger of all sorts of magic herbs or additives. You start taking them regularly, you see noticeable improvements. Over time, the product becomes almost a seasoning for food. You think, since it is of organic origin, there is no threat to health. You are mistaken! Simply, it will manifest much later than complications due to improper use of Viagra.

Do not forget about the psychological help of

Drug administration provides a short-term effect. Ask any specialist, he will confirm that the problems with potency often lie not only in physiological, but also in psychological problems. An adequate result can be achieved only with complex treatment, when on one hand the prescribed agent acts on the body, and on the other the doctor helps.

You can further drink tablets or natural dietary supplements , rejoicing for a short-term improvement in well-being. Then do not be surprised that the reproductive system has not restored normal functioning. Where does he come from if the appropriate psychological attitudes are not given? Eliminating the difficulties that arise with some medicines will not do anything. Repeat, make it worse.

Sometimes drugs are not something that is not needed, but their effect on recovery is minimal. But identifying the psychological cause of weakening the potency can eliminate all problems. Do not be tempted by the millions of men who are engaged in self-treatment of the reproductive system. Lost because of the use of Viagra pills or natural supplements, health can be very difficult to return.

Which preparations for the potency of are better?

Prescribed by your doctor! Alternatives can not be here.