Preparation "Curcumin" from "Evalar": reviews, description, instructions for use, contraindications

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Curcumin is a dye of natural origin, which can be found in the roots and leaves of the turmeric plant from the ginger family. It is extracted by extracting the extract in powder form from the roots with petroleum ether or alcohol. It is curcumin that gives a smell and a special taste of the famous seasoning. The taste is bitter and slightly burning, the smell resembles camphor. In water, the substance is practically insoluble, so it is most often used in alcohol solutions. The exposure to direct sunlight and alkali destroys the coloring properties. Reviews about "Curcumin" from "Evalar" will be considered below. curcumin score

The healing properties of

Recent studies have scientifically proven that it is not only a dye, but also a substance with therapeutic properties. In China, it is used in the field of medicine as a tonic, stimulant, hemostatic and anesthetic substance. The composition of "Curcumin" from "Evalar" is of interest to many.

Regular reception provides an increase in the body's concentration of cathelicidin. This substance is a protein that exerts an antimicrobial effect on the body, contributing to the destruction of fungi, viruses and bacteria even after the first application of "Kurkumin."Undoubtedly useful is its use in cholelithiasis, ulcers, gastritis and migraines.

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This confirms the instructions for use to "Curcumin" from "Evalar".

Daily dosage of

Experts believe that the daily dosage should be calculated based on body weight( 100 mg of powder per kilogram of weight).Thus, a person weighing 70 kilograms should eat about 7 grams. curcumin treatment instruction

Curcumin acts on the body at the molecular level, leveling the balance of enzymes that contribute to the removal of inflammation and tissue regeneration. The natural dye stimulates the increased production of collagen, creating new blood vessels of the circulatory system. For this reason, scientists are inclined to argue that regular reception can become a complete analogue of medicines, and in some cases, remove a diagnosis that requires prompt intervention. The description of "Curcumin" from "Evalar" can be found in the annotation.

Researches of

scientists Polish and Irish scientists conducted a study, the results of which turned out to be shocking. They found out that curcumin is capable of damagingly affecting malignant cancer cells in the esophagus and stomach. Within a day after application, the substance showed increased activity to cancer cells, after which the pathogenic microorganisms began to self-destruct. Such incredible discoveries give hope to scientists around the world to create a drug based on it, which will be used to treat oncological diseases of the esophagus and stomach.

The growth of a malignant tumor is slowed by curcumin by 60%.The substance is also active against cancer cells in the lacteal, prostate and pancreas.

Among other things, it increases the rate of metabolic processes in the body and resists the harmful effects of pesticides. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-arthritic effects. It normalizes blood pressure, relieves pain and inflammation in arthrosis and rheumatism, inhibits the development of vascular atherosclerosis. Useful properties of "Curcumin" from "Evalar" are known to many. curcumin eulare contraindications

Strongly acting antibiotic

It is also a potent antibiotic. Its molecules are able to create a protective field that resists infections of various genesis. Getting into the cell membrane, the molecules of curcumin order the cells, increasing their protective qualities, giving the opportunity to resist the harmful microflora.

The use of curcumin in capsules on a regular basis reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, has a suppressive effect on the adhesion of platelets and stops the process of oxidation of blood lipids. It also has a fat burning effect by cupping the synthesis of fatty acids and forcing their oxidation process.

The substance is certainly useful in vascular and cardiac pathologies. When hypertension is able to lower blood pressure. Another positive effect of the dye is its ability to contract the gallbladder.

Not so long ago, the Russian company "Evalar" brought to the market of biologically active additives the preparation "Curcumin" in the form of capsules for ingestion. The substance in this preparation is absorbed much more efficiently than the spice used in its pure form. Reviews about "Curcumin" from "Evalar" are in abundance.


Is a mono-preparation that consists of 93% extract of the same substance and such auxiliary components as gelatin, glycerin and emulsifier of vegetable origin. Thus, each capsule contains 40 mg of curcumin, which is practically the fullest minimum possible daily dosage. The maximum daily dosage can be very high, but the optimal intake of three capsules per day is considered. curcumin weight formulation

Properties of the preparation

The drug is formulated in a water-soluble form, which is easily absorbed by the body and provides the following curative effects:

  1. Enhancement of the immune properties of the body.
  2. Antibacterial action.
  3. Antiviral and antifungal action.
  4. Increase of resistant qualities of the organism in relation to pathogens of acute respiratory infections, influenza and colds.
  5. Anti-inflammatory effect.
  6. Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease.
  7. Increase of working capacity of cerebral vessels.
  8. Prevention of arthritis and relief of joint pain.
  9. Increased testosterone production in males.
  10. Cleansing of the liver and gallbladder.
  11. In the complex therapy against cancer of the esophagus and stomach.
  12. Strengthening of the cardiovascular system of the body. This points to the "Curcumin" from the "Evalar" instructions for use.

It takes 1-3 capsules a day before meals. It is not recommended for children under the age of 14 years. Take the necessary course for at least a month, repeat therapy can be carried out with a break. how much does curcumin weight


"Curcumin" from "Evalar" is contraindicated if you have an individual sensitivity to the active substance of the drug. It is forbidden to take it during pregnancy and lactation.

The drug is of great benefit to the body and its high efficacy is a proven fact, it is virtually non-toxic and does not cause side effects.


According to reviews to "Curcumin" from "Evalar", when exceeding the daily dosage of 8 grams, 30% of the subjects showed mild signs of an overdose in the form:

  1. Nausea.
  2. Diarrhea.
  3. Headache.
  4. Rashes.
  5. The chairs are yellow.

Unfortunately, there are no results of studies to evaluate the effect of prolonged use of the drug. Therefore, it can be produced only in the form of a biologically active additive. However, this does not prevent us from applying it quite widely in Ayurvedic medicine. curcumin enhancer useful properties

About manufacturer

Manufacturer of "Curcumin" "Evalar" started its activity in 1991.The company specializes in the production of biologically active additives. However, initially the company was engaged in the development and manufacture of decorative cosmetics. Only three years later, the company retrained and took up its niche in the production of a wide range of drugs. The most popular means to date are dietary supplements "Turboslim" for weight loss. However, the company is constantly expanding its range of new products and at the moment the product catalog has more than 200 items.

The company is constantly criticized in the media and the Internet. The most often outraged users is the lack of information about the proven effectiveness of the company's products. Studies are not done, and most often, "Evalar" refers to the development data of other companies. No less disputes and discussions occur on the topic of the fact that the company in advertising often presents its biologically active additives as a medicine. Among other things, packaging, as well as instructions, often do not contain reliable information on the amount of active ingredient in dietary supplements. Misleading customers of the company release of certain names in the form of biologically active additives and medicines.

In 2006, "Evalar" was found guilty in the case of unfair competition, and deprived of the right to uniqueness of the name "Red Root".In 2009, a large number of violations of hygiene norms and rules were revealed. The content of the information in the instructions of some products did not correspond to the information provided in the certificate. The same applies to the amount of active ingredient, in particular, in the biologically active additive "Blueberry Fort" the amount of zinc was understated.

Advertising of the company's products has also repeatedly raised questions with the antimonopoly service. Many drugs in advertising were called medicines, thus deceiving consumers. In some advertising campaigns it was openly stated that the presented dietary supplements from "Evalar" are more effective than similar medicines, which can not be confirmed, as there are no reliable studies of the product. In some commercials, there was an incorrect comparison of dietary supplements with similar products of competing firms. curcumin escalar description

"Curcumin" from "Evalar" - reviews of

The drug was launched in production relatively recently. There are hardly any comments on its application. However, the presence of positive comments on the use of turmeric for medical purposes is quite a lot, which inspires confidence in the drug company. Many really confirm the generally restorative and tonic effect of this spice, and accordingly the substance in it entering. In most cases, curcumin treatment involves those who are keen on Ayurvedic medicine and Indian culture. In any case, the confidence in the products of the company "Evalar" is the business of each individual consumer. Of the shortcomings of drugs based on curcumin, almost all allocate its high cost, although the manufacturer offers a price several times cheaper than foreign counterparts. The only question is, does the "Curcumin" content correspond to the dosage necessary for effective exposure to the human body? However, no convincing studies have been carried out on this subject, and it is hardly advisable to test the effectiveness of such an expensive drug by practical means.

How much does "Curcumin" cost from "Evalar"?

The drug is quite expensive. For the packaging will have to pay 1100-1200 rubles. It depends on where you buy it.