Ramenskaya stomatologic polyclinic: reviews and address

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Ramen Dental Clinic - is a well-known municipal institution located in the Moscow Region. It is famous for a large list of dental services, many of which do not require payment from certain segments of the population. More about this clinic we speak next.

Ramenskoye Dental Clinic

Where is the clinic?

There is a Ramenskaya stomatologic polyclinic in the city of Ramenskoye, Moscow Region. Find this medical institution is not difficult, since it is located almost in the very center of the city. When searching for it as a guide, pay attention to the nearby railway station and bus station.

Ramenskaya stomatologic polyclinic operates( its address is: Railroad Ave, 5) daily from 8 am to 8 pm. On Saturday and Sunday, dentistry is open from 8am to 1pm. Reception of citizens is carried out without breaks and days off. The exception is the city and state holidays.

Ramenskoye dental polyclinic electronic registry

General information about the

clinic The Ramenskoye dental clinic has been operating in the region for a long time. Its tasks include ambulatory polyclinic and medical care for citizens residing in the suburban and rural areas. Serving in this municipal institution is mainly adult residents and pensioners.

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At present, the clinic provides orthopedic, surgical, therapeutic, orthopedic services to the population. Specialists of dentistry perform planned examinations, solve the problem of filling and cleaning channels, install implants and make prostheses according to individual sizes.

Ramenskoye dental clinic reviews

Which departments work on the basis of dentistry?

The following departments function in the clinic:

  • Therapeutic.
  • Surgical.
  • Orthopedic.
  • Orthodontic.
  • Child.

All these departments have a dental focus. For example, therapists-dentists help to examine a caries-affected tooth. They are engaged in its treatment and possible restoration. And during the treatment they use seals of domestic and foreign production.

According to the stories of many users, the first one can be installed for free, but for the second one you will have to pay out a certain amount of money. True, this amount is not so great( if you compare it with similar clinics).

Orthopedic specialists perform prosthetics and installation of implants, permanent and removable bridges. They eliminate problems with defects in teeth by installing crowns of cermets or metal plastic.

Ramenskoye Dental Clinic Address

What other rooms are there at the clinic?

The modern radiology room is based on the clinic. It is here that the equipment is installed capable of performing a survey radiography of the facial, temporal and maxillary areas. On the territory of dentistry there is also operating and sterilization, which is necessary for the full-scale processing of medical instruments. The dental laboratory also operates here.

A few words about the cost of

services As the Ramenskoye dental clinic is partly state-owned, most of the services that it offers are provided at no cost. But provided that the patient has an appropriate policy of compulsory health insurance. Also, certain benefits are given to holders of a pension certificate and representatives of other unprotected strata of the population.

What is the principle of accepting citizens?

Admission of patients wishing to visit this hospital is carried out by appointment. It is carried out in the registry of dentistry. In this case, patients with acute dental pain are served without queue and recording.

However, according to many clients of the clinic, enrolling in the hospital registry is rather difficult. For this, it is necessary to arrive long before its official opening. This approach to the problem will allow you to partially get rid of standing in the queue and significantly increase your chances of getting a coupon.

For pre-registration, each patient must have:

  • Health insurance policy.
  • Civil passport.
  • Original birth certificate( when visiting the children's department).

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Ramenskaya dental clinic: "Electronic registry"

Since recently, the "electronic registry" has been earned in the dental clinic of Ramensky municipal district. This service, implemented with the support of the main department of the Moscow region, allows you to make a record to specialists in a remote mode. In particular, you can do this in one of the following ways:

  • Via the Internet.
  • Using your phone.
  • Via the menu of special information kiosks.

When registering through information kiosks in the menu of electronic services, it is necessary to select the tab "Ramenskaya stomatologic polyclinic".How to get to this organization, you already know. We remind you that you need to get to the bus station or railway station. Therefore, after completing the registration, you will only have to get a coupon and come to the clinic on the specified date and time.

How to enroll in the clinic via the Internet?

To record in online mode, you must perform the following actions:

  • Go to the portal of state and municipal services of the Moscow region.
  • Register and pass a simple verification with confirmation of your email address( for quick authorization it is necessary to indicate the number of your medical policy).
  • Choose from the menu "All services".
  • Find and go to the card with the words "Electronic pre-recording".
  • Press the "Register" button.
  • Select the time and confirm the entry.
  • Receive a special electronic ticket to the e-mail address specified at registration.

That's the way an electronic record is going to an organization like Ramenskaya dental clinic( you'll find reviews about it in this article).

What kind of feedback can you hear about the clinic?

About this dentistry you can hear a variety of reviews. For example, many users are quite happy with the possibility of a remote recording to a specialist. Others complain that this system is underdeveloped, as there is no coherence between the site of the registrar and the clinic itself.

Basically, most citizens respond positively to the quality of the services provided by the clinic. But there are rare exceptions.