Diarrhea in a child. Treatment and prevention

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When we, adults, suffer from diarrhea, this is a common occurrence for us and no special treatment is required in most cases, but when diarrhea in a child, treatment should be carefully thought through and discussed with the doctor so that their actions can not be made worse.

Diarrhea in a child should be determined not by how often it defecates, but by what type of stool the child has.

If the child is small, the most common causes of diarrhea are gastrointestinal infections, food intolerance, a cold or a reaction to taking antibiotics.

Dehydration is a cause for excitement

Many diseases that are associated with diarrhea are not serious, but can be very annoying. What is needed to cure such diarrhea? At the child treatment can consist in reception of a considerable quantity of a liquid and insignificant change of a food allowance. This is due to the fact that the main danger of diarrhea is dehydration of the body. After all, there is a balance of salts and water in the child's body. This balance regulates the kidneys and intestines. With diarrhea this balance is broken and as a result all organs begin to lose water. If diarrhea is accompanied by vomiting, the risk of dehydration increases even more.

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Signs of dehydration in the child:
• weight loss of 5 to 10 percent;
• the child is quieter than usual or irritated;
• dry mouth;
• a fontanel can fall in children under one year;
• urination less common than usual;
• dry and pale skin;
• urine has a dark yellow color.

How to cure diarrhea in a child

1. First you need to determine the very cause of diarrhea. It is worth thinking about, maybe some changes have recently occurred in your child's diet. So, you could introduce a lure, or start giving the baby cow's milk, or give the child a try to juice and forget to breed it. Pay attention to the child's chair, if it is liquid, but without blood and mucus, and the ring around the anal entrance is red, which means that the child simply has an intolerance to some product that you recently injected. Try to return to the food habitual for the child and thus stop diarrhea in the child. Treatment in this situation is not required. If the chair did not return to normal within a week, but the temperature and malaise also appeared, then proceed further.

2. In order to determine the severity of child dehydration, you need to weigh it for several days. If a child does not lose weight, then it is not worth worrying about. And you can do without the help of a doctor. If the weight of the child is getting smaller every day, then we must begin to worry.

3. Diarrhea in a child, 1 year old. It is always more difficult for young children to choose a cure, so first try to do everything possible without the use of medication. Try to exclude from the diet of the baby irritating food, stop giving him solid food, do not give any milk, except for breast milk. It is necessary to exclude all dairy products, fatty foods and juices. If diarrhea becomes stronger, then it is advisable to completely exclude all food except your milk.

4. If all the above methods failed to eliminate diarrhea in a child, you will simply need treatment with a specialist.

5. After the doctor prescribed treatment, you need to gradually move to normal diet. It is better to feed the child with the usual foods often, but in small portions. If, after you have returned to "solid" food, the child again has diarrhea, then the baby's organism is simply not yet ready to perceive this food and you should wait a little.

What not to do with diarrhea in infants?

Do not give up breastfeeding. Because mom's milk does not have any irritating effect, but rather produce a therapeutic effect, because it can in this situation be the only meal that the crumb suffers.

You do not need to give the baby juice. Juices can contain sorbitol - this is sugar, which is characteristic of what is not digested by the intestine and absorbs water from its mucous membrane, and then turns it into a stool, which leads to increased diarrhea. That is why plum juice is considered laxative. With the use of such juice as apple, pear, cherry, the child may also have pain in the abdomen.

Therefore, if you find diarrhea in a child, treatment should be done very carefully, and it is better to consult your doctor( especially if the child is very small).