Kwamatel: instructions for use

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"Kwamatel" refers to a group of drugs that block histamine H2 receptors. It is also an antiulcer.

"Kwamatel": description of the form of release.

The drug is available in the form of tablets and a solution for intravenous administration. Tablets come with a shell of two colors: pink and dark pink. The difference is in how much "Famotidine" is contained in them( the active substance in this preparation).In tablets of pink color - 20 mg, and in dark pink - 40 mg.

The solution has a transparent color.

The drug "Kwamatel" is given intravenously only in extremely severe cases, or if it can not be taken orally. It should be noted that with this method of use, the patient must necessarily be on inpatient treatment.

At the first opportunity to take orally, it is immediately used.

The preparation "Kwamatel".Instruction: indications.

This product is intended for use in the following cases:

• the patient has ulcers in the duodenum;

• the patient has ulcers in the stomach( especially if they are in an exacerbation phase);

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• for prevention, in order to avoid relapse;

• for the treatment of symptomatic ulcers in the stomach;

• if the patient has erosive gastroduodenitis;

• with increased secretory function in the stomach;

• the patient has reflux esophagitis;

• with Zollinger-Ellison syndrome;

• for the prevention of recurrences of various bleedings in the gastrointestinal tract;

• with Mendelssohn syndrome.

The preparation "Kwamatel".Instruction: contraindications.

As with any other medical product, so it has its own contraindications. Before reading, be sure to read the entire list.

"Kwamatel" should be taken only when it was prescribed to you by your doctor.

Contraindications include the following situations:

• lactation period;

• children's age;

• pregnancy;

• individual intolerance to the drug or some of its components;

• an allergic reaction to other histamine receptor blockers.

In addition to contraindications, there are additional warnings. It is not advisable to take the medicine in case of kidney or liver problems. Especially it is impossible to drink this drug with cirrhosis of the liver. This warning is due to the fact that it will be difficult for the body to remove the remnants of the medicine that were not absorbed by it. Over time, it can flow into the poisoning of the body with some components of the drug.

If the drug is extremely necessary, then with problems with the liver, it is prescribed in very small doses.

The preparation "Kwamatel".Instruction: overdose.

If this agent is taken in significant doses, neglecting the recommendations of the attending physician, the following symptoms may occur:

• tremor;

• vomiting;

• reduction of blood pressure;

• motor excitement;

• collapse;

• tachycardia.

If you have such a case, then you need to undergo a course of treatment. There are various options for the withdrawal of this medication from the body:

• hemodialysis;

• maintenance and symptomatic therapy

• gastric lavage.

The preparation "Kwamatel".Instruction: side effects.

This medication has various side effects. But do not be afraid and think that all this will be for you. If you take the medicine strictly according to the doctor's instructions, then you will avoid any harmful consequences.

On the part of the digestive tract, the following side effects are possible:

• nausea;

• dry mouth;

• vomiting;

• flatulence;

• diarrhea;

• constipation;

• decreased appetite;

• pain in the abdomen.

Allergic reactions are possible if the drug is intolerant:

• skin rash;

• bronchospasm;

• urticaria

• itching;

• anaphylactic shock;

Also possible and other consequences:

• dry skin;

• acne vulgaris;

• decreased libido;

• arrhythmia;

• drowsiness;

• increased fatigue.

Do not take this medication if you are not prescribed.