Cleansing enema at home

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Even healthy people from time to time does not interfere with giving their health a little more attention. A small consumption of rough food, fresh fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of fiber, the replacement of clean water with various drinks, leads to the accumulation of "deposits" in the intestine. As a result, his work is failing, provoking the development of various diseases. The cleansing enema acts as a catalyst here: it removes harmful deposits, gases, toxins, providing an opportunity for mucous cells to work, which improves the overall work of the intestines and normalizes the absorption of nutrients from food. This procedure restores lipid metabolism, improves complexion and helps to reduce weight.

Often used cleansing enema for weight loss athletes, show business figures and artists who are always keen on the issue of weight loss. This method is considered the safest way to deal with excess kilograms. After the end of the procedure, after standing on the scales, you can be sure that a few pounds have been dropped. It goes without saying that by moving to a healthy diet, the need to periodically cleanse the intestines is significantly reduced.

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Enema is different: nutritional, medicinal or therapeutic( oily, purifying and siphon).The cleansing enema is put according to a certain technique, according to which the intestines are cleaned in this way for five weeks. It is done this way: in the first week an enema is put daily, and the second one is given every other day, the third one - two days later, the fourth - three days later, the fifth - just once. Usually the last enema is made with the addition of serum from under kefir, which helps restore the microflora in the intestine.

Of course, I do not want to go to the doctors for these procedures, so it remains to find out how to make a cleansing enema at home. A mug of Esmarch is hung on a carnation or on a hook of a hanger, and it is possible and in hands to hold, that on necessity it was possible quickly to lift or lower it. Collecting water in the heating pad, open the heating tap, in order to let the air out of the tube beforehand, and when the water jet starts, close it.

The cleaning of the intestine can be done in the following positions: lying on the left side with the knees pulled up to the stomach, or in the position on the elbows and knees, as well as standing in the palm resting on the knees or simply lying on the back.

A washed and lubricated cream tip is slowly introduced into the anus, and then the heating tap is opened. If the tip is lubricated with petroleum jelly, then it must be kept at all times. Sometimes water does not flow, then either move the tip, or provide more pressure, or see if the hole is hammered.

Cleansing enema should not be painful. Pain is a signal that the bowel is stretched. Then you just need to reduce the pressure of water and wait a little while the water is distributed more evenly, and the painful sensations will pass. The pain does not pass, it means time to finish, even if the entire volume of water is not used. In this case, it is better to do an enema repeatedly, but to do it through force and tolerate pain is impossible.

The best cleansing is obtained if, with the help of abdominal pulling, you can raise water as far as possible into the intestine. If you do this exercise for two to three minutes, water can penetrate even into the colon.

Cleansing enema is best placed with boiled water, preferably at room temperature. If you suffer from constipation, then water is usually used warm. Cold water is not only unpleasant, but also fraught with spasms. Very effective enemas with 6% vinegar, lemon. A liter of water squeezes juice from half an average lemon or a tablespoon of 6% vinegar. The solution is capable of greatly softening even perennial compacted waste.

You can not put enemas if you have acute inflammatory diseases in the anus, as well as tumors in the decay stage, bleeding hemorrhoids, gastric and intestinal bleeding, acute colitis.