Pension "Eden", Sochi: reviews, photos, adress

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Those who like to spend their holidays with benefit not only for the soul, but also for health, have long been familiar with the boarding house "Eden"( Sochi).It was built in 1976, nine years ago it was reconstructed, and in 2010, special attention was paid to luxury rooms and made repairs in them. The entire territory of 10 hectares is fenced, which creates an additional cosiness and gives a sense of security.

However, not always a good boarding house "Eden"( Sochi) reviews. The photos given in the article undoubtedly give pleasant impressions, but what really happens in the walls of this boarding house can be learned from the comments of those who rested in it.


Pension «Edem»( Sochi) is located surrounded by unique vegetation of the dendrological park «Dendrarium».Nearby there is also a parking lot, the Summer Theater, the Circus and the Winter Theater. The beach of the boarding house "Eden"( Sochi) is very clean, it's nice to relax. And from the boarding house to go only forty meters. This is an ecologically clean area, so vacationers often praise the boarding house "Eden"( Sochi), reviews leaving the most positive for the location. Many people like the close neighborhood of the boarding house with the Riviera entertainment park and the Mayak water park.

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Where is the boarding house "Eden"?Sochi, Chernomorskaya, 14( Central district of the city).It is very convenient to get to the airport in Adler( 25 km), to the Sochi railway station( 6 km) and to the center of Sochi( 4 km).Regular buses and fixed-route taxis run regularly from Adler to the boarding house( No. 105-k, 105 and 106).To get to the boarding house from the railway station, you need to take bus number 22, 29, 49, 45, 1 and 110 and get off at the "Circus" stop.


Attracts vacationers and their infrastructure boarding house Eden "Sochi".Its address is Chernomorskaya, 14. It is very close to the Black Sea( forty meters from the shore).Beach at the boarding house own. On it, vacationers can use umbrellas, sunbeds, and aerariums for free. The rest of the beach equipment is paid.

Near the beach there is a playground for health, where there are simulators necessary for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Also on the beach strip there are sports and playgrounds.

On the territory of the boarding house for lovers of sports, there is always a gym for gymnastics, a gym, a volleyball court. There are a hairdresser, a laundry, a bar, a cafe. There is a delivery service directly to the room. For a fee, vacationers can also visit the fitness center, beauty salon, tennis court, invite colleagues to a meeting in the conference room, book an excursion. boarding house edem sochi address

There is an outdoor swimming pool in the hotel. Sea water in it is heated regularly, from May to the end of October, therefore in the reviews it is often written that it is an excellent alternative to the sea during a storm. Although there are drawbacks. Often visitors complain that the water in the pool has a strong smell of chlorine. Clean the pool for two days every ten days, but still on top of the floating particles of greenery, and at the bottom of them just a lot.

Therapeutic base

In the boarding house «Edem» various diagnostic and medical procedures are carried out. Some are included in the tour price, others will have to be paid separately. Those who come to the boarding house "Eden"( Sochi) can count on the following medical services:

  • X-ray;
  • physiotherapy( hand massage, magnetotherapy, Relax massage, etc.);
  • clinical and biochemical studies;
  • contact vision correction;
  • balneotherapy( inhalations of the upper respiratory tract, iodide-bromine baths, ionitic, medicinal, Charcot's douche and circular shower);
  • specialist consultation.

Specialists such as dermatologist, gynecologist, otolaryngologist, oncologist, endocrinologist, urologist, ophthalmologist, neurologist, surgeon and therapist work in the boarding house.

Number fund

The sleeping building of the boarding house "Edem"( Sochi city) has rooms with a total capacity of 244 people. This is a three-story building, in which there are one hundred rooms. They are all arranged so that a wonderful view of the sea opens from the window.

All rooms vary in comfort. There are luxury apartments, standard and PC( high-end).They are cleaned daily, linen changes once a week. All rooms have air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, bathroom with toilet, bath and / or shower. In double rooms and suites, the decoration is made in the style of modern design. Extra bed is a folding bed. It is installed without age restriction in a double standard, triple two-room standard and in a two-room double suite. rest in Sochi boarding Eden

The double standard has two twin beds, a wardrobe, 2 bedside tables, 2 sconces, an armchair, a coffee table and a chair. There is also an electric kettle for guests. The superior room has a balcony. A maximum of two people can live here simultaneously. Triple two-room standard and four-bed two-room standard also have balconies. It has three and, respectively, four single beds. The suite consists of a living room and a bedroom. It has, in addition to air conditioning, TV and refrigerator, upholstered furniture. In the bathroom, except the shower, bathroom and toilet, there is a bidet.

Prices in the boarding house «Edem»( accommodation plus treatment)

Prices for accommodation and treatment in Sochi's boarding house «Eden» depend on the type of the chosen room and the time of the year. For example, the most expensive thing here is to relax from the eleventh of July to the twentieth of September. The cheapest vouchers are from the eighteenth of January to the 30th of April and from the twenty-first of October to the twenty-seventh of December.

One guest for a double standard per day will have to pay from 1750 to 3150 rubles, if he resides in this room one - from 2600 to 4700 rubles. One place in a three- and four-bed two-room suite costs from 1750 to 3150 rubles. Double room PC costs for the night from 2150 to 3550 rubles, living in it without a neighbor - from 3200 to 5300 rubles. You can book a luxury room( they are in the boarding house "Eden" - double two-room).The cost per room per day will be from 6300 to 8400 rubles. beach boarding house edem Sochi

The indicated cost includes treatment for the doctor's prescription, accommodation, use of the seawater pool, three meals a day( from the first of November to the 1st of May), an integrated food, the opportunity to use the sports ground for volleyball and basketball,a playground. Also in the cost of the tour include a basket with fruit and champagne for the newlyweds and a birthday card and birthday cake on the day of his birth.

Prices in the boarding house «Edem»( accommodation)

You can buy a ticket and without medical services to the boarding house «Edem»( Sochi).Feedback about the treatment shows that especially nothing changes, because both procedures and medical personnel leave much to be desired. Therefore, you should not pay more. Refusing at the very beginning of the treatment, you can save a lot. But, again, it all depends on the period of stay. The cheapest way to relax is from the eighteenth of January to the 30th of April and the twenty-first of October to the twenty-seventh of December. But the period of significantly inflated prices - from the eleventh of July to the twentieth of September.

For one place in a two-place "standard" per day it will be necessary to pay from 1500 to 2900 rubles, for the whole number - from 2250 to 4300. One place in a three- and four-place two-room "standard" type without treatment costs from 1500 to 2900 rubles. Double room PC costs for the night from 1900 to 3300 rubles, living in it without a neighbor - from 2800 to 4900 rubles. If you choose a room type "luxury"( they are in the boarding house "Eden" double two-room).The cost per room per day will be from 5800 to 7900 rubles.

Cost of Mother and Child vouchers

One adult with a child is populated according to the rules of the boarding house Eden in a double room. Type "standard" will cost them depending on the season at 2600-6300 rubles, the number of PCs - 3200-7100 rubles and a two-room suite - 6300-8400 rubles per day. The indicated cost includes treatment according to the doctor's prescription, accommodation of an adult and one child under the age of fourteen, a pool with sea water, three meals a day( the menu needs to be booked in advance), a beach, table tennis, a volleyball and basketball playground and a children's playground.

You can also refuse treatment and purchase a ticket "Mother and Child" solely for recreation. Then the prices for accommodation will be a little lower. Type standard will cost, depending on the season, in 2250-5800 rubles, the number of PCs - 2800-6600 rubles, two-room suite - 5800-7900 rubles per day. boarding house edem review photos

If an adult with two or more children is populated, the conditions of the "Mother and Child" voucher apply to the parent and younger child. The older child or children are provided with extra beds at a 70% discount if the child is from two to seven years old, 40% - if 7-14 years old and 30% are children over the age of fourteen.

Additional information for guests of the boarding house

Pension "Eden"( Sochi) reviews are positive from regular customers, mainly due to the fact that you can come here to relax even with a small child( two years).In this case, the child may be provided with an extra seat. If a child is over fourteen years old, you will need to pay 70% of the basic cost of one place. For a child from two to seven - 30% of the cost, and for a child from seven to fourteen years - 60% of the cost of a place for an adult.

As for triple and quadruple double rooms, in them a child of any age is given an extra seat with a thirty percent discount from the 11th of July to the twenty-first of September. But in the rooms of the PC an extra seat is not provided.

In order to avoid problems with accommodation, it is important to have the following documents with you:

  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation( if not, then a passport);
  • travel voucher;
  • sanatorium-resort card;
  • health insurance policy.

If adults come to rest with a child, you need to take his birth certificate. If these adults are not the parents of a minor, it is important to provide a power of attorney to the accompanying person. Also, children under the age of 16 should be accompanied with a certificate of health and epidemiological environment. boarding house edem g Sochi

At eleven o'clock in the afternoon the calculation is made. If, for any reason, vacationers did not manage to pass a number and pay for their stay and additional services before that time, a fee is charged for 24 hours. You can call at your number after twelve.

Negative feedback from

Regarding some of the rules that the administration of an institution such as the boarding house Eden( Sochi) requires. The personal response on the official website of the boarding house can be left by anyone. However, the administration asks to indicate the name, as well as the time spent in the boarding house "Eden".Also, the administration has the right to decide which responses will remain and which ones to delete. And this is very much not liked by many. It can often be heard that the administration is simply biased, that it does not give a real negative feedback. Therefore, people can not get objective information about this health resort and continue to come to it.

Pension «Eden»( Sochi) reviews negative deserved mainly because of food and service. They say that food is not always good. In the example lead milk porridge, in which milk is separated from cereals, curd casseroles, smelling onions, hard meat, rotten fruits and stuff. The canteen itself, like the entire boarding house as a whole, is a beautiful example of the past Soviet times.

The feedback also states that the staff behaves very impudently, they talk politely only by phone, and in a personal conversation they can even nag. Absolutely no one to complain to. The administration shows its true face at once at settlement, and having a rest only to wait, when their term of stay will end. You can leave earlier, but no one will return the money. boarding house edem reviews

Still visitors remain dissatisfied with the service in the rooms. Instead of the promised daily cleaning, maids come every other day, and sometimes every three days. The bathroom is covered with plaque, dirty towels are given for use, carpets in the rooms with stains, on all floors of the building there are broken pieces of furniture, broken glass. It interferes with a good rest absence of ventilation in the bathroom and a constant smell of mold from there.

Pension "Eden"( Sochi) reviews are unflattering and because of the treatment provided. Vacationers write that the procedures leave much to be desired, the medical staff is unqualified. For example, even with sudden acute pain, they always offer banal analgin tablets. Of course, visitors believe that they paid an unreasonably high amount for such a quality.

Positive feedback

Sometimes "Eden" - boarding house with treatment( Sochi) - the reviews are good. Often they are written by those who have a positive attitude and are only going to go on vacation. Or those units who are fortunate to have a rest in a boarding house in its best times. There are even regular customers at the "Eden"( boarding house).However, they periodically in the reviews write that they were unpleasantly surprised by the behavior of the guards, the menu in the dining room or the incompetence of medical personnel.

Often those who appreciate the rest in Sochi, the boarding house "Eden" is not chosen, because too many people negatively speak about it. Of course, there are holidaymakers who praise the boarding house or calmly relate to a number of shortcomings, explaining them by the fact that no one promised the system "All inclusive", we are all people and we can make mistakes. But most still do not like such a poor-quality holiday for quite a decent amount. Therefore, you can often hear how they regret the Olympic capital and predict a significant decrease in tourists.