"Beauty Plaza" clinic: description, services, specialists and reviews

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It's no secret that every woman would like to look attractive. And although the standards of beauty are extremely variable, there are generally accepted criteria for evaluating a pleasing appearance. Everyone knows the proverb: "They meet on clothes, but see off on the mind".The impression that your image and image produces on others, largely determines your current and future success, both in your career and in your personal life. There are cases when in the appearance of a person either from childhood or from traumas or illnesses there are defects that become the causes of complexes or even poison lives, interfere with success in work and relations with the opposite sex. For women who by their nature pay much more attention to the image than men, and are seriously upset about its disadvantages, such shortcomings at times become a real psychological trauma.

How to solve similar problems? In such cases, plastic surgery is a real salvation.

"Beauty Plaza" - clinic of plastic surgery and cosmetology

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There are situations when radical measures are required to eliminate external shortcomings. If this is your case, the most reasonable and effective option may be to go to a plastic surgery clinic. Such organizations are located almost in every city of our country. One of the most famous and popular of them is the Beauty Plaza clinic. It is the center of plastic and cosmetology services, located in Moscow at the address: Kuznetsky Most, 17th house. The institution is located very conveniently: five minutes walk to the metro station.

beauty plaza In the article we will consider the features of the "Beauty Plaza", reviews, prices for services. Let's start with the general characteristics.

Center "Beauty Plaza" is part of the system of clinics "Pyramid".The institution complies with the world standards of quality and manifests itself internationally. Doctors of the center are highly qualified doctors and scientists who have developed a real innovation in skin rejuvenation and restoration with the help of stem cells. About how the institution developed and worked, you can find out in the next section.

History of

The Beauty Plaza clinic offers the following types of procedures:

  • plastic surgery;
  • cosmetology services;
  • treatment and dental prosthetics.

The center is equipped with innovative high-tech equipment. The institution has equipment manufactured in the USA.Creation of the clinic is a merit of a scientific worker in the field of medicine, a surgeon of the international level. The knowledge and skills of the clinic's specialists, their research and innovations, including the exchange of experience with foreign scientists, allow the inhabitants of our country to improve their appearance, get rid of complexes, eliminate defects and pathologies.


"Beauty Plaza" LLC effectively functions due to leading experts - Professor A. Tepliashin and medical cosmetologist N. Topchiashvili.

Among the merits and awards of the institution you can list the following:

  1. The clinic was awarded the European prize "Golden Arch".
  2. The American and Russian encyclopaedic reference books contain the names of the managers of this enterprise.
  3. Five years ago, the company was awarded an international prize, which attests to the compliance of its services with Swiss quality standards, and three years ago - a European certificate of the same type.

Advantages of

The staff of the institution is constantly developing its capabilities to reach the highest level and achieve the maximum effect from work.

One of the main goals of the clinic was to improve the procedures used in the procedures so that the scars do not spoil the impression of the result. For this purpose, specialists use foreign means when carrying out such manipulations as facelift, body and eyelid.

beauty plaza clinic

The latest developments used in the Beauty Plaza clinic include anti-aging programs that allow to achieve a rejuvenating effect without surgical intervention, as well as use of the newest preparations made with the help of stem cells.

beauty center prices

Today, the procedure of breast augmentation is becoming more and more popular. In connection with this, a unit is established on the basis of the clinic, which is engaged in the examination and diagnosis of mammary glands, which is important before carrying out various operations. Also, instead of synthetic prostheses for the breast in the clinic, even before the beginning of the XXI century, they began to install products made of natural materials, better and safer.

Positive feedback about the center of plastic surgery

If we talk about the reviews about the Beauty Plaza clinic, positive ones predominate among them. And this is not at all surprising. After all, the center meets the highest international quality standards and is recognized as one of the best on the international level. Many clients who leave their feedback about the clinic are delighted with the work of the qualified specialists of Beauty Plaza, the real professionals in their field. Their work on the appearance of clients is so effective that even the scars remaining after surgical interventions are minimal, unobtrusive and soon disappear t. beauty center prices Most patients recover quickly after operations and procedures, and their effect not only justifies, but even exceeds expectations. Many people note not only high professionalism, but also favorable attitude of the staff.

Negative views of

Of course, there are also negative reviews, for example, about inflated prices or medical errors, which later had to be corrected for a long time in other institutions. But you need to remember that plastic is an expensive exercise and if you want to achieve the desired result, you need to pay a lot of money. It must also be taken into account that the words "doctor" and "God" are not synonymous. Doctors tend to make mistakes, especially in complex and severe cases. But fortunately, such situations in this clinic occur, judging by the opinions of visitors, very rarely. In general, all customers are satisfied with the work of the institution, which indicates the high professionalism of its employees. Prices for "Beauty Plaza" services, however, are really high: for a doctor's appointment you will pay from 4 to 9 thousand rubles, for procedures - from 15 to 180 thousand.

If you need to visit the beauty salon

Plastic is not the only way to improve the appearance. If you think that the surgeon's services are not necessary, you can contact the hairdresser, beautician, masseur, make-up artist or beauty salon tattoo artist.
Beauty Paradise Plaza Center Such institutions are widespread in most cities of our country. One of such firms is the beauty center Paradise Plaza, located in Taganrogsky district of Moscow. This salon offers both cosmetology services( massage, relaxation procedures, face and body masks), and nail service, hairstyles, haircuts and staining. In the salon you can also buy natural products for face, body and hair.
Beauty Paradise Plaza Center With their help, your skin will look well-kept, healthy and protected from adverse external influences, such as improper nutrition, stress, overload, lack of sleep and bad ecology. If you come to the salon by car, you can park it in a specially equipped area near the center. Waiting for an invitation to the procedure is offered in the room, which also provides hot drinks( tea or coffee) at will.
beauty plaza clinic reviews Waiting time can be spent watching a magazine or using free wireless internet.


So, innovations in plastic surgery allow us to completely eliminate the shortcomings of the face, body or any of its zones. And if earlier, for the improvement of appearance, painful procedures and operations with a long recovery period and scars remaining for life were required, now modern means and equipment of many clinics allow to avoid such unpleasant situations. The Beauty Plaza clinic offers its customers a wide range of high quality services. The cost they have is quite high, but you can not save on health.