How to store Protargol after autopsy

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"Protargol" is a synthetic agent based on silver protein. It is considered an excellent antiseptic with astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. The composition of "Protargol" includes protein components containing silver ions and suppressing bacterial and viral activity. The agent is mainly prescribed during inflammations in the ureters, with conjunctivitis and blennery. Also it is taken with diseases such as rhinitis, pharyngitis, cystitis.

How to store Protargol

The preparation is manufactured in powder form or as a ready-made solution. Used "Protargol" inside, outwardly and topically. The composition of the remedy includes silver, which has the property of remaining on the walls of the vial. So, how to store "Protargol"?It should be stored very carefully, taking into account all recommendations in order to avoid damage to the drug.

How to store Protargol?

In the pharmacy "Protargol" is sold in dark bottles that are tightly sealed in a container. If you do not apply a full bottle at once, you will have to store the product for a while. Many people are wondering - how to store "Protargol" after the autopsy? For this, it is necessary to observe certain conditions:

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  1. It is necessary to select a cold and dark place for storage of the drug. It is recommended to store Protargol in the refrigerator on the side or on the bottom shelf. The bottle is stored no more than 4 weeks.
  2. How to prepare the drug at home? It is worth taking a container and a spoon made of glass in order to mix the powder. In the container of iron or plastic, the agent is undesirable to contain. Dilute "Protargol" is recommended in a bowl of glass in boiled water. Dilute the remedy in dark bottles with a tight lid. Use "Protargol" can only be after the contents of the bottle will be well mixed.
  3. It is recommended to leave the powder in a closet where the sun's rays can not penetrate. If the "Protargol" by negligence gets liquid, it will be wet and unfit for subsequent use. You can safely get rid of the powder.

Shelf life of the preparation

How to properly store Protargol after autopsy

The product "Protargol" after manufacture has a certain period of storage. It is only a few weeks, not more than one month, so it is worth considering all the recommendations on how to store "Protargol".The instruction at the end of the validity period states that the beneficial effect of the drug ends. The result of its use for the treatment of inflammation and other various diseases will not be.

"Protargol" should be stored properly to prevent oxidation of silver. Before using the product, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the expiration dates in order to avoid side effects.

General recommendations for the use of "Protargol":

  • it is worth cleaning your nose before dripping the drug inside;
  • after the introduction of the drug should refrain from blowing;
  • it is necessary to check the expiration dates of the drug, because at its end it loses its properties and becomes harmful;
  • for viral diseases the drug is not effective;
  • it is necessary to comply with all conditions of storage facilities.

The duration of the course should not exceed 10 days. During this period, you can completely recover from inflammation in the nasopharynx.

Useful properties of "Protargol"

How to store Protargol after autopsy

The product can fight microbes and inflammations. It helps to disinfect them due to the active substance - the protein of silver. Components of silver damage the membranes of bacteria, because of what contribute to the disturbance of vital activity of pathogenic microscopic organisms. Bacteria quickly die. In addition, the drug actively affects the fungus, eliminating it.

At the moment the remedy is used in the treatment of:

  • of a different kind of cold that is caused by a virus;
  • otitis media;
  • adenoid;
  • of sinusitis;
  • of pharyngitis;
  • is an eye in the newborn to prevent infection of the eyelids.

Initially, the tool was used in urological practice to wash the bladder, but later became the most preferred modern drugs.

It is worth remembering that "Protargol" is considered a medicine, which is why it is prescribed only by a doctor. Self-medication is not recommended, as it can lead to major complications.

Drug concentrations for adults and children

The maximum concentration of silver in solution is:

  • 2% for adults;
  • 1% for the child.

Diagram of use is best asked from your doctor.

How to properly store Protargol after autopsy

How to store "Protargol" 2 percent? During the preparation, after the addition of liquid to the powder, the release of the active component begins, which is capable of exerting a therapeutic effect in the inflamed areas. The amount of silver in the solution can be different. Basically it is about 2%.This solution is used as a drop in the nose with inflammation of the nasopharynx.

The effectiveness of the drug is sometimes proven to be appropriate, unlike antibiotics, since the latter have the ability to eliminate not every microorganism.

The effect of "Protargol" is associated with the narrowing of blood vessels, which reduces inflammation. At treatment by a preparation the dysbacteriosis does not arise.

What can do harm to Protargol?

How to store Protargol after opening? The storage of a product in the wrong conditions can contribute to the fact that the silver that is in the product settles on the walls.

Crystals formed in the "Protargol" can not dissolve in the liquid, and therefore, the agent can not be used to treat patients. Even when the bottle is in the warmth or when it gets on a dark bottle of sunlight, the quality of the drug may deteriorate.

Safety of Protargol

The instructions for using Protargol are often said that an overdose did not occur, and the main contraindication is the allergy to the constituents of the drug substance. Negative effects can be in the form of burning, itching on the skin, headaches, drowsiness, dizziness.

How to store Protargol after autopsy

One should carefully study the question - how to store Protargol after the autopsy? Excess amount of silver accumulates in the body. A patient who takes Protargol inside may change the shade of the skin. It takes a gray or blue color. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the vial of the drug further away, in a place inaccessible to children. You can only use the medicine on the recommendation of a doctor.