Good sanatoriums of Kislovodsk. Which sanatorium is better to go with children?

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Visit to the sanatoriums of Kislovodsk is an excellent solution not only for organizing a good holiday during your holiday, but also for therapy aimed at treating a wide variety of diseases. The region is known all over the country for its unique picturesque nature and favorable climatic conditions. In the presented material we will consider the best sanatoriums of Kislovodsk with treatment.

"Villa Arnest"

The presented sanatorium looks like an ideal place for organizing family holidays with young children. The visitors of the institution are offered modern service and a whole range of health-improving procedures.

good sanatoriums of the kislovodsk

The sanatorium is located in a picturesque place, near the ancient temple, where there is a unique spring with healing mineral water. It is possible to get here by car only 5 minutes from Kislovodsk train station. It takes only 50 minutes from the international airport to the health resort.

Numerous playgrounds and sports grounds are located in front of the wellness complex. There operates a children's club, whose staff is able to take care of the kids at the time of parents' absence.

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Adult visitors of the sanatorium are offered the opportunity to organize fascinating fishing on local water bodies. In the building of the complex there are tennis and billiard tables. Fans of active pastime can enjoy cycling, horse riding. On the territory of the sanatorium, dance nights are regularly organized. There are cafes and restaurants, karaoke bars.

Health improvement in the sanatorium is carried out mainly with the help of curative spring water saturated with mineral substances. In addition, visitors to the health center can enjoy massage and sauna.


Considering the best sanatoriums in Kislovodsk, you can not ignore the wellness complex called "Plaza".The institution combines all the advantages of spa resorts and spa resorts.

the best sanatoriums with a swimming pool

The sanatorium has the most innovative medical equipment. Local staff creates all the conditions for the complex improvement of the body of visitors, and also cares about creating a wonderful atmosphere that is inherent in the best resorts in the world.

Spa complexes of the institution offer to evaluate the effectiveness of innovative technologies. Taking into account the individual requirements of each visitor, high-quality sanatorium therapy is performed here, complex medical diagnostics of the organism is performed.

One of the main advantages of the establishment is the possibility of developing an individual nutrition program. For this purpose, there are professional nutritionists in the sanatorium, which help the visitors to lose excess weight, to normalize the metabolic processes in the body.

For family rest «Plaza»( Kislovodsk) is the best sanatorium. With the children here certainly not bored. For the youngest, a whole entertainment complex is organized on the territory of the sanatorium, where you can frolic in the pool with soft balls, plenty to jump on the trampoline, ride on attractions.

"Healing Narzan"

What else can you say about the good sanatoria of Kislovodsk? It is worth considering such a well-known health resort, as "Healing Narzan."The latter is located near the picturesque park zone and the resort boulevard of the city.

best sanatoria with treatment

On the territory of the sanatorium there is a large medical building where complex diagnostics of the organism is carried out, effective programs are being developed, aimed at combating a wide range of diseases. There is also a six-story sleeping complex, which is able to provide comfortable conditions for all residents to stay. Between these buildings there is an indoor passage, which facilitates convenient movement through the sanatorium.

As for the family holiday, there are comfortable conditions for children and their parents here. The sanatorium has open playgrounds where kids can frolic with their peers. There are also animated rooms on the territory where children can be left under the supervision of attentive staff. During the winter and summer holidays, professional educators work in the sanatorium, which organizes educational, cultural and entertainment programs for toddlers. Sanatorium Centrosoyuz

If we talk about the best sanatoriums in Kislovodsk with a swimming pool, the health center of the Centrosoyuz should be placed first. It is located in the heart of the city and is in close proximity to the curative source of Narzan.

in which sanatorium is better to go in the acid pipe

Adult visitors are provided with a wide range of entertainment. Guests can enjoy a large indoor pool filled with crystal clear spring water. In the health resort there are discos, there is billiards, sports grounds. For guests of the sanatorium, live music, outdoor recreation is organized. As for the kids, on the territory of the health resort there are playgrounds, playrooms.

When deciding which sanatorium is better to go to Kislovodsk, special attention should be paid specifically to the health center of the Centrosoyuz. After all, the guests of the institution are available numerous cosmetic procedures that contribute to improving the appearance, as well as saunas, solariums, modern medical and treatment rooms.


Looking for good sanatoriums in Kislovodsk, which are suitable not only for recreation, but also for improving the body, you should pay attention to the institution called "Dawn".

kislovodsk best sanatorium with children

The sanatorium specializes in the treatment of:

  • arterial hypertension;
  • heart disease;
  • of diabetes;
  • ailments that affect the respiratory organs;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • diseases of the male and female sexual sphere.

The health resort offers a comprehensive therapy for children aged 5 years. For toddlers basic therapy is provided. In addition, local specialists help children to be rehabilitated after musculoskeletal injuries, apply a modern approach to the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system.

As a result,

So we reviewed the best sanatoriums in Kislovodsk, which are popular with residents of the city, as well as numerous visitors from other regions of the country. Naturally, the rating presented is subjective. Therefore, in order to assess the quality of service of local sanatoriums, it is enough to visit Kislovodsk on your own during your holiday.