What is an extract? Benefits of Herbal Extracts

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In recent years, in many world countries there has been a sharp increase in demand for products manufactured on the basis of natural raw materials. So, in the cosmetology, dietetics and pharmaceutics dry herbs have long been used, well proven in the treatment of many diseases. After reading today's article, you will find out what an extract is.

Basic concepts of

The extract is also called an extractor. This is a special dosage form obtained by extracting the active substance from plants. In the process of its production, special solvents( glycerin, ether, water or alcohol) are used.

what is an extract

For those who do not know what an extract is, it will be interesting to know what this term refers to as a concentrated extract completely cleared of the precipitate. Depending on the solvent used, it can be ester, glycerin, alcohol or water. In addition, there are thick, liquid and dry extracts.

Features of production

Having understood what an extract is and how it can be, it is necessary to say a few words about the technology for obtaining it. We note at once that, despite the existing variety of forms, they are all produced according to general principles. As a raw material, roots, leaves and flowers of plants are used. They are mixed with glycol, water or alcohol and placed in a special apparatus( extractor or percolator).It is within this device that all the basic processes occur. From the prepared solution all valuable substances are extracted. As for the extractant itself, it is almost completely evaporated. In some cases, a small amount of solvent remains in the finished product. But it is so small that it does not affect our health in any way.

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For those who already understand what an extract is, it will be interesting that it can be obtained at home. This technology was known to our distant ancestors. To get the hood you need to grind vegetable raw materials, pour it with boiling water and insist. Then it is necessary to evaporate about half of the original volume and strain the product. The water extract produced in this way can be stored much longer than infusions and herbal medicinal herbs. In addition, he is characterized by great activity.

How useful is the liquid chestnut?

Just note that this is one of the relatively new products. It is obtained from the growing guarana in Brazil. Visually, the fruits of this plant are like chestnuts, hence the name of the extract.

liquid chestnut

The main component of this drug is guaranine. Its properties are as close as possible to those characteristic of caffeine. The only difference is that it is not so quickly removed from the human body.

In addition, the liquid chestnut contains theobromine and theophylline. These vegetable alkaloids increase the effect of the main component. Also in the composition of this product is potassium, calcium, magnesium, saponin and antioxidants. However, they are all present in relatively low concentrations.

It is believed that the extract of guarana helps to cleanse of slags, reduce appetite, normalize digestive processes, strengthen immunity and destroy fat cells. In addition to everything else, it increases efficiency and endurance. In most Latin American countries, it is used as a food supplement.

Chamomile extract

This product has a tonic, healing and anti-inflammatory effect. It promotes the enhancement of regenerative processes in skin cells. Plant extracts based on chamomile flowers have long been used in cosmetology. They perfectly eliminate irritation and peeling, giving the skin a healthy matte shade.

plant extracts

This product contains a sufficient amount of vitamin C, A and P. It is very effective in dealing with inflammation. Due to the presence of an active ingredient such as azulene, the extract of chamomile has a good antiallergic effect. The second, not less significant component is bisabolol, which has a calming, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.

Useful properties of marigold extract

This product has good healing and antimicrobial properties. It is recommended for use in the common cold and inflammatory processes in the stomach, intestines, respiratory and urinary tracts. Natural extracts based on calendula quite successfully used in cosmetology. They contribute to reducing pores and reducing sebum. Similar remedies are indicated for acne, pimples and oily seborrhea.

natural extracts

Calendula flowers contain ascorbic acid, carotene, tannins, saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids and essential oils. Therefore, their extract is used to produce all kinds of creams and tonics.