Allergy to the neck: causes in adults and children

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What are the causes of allergy to the neck? What is the reaction like? What treatment options are suitable for troubleshooting? All this will be discussed in our material.

Reasons for

allergy to the neck

There are a whole host of factors that can provoke an allergy to the neck. Among the main causes of the manifestation of the pathological reaction should be identified as follows:

  • The use of cosmetics, which include potential allergens;
  • Wearing clothes made of synthetics;
  • Use of food with food additives;
  • Use of pharmacological agents that can cause a negative reaction;
  • Wearing jewelry from certain materials;
  • Effects on the skin of hazardous chemicals;
  • Reactions to contact with animals, pollen of plants.

As can be seen, the reasons can be as in the contact action of certain substances on the skin, and atypical reaction of the body to certain allergens that are concentrated in the surrounding space.

Symptoms of

allergy on the face and neck

Allergy to the neck and face is expressed in the occurrence of such manifestations:

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  • Redness of the skin;
  • Appearance of tissue swelling;
  • Burning sensation, development of pain syndrome;
  • Appearance of itching, rash;
  • Dryness and flaky skin;
  • Formation in susceptible allergic reactions of watery vesicles;
  • Increased emotional irritability and anxiety;
  • Development against a background of allergic reaction of vegetovascular disorders.

Often, an allergy to the neck acts as part of the body's response to stimuli. In this case, the above symptoms can be accompanied by headache, swelling of the mucous membranes of the respiratory organs, vision problems, hearing impairment.

Allergy to the neck of the child

allergy to the neck causes

The child's neck is the place where the skin folds are formed. They are the ideal haven for allergens. The most often atypical reaction of the body to irritants is manifested due to overheating of the body of babies and malnutrition. On this basis, parents need to ensure that the child does not stay in the sun for a long time. You also need to identify the food allergen and exclude from the diet products with its content. Otherwise, when a combination of both factors on the baby's neck can manifest an effect known as wet sweating, which is expressed in the appearance of bubbles filled with a clear liquid.

Often, allergies, spots on the neck, can occur in children as a result of the use of a certain pharmacological agent. In this situation, it is necessary to immediately stop taking the drug and consult a doctor to choose a safer drug.

An allergy to the neck, a photo of which can be seen in the article, can manifest itself in children in response to contact with chemicals in the composition of detergent powders or to carry synthetic things. Therefore, it is important to exclude such factors.


allergy to the neck in an adult

The diagnosis of an allergy to the neck can be confirmed through several tests. For these purposes, the following studies can be performed:

  1. Skin test - minor incisions are created on the epidermis surface, which are exposed to several allergens. Then the body reacts to certain stimuli.
  2. Elimination method - food that is supposed to cause an incorrect reaction of the body is removed from the daily diet. If the allergy to the neck disappears after some time, this is a confirmation of the doctor's assumption.
  3. Provocative tests - the skin is applied to liquids or ointments, which contain potential allergens.

Topical treatment

an allergy to the child

To eliminate allergies in the neck in an adult or child, various ointments can be used. These drugs are applied directly to the skin, where there are swelling or rashes. Here are used such drugs:

  1. "Radevit" removes the effect of itching and flaky skin. Active substances in the composition of the ointment contribute to the resistance of the epidermis to allergens and factors of an unfavorable environment.
  2. "Bepanten" - a product that has a pronounced disinfectant and analgesic effect. Ointment relieves the sensation of itching with the development of allergies, soothes the skin, eliminates inflammation, heals the wounds formed as a result of combing.
  3. "Fenistil" - ointment with high efficiency resists the occurrence of all kinds of skin irritations, redness, removes the puffiness effect of tissues.
  4. "Advantan" acts as a hormonal drug that resists the development of diseases that occur against the background of allergic reactions.
  5. "Traumeel" is an ointment based on herbal ingredients. Promotes increased local immunity, relieves itching and skin irritation.


allergy on the neck photo

For internal use in the development of allergic reactions in the neck and face are used antihistamines pharmacological agents. Among the most effective drugs should be noted "Zirtek" and "Tsetrin".The latter have a minimum number of side effects. Excellent against the occurrence of skin rashes, other symptoms of allergies, such antihistamines as "Fexofast" and "Suprastin."


The intake of drugs of this category contributes to the neutralization of the action of toxic substances on the body, as well as their prompt removal from the tissues of the body. This mechanism makes it possible to eliminate negative symptoms when a person is exposed to allergens. The most effective enterosorbents include the following products: Polyphepanum, Enterosgel, Smecta, Multisorb.

Methods of traditional medicine

allergy spots on the neck

Along with medical therapy in the development of allergic manifestations on the skin of the neck, you can use traditional medicine. What solutions can remove the sensation of itching, eliminate swelling of tissues, enhance the protective properties of the body? Here it is worth noting the following:

  1. Compress based on baking soda - for cooking it is enough to take a tablespoon of powder that dissolves in a glass of warm water. The composition is impregnated with a piece of tissue and applied to the affected area. The solution perfectly removes inflammation, removes the sensation of itching.
  2. A decoction based on nettle - helps maintain immunity. Prepare it, using a glass of boiled water a tablespoon of dried raw materials. Means insist and periodically drink a few sips throughout the day.
  3. Lotions from the oak bark - the raw materials are brewed in boiling water and insisted for a day. Composition periodically rub the skin in allergic areas affected. It perfectly copes with the burning effect of the skin.


To avoid relapse and return of unpleasant allergy symptoms on the neck, it is important to maintain the protective functions of the body. It is for this reason that doctors often prescribe the use of immunomodulating agents. In addition, the best prevention can be a healthy lifestyle, as well as the exclusion of food from the diet, which can provoke allergic reactions.

Regarding preventive measures in children, special attention should be paid to protecting children from overheating in the sun. After all, the rash that accompanies the development of allergies, most often occurs in small skin folds on the neck of the child. Especially parents need to be careful when caring for newborns, because in the first years of life such reactions can develop very rapidly. To prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions, there must be several safe medicines from such manifestations in the home medicine cabinet.

In conclusion

So we found out what causes lead to allergies in the neck in adults and children. It is worth noting that the problem can not be completely eliminated, once and for all. Therefore, in order to facilitate their own lives, it is necessary to resort to preventive measures, to carry out actions aimed at strengthening immunity, adherence to a suitable diet. If the problem has already made itself felt, it is important to apply complex treatment.