Thermal water

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Water has always been and is the source of the life force of man. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer clean reservoirs. Not everyone can afford to plunge into them. Summer heat is becoming a test for residents of large cities. For many, thermal water becomes a salvation. It refreshes and gives health to the tired body.

Thermal springs were discovered by the ancient Romans. Thanks to them, the first hospitals appeared alongside reservoirs filled with healing water. Today, hundreds of such resorts offer their services. The largest number of them is in France, Czech Republic, Italy and Hungary. thermal water

Already in the 15th century, thermal water began to be sold in pharmacies. A small bottle of such water could be obtained only with the prescription of a doctor. It was prescribed for stomach diseases, digestive disorders and for problems with blood vessels.

With the development of technologies, people have learned to use the unique properties of thermal water in cosmetology. It is added to creams, masks, lotions and so on. It perfectly moisturizes the skin, heals eczema, eliminates inflammation. By the middle of the 20th century, thermal water began to be produced in a can. His improved version can be seen today on the shelves of pharmacies and specialized stores.

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Thermal water, taken from different sources, differs in composition. When purchasing products from different manufacturers, consider this and carefully study the packaging.

how to use thermal water
Factories for processing and packing are located near sources. Unique packaging allows you to preserve the useful properties of the product for a long time. Modern equipment allows producers to enrich the water with any necessary elements.

Thermal water for the face can be of several kinds. Choose it is necessary depending on the type of skin and the existing problems.

Hydrocarbonate-sodium. This is highly mineralized water. It has a high concentration of microelements and minerals. It is best for oily skin, recommended for acne. This water restores, soothes, protects and dries the skin.

thermal water for the face Bicarbonate-sodium thermal water perfectly fixes make-up. To do this, it is necessary to wipe the face with water, and after 30 seconds to get wet and remove the remainders with a cotton disc.

Isotonic. This water has a neutral pH.The concentration of microelements and minerals in it is the same as in tissue fluids. Thanks to this, water quickly removes irritations and effectively soothes the dermis. Recommended for dry and normal skin.

Contains selenium salts. This kind of thermal water is recommended for sensitive skin. It neutralizes free radicals and slows down the aging process. In the summer, it is especially necessary. Water refreshes the skin, relieves redness after sunburn and prevents the appearance of burns.

How to use thermal water?

Wipe face every day - morning and evening. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated throughout the day. The composition of thermal water does not include synthetic chemical elements, so even unnecessary use will not damage your health.