Sanatorium "Imperial", Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic: photo, treatment, reviews

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There are thousands of places in the world, divine in their unique beauty. One of them can be called a small town and resort of Karlovy Vary. Sanatorium "Imperial" is its best health center, which includes a medical department, cafes, restaurants, sports facilities, a park and a grandiose hotel. Its building can be called an architectural monument. It was built in 1912, and almost immediately many celebrities of that era chose it as their holiday destination. For more than a hundred years the hotel has repeatedly reconstructed, but has never violated a special color that makes every guest feel like an aristocrat from high society. In the hotel "Imperial" you can simply stop by going on an excursion to Karlovy Vary, and you can perfectly improve your health by purchasing a full-fledged spa package or one of the health programs offered here.

Location how to get to

The sanatorium and its Imperial Hotel in Karlovy Vary is located on a quiet shady Libushina street, on a small hill. Here from the sources goes free for the guests of "Imperial" funicular. He works every day until 9 pm, but on weekdays the traffic starts at 5:45 am, on Saturdays at 7 am, and on Sundays at 8am. The interval of movement is approximately 15 minutes. The place where the sanatorium is built has a great advantage - from here you can see a panoramic view of the whole town, and the territory is surrounded by a forest, which is sure to be appreciated by lovers of hiking. But those who do not like or can not move much will enjoy the purest air, in which the aromas of flowers, grasses, coniferous and deciduous trees are mixed.

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The big plus for tourists is that it's very easy to get to the "Imperial".Karlovy Vary, though a small town, but only 4.5 km away from it there is an international airport. On a preliminary order here organize transfers. The cost of the service is 8 euros per person.

For those who arrived in Prague, it is also easy to get to the health resort. Karlovy Vary is located 130 km from the capital. There are many bus services to the resort. Travel time is little more than 2 hours. The bus ticket is available for 160 EEK.If you go from the airport by taxi, the journey will take about an hour and a half, and you will have to pay at least 2000 EEK.Transfer to Prague airport costs 29 euros per person. The Imperial Karlovy Vary

General description

The Imperial Hotel in Karlovy Vary is invariably attracted by the admiration of the tourists. The photo captured his frontal view. The six-story building was built in the Neo-Renaissance style. Designed by his French architect. Outwardly it impresses with harmonous and at the same time majestic forms. Inside everything, starting from a spacious hall, is buried in luxury. Especially impressive are the old chandeliers from Czech glass, carpets on the floor in the hall and corridors, tapestries on the walls, numerous arches and sculptures, marble columns. The hotel reception is open around the clock. The employees speak not only Czech and English, but also Russian. At the reception not only give out the keys to the number, but also record on the procedures, as well as solve all current issues.

The territory of the Imperial Hotel in Karlovy Vary is an amazingly beautiful old English park with neatly trimmed lawns, flower beds, trees decorated in the style of topiara. Among the greenery on the shady avenues there are comfortable benches, and in the side there are tennis courts and mini golf courses.

In the park and in the forest there are routes of terrenkur, where everyone can correct health and enjoy healing air. In Karlovy Vary, it is a mixture of aromas of herbs, flowers, needles and medicinal vapors from hot springs. Their waters enter the Teplá River flowing through the center of the city. Above it, a light veil of vapors is constantly kept, saturated with useful trace elements, and in the course of the channel thermal fountains are beaten. hotel Imperial Karlovy Vary

Medical profile

The "Imperial" sanatorium in Karlovy Vary, like other local health resorts, specializes in diseases of the digestive tract. Also, the main indications for treatment here are the violation in patients of metabolism and the presence of diabetes mellitus.

In addition, physiotherapeutic treatment for people suffering from diseases:

-gynecological organs;

-the heart and blood vessels;

-organization of the traffic apparatus;

-skin diseases( psoriasis, acne, eczema and others that are not contagious);

patients who underwent surgery;

-restorative after chemotherapy in oncology.

For full-value treatment, you need to buy a ticket for 21 days. But you can take a ticket for a week or two to get treatment for one of the proposed programs:

- "Diabetic" - 14 days.

- "Reduced" - 14 days.

- "Geriatric" - 7 days.

- Beauty - 7 days.

- "Romance in the resort" - 4 days.

- "Relax Weekend" - from the day.

Diagnostic and treatment facilities

For more than a hundred years of work, many helped to improve the health of the "Imperial" sanatorium in Karlovy Vary. Reviews about the medical staff and treatment procedures, which are held here mostly favorable. In the diagnostic center of the health center, you can perform the following tests:

-treasure( general);

-urine( general);

-kala( coprogram);

-treasure( biochemical);



The price includes two free doctor's visits. In addition, for additional payment you can get advice from a cardiologist, gynecologist, pulmonologist, surgeon, orthopedist, ENT doctor, pediatrician, urologist, dentist, gastroenterologist, nutritionist. Karlovy Vary health resort Imperial reviews

In the health resort "Imperial" in Karlovy Vary, treatment is carried out using procedures of various categories. The lungs are:



-sauna visit;


-climate therapy;

- the gym in the pool;


- paraffin applications;


The main procedures included in the tour price include:

- two kinds of baths( pearl or carbonaceous);


-massage( per one body area);


-intestinal rupture;

- individual gymnastics;

-underwater massage.

For additional payment and on the recommendation of a doctor, you can get the procedure:

-medical laser;


-gas injection;

- pneumo-acupuncture;

- any kind of massage;


-mud packs;

-Muscle Wash;


-vaginal irrigation;

is any kind of treatment for oral organs.

Every guest in the hotel "Imperial" has the right to use free of charge thermal thermal water, which is located on the first floor in the hall. Karlovy Vary Hotel Imperial photo


For accommodation of tourists offers 219 rooms of the hotel "Imperial" in Karlovy Vary. Reviews about them are only enthusiastic. Categories:

"Standard" for one or two people. These rooms are located not in the hotel, but on the next three-storey( without elevator) villa "Hoffman".The area of ​​single rooms is 19 m2, the area of ​​double rooms is from 29 m2 to 44 m2.Layout - room for living, anteroom, bathroom, combined with a toilet, balcony( there are 50% of rooms).Equipment - bed, wardrobe, table, chairs, TV( 2 Russian channels), safe, hairdryer, refrigerator. In the hygiene room, bathrobes and slippers are provided.

Views from the windows to the city or to the park and the forest.

The rooms of the Imperial Hotel in Karlovy Vary are very solemn and at the same time extremely cozy. The photos presented in the advertising brochures correspond to what is in reality.


"Deluxe" for one or two people. Area of ​​single room from 18m2.Its equipment - bedroom set, sofa, refrigerator with mini-bar, safe( in the wardrobe), hairdryer, TV.The bathroom has a bath or shower, a wash basin, a bidet, a toilet, bathrobes and slippers.

Balcony is not available in every room.

"Apartments" with an area of ​​47m2.Layout: bedroom, living room, hallway, hygiene room, two balconies. Equipment - bedroom set, upholstered furniture, safe, modern flat screen TV, hairdryer, telephone, refrigerator. All guests staying in the room are given bathrobes and slippers, a set of shower products is provided in the hygiene room.

All the rooms of "Imperial" have carpet on the floor, beautiful curtains on the windows that hold sunlight, spectacular lamps. hotel Imperial Czech Republic Karlovy Vary


There are two restaurants in the "Imperial" sanatorium in Karlovy Vary. The first one is called "Prague", where those who stay in the rooms of the categories "Standard" and "Deluxe" are eating. This restaurant is decorated in the best traditions of the Czech Republic. Guests here are provided with European breakfasts, plentiful lunches, exclusive dinners, during which pleasant music sounds. Type of food buffet. The menu offers delicious Czech specialties from cottage cheese, meat, vegetables, original desserts and sweets. On the recommendation of a dietitian, you can choose dietary meals.

The second restaurant is called "Paris".It is designed for tourists residing in the "Apartments".This restaurant is decorated in the best traditions of France. Fresh fruit juices, tea, mineral water are always available here, and the menu features international cuisine. In addition, visitors can order the best Czech wines.

A cafe called "Vienna" is cordially invited to the hotel and sanatorium. It is decorated in retro style. Here it seems as if you are transferred to the era of the first years of the twentieth century. The café offers coffee, juices, tea and cakes.

In the lobby of the hotel there is a lobby bar where everyone can order alcoholic drinks, cocktails, pepsi, juice.

In the evening the hotel bar "Imperial Club", where dozens of drinks and light snacks are offered. The bar is always fun, music is playing, there is a disco. Czech Republic Karlovy Vary Imperial


In the infrastructure of the "Imperial" sanatorium in Karlovy Vary there is a spacious indoor pool. From 8 to 15 hours, people undergo procedures here, and in the evening from 18-30 and 21-30 can swim to all comers.

For guests, a fitness center is available for a fee, and there are tennis courts on site.

In the evenings concerts are held in the health resort, and films are shown in the cinema. In the park there is a pavilion where artists perform.

In the restaurants of the hotel there is an opportunity to celebrate a solemn event - a wedding, an anniversary.

In addition to the festive events, the infrastructure has several rooms of different capacities for business events - meetings, business meetings, negotiations.

Entertainment at the resort

It's hard to find a man who is not admired by the Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary. Hotel "Imperial" is not in the city itself, but a little higher, but you can always go down to the center for free on a funicular railway. In Karlovy Vary, the main attractions are the colonnades with mineral thermal springs. There are four of them here. In Sadovaya there are two springs, in the longest Melnaya Five, in the most modern Geysernaya two, in the most beautiful colonnade, called Market, also two springs. The water temperature in the springs is from 43 to 65 degrees. It is recommended to drink it after consulting a doctor.

In Karlovy Vary you can walk not only along the colonnades. In the city there is a wonderful park "Garden of Flowers" or "Flower Garden".There is a unique flowerbed, where workers every night from real flowers make up the current date.

It's interesting to look in Dvorakova gardens, where hundreds of roses are fragrant. And for holidaymakers there are benches and gazebos.

Very interesting, walking along the fabulously beautiful streets of Karlovy Vary, look into the local church of Mary Magdalene. You can not miss the building of the city theater, which is also a local landmark.

Resting in Karlovy Vary, it is absolutely necessary to visit the Becher Museum, because the Becherovka tincture is jokingly called the "thirteenth curative source".In the museum not only demonstrate an interesting exhibition, but also give tasting tincture. Also here are selling unusually decorated gift sets. They will be nice to give to your friends. Karlovy Vary Imperial photo

Additional information

All year round accepts tourists who come for treatment or just on a tour of the Imperial Hotel in Karlovy Vary. Tour only a couple of days can be ordered without treatment. The program will include accommodation, meals, swimming in the pool, sauna, one kind of bath, one type of massage, oxygen therapy.

For treatment in this sanatorium take children from 6 years.

No baby cots available.

The hotel allows pets. The cost is 20 euros per day.

The cost of the rooms is:

- from 98 euros per day for "Standard";

- from 119 euros per day for the "Deluxe";

- from 168 euros per night for the "Apartment".

You also need to pay a consular fee of 35 euros.

You can pay for services with bank cards or in cash.

Sanatorium Imperial( Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary), reviews

This health resort is considered the best in the Czech Republic. Tourists from Russia note such advantages:

- location in a fabulously beautiful place;

- beautiful rooms, they are all new and functioning;

- quality cleaning;

- good food in the restaurant;

- friendly staff;

- the pool;

- a wide range of procedures.

Notable deficiencies:

-organization strictly in time not only procedures, but also nutrition( for this reason it can be difficult to have time for treatment or for lunch);

- the staff's refusal to carry out procedures for late arrivals( even for 5-10 minutes);

-in the villa "Hoffman" no elevator, which is inconvenient for people with aching legs;

- delicious, but a lot of too salty dishes;

-High prices.