The drug "Azithromycin" with genyantritis: instructions and reviews

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Sinusitis is a very unpleasant disease that can cause serious complications. The pathology reveals the purulent secretion from the nose. In addition, the patient may have dental and headache, which has no reason. In most cases, body temperature rises. All these signs indicate that an inflammatory process is taking place in the maxillary sinuses. At this time, many pathogenic microorganisms are formed there. Most often, sinusitis is a consequence of the usual colds.

You need to treat the disease. After all, the inflammatory process will not pass by itself, and the number of bacteria living in the maxillary sinuses will only grow. To get a qualified appointment, you need to contact an ENT doctor. Often in such situations, prescribe a medicine "Azithromycin".With genyantritis it helps effectively and quickly. From the article you will find out what reviews the preparation has and how to apply it correctly.

azithromycin with genyantritis

Description of the drug and its use

The antibiotic "Azithromycin" has a wide spectrum of action. It is effective against such pathogens as streptococci and staphylococci, hemophilic rods and gardnerella - gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. The drug is also able to eliminate some anaerobic microorganisms. Issued "Azithromycin" in tablets and capsules. Also there is a preparation in the form of a suspension. Each form contains active ingredient azithromycin with an amount of 125, 250, 500 and 1000 milligrams.

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It is prescribed by doctors "Azithromycin" in case of genyantritis, if there are all its manifestations. In the absence of positive results of therapy, surgical treatment is performed: the secret formed is removed with a syringe. But after this, a course of antibiotics is needed. In addition to sinusitis, the drug is used to treat such pathologies as angina, sinusitis, bronchitis, urogenital infections, bacterial diseases of the skin and soft tissues.

azithromycin in genyantritis reviews

Treatment of sinusitis with "Azithromycin"

In order for the therapy to bring positive results, it is necessary to take the antibiotic correctly. To get individual recommendations, you should always consult a doctor. Independently you can not determine the severity of your condition.

"Azithromycin"( for sinusitis) adults are prescribed in a daily dose of 500 mg. Depending on the original form of the drug, it can be 1, 2 or 4 tablets. Pay attention to this always, because the wrong dose can be simply ineffective, which will lead to the emergence of resistant microorganisms. How correctly to take "Azithromycin" in genyantritis( how many days to drink and at what time)?The drug is taken on an empty stomach. Use the tablet one hour before the meal or two hours after eating. The medicine is used for three days with mild disease. If it is a question of neglected sinusitis, which also required surgical treatment, it is advisable to take an antibiotic for five days.

When is an antibiotic used?

Even if the medicine "Azithromycin" is prescribed for you by the doctor, you should study the information in the manual. Surely you have received individual recommendations and a regimen for taking an antibiotic. One should also know about situations in which the use of a medicine is not only not welcomed, but also prohibited.

The bacterial cold is never treated with this drug if it is hypersensitive to the drug components. The antibiotic has a toxic effect on the kidneys and liver. Accordingly, serious diseases of these organs are a contraindication to the use of the drug. It is also worth noting that the drug is ineffective in viral and fungal infections. Also, some gram-negative bacteria are insensitive to it.

to drink azithromycin at a genyantritis

Genyantritis in pregnancy

You can drink Azithromycin in case of genyantritis and future mothers. But you must first get permission from a doctor. The drug does not apply only in the first trimester because of the high likelihood of toxic effects on the fetus. From 15-16 weeks, when the organs and systems of the embryo are already formed, the drug can be used in strictly prescribed doses.

It should be immediately said that in pregnancy, sinusitis is particularly dangerous. After a bacterial infection( in the absence of treatment) can go to neighboring organs. Then more serious therapy will be needed, which is contraindicated for future mothers. If you are in an interesting position and assume a sinusitis - urgently run to the doctor.

treatment of sinusitis with azithromycin

Use of medication in pediatrics

The drug "Azithromycin" will help with genyantritis and a child. Children under 12 years of age are not given capsules. Tablets can be used only after the age of six. Kids are prescribed a dose of the drug, which is calculated in accordance with the body weight. There are two treatment options for sinusitis in children:

  1. The drug is taken three days at a dose of 10 mg per kilogram of the child's body weight. If the baby weighs 15 kg, then he is supposed to take 150 mg of the active ingredient for three days.
  2. On the first day the child is given a dose of medicine at a rate of 10 mg per kilogram. After that, the therapy is continued for another 4 days in a volume of 5 mg per kilogram. A child weighing 15 kilograms is prescribed 150 mg, and then another 4 times 75 mg.

azithromycin in sinusitis how many days to drink

"Azithromycin" with genyantritis: reviews

The drug forms itself mostly positive opinions. The medicine effectively copes with its task. Patients like to take medication only once a day. People are also happy with the short course. Antibiotic is prescribed for only 3( maximum 5) days, unlike other drugs that are prescribed for 10-14 days.

Patients report that on the second day of treatment, "Azithromycin" feels an improvement. Isolation of mucus first acquires large volumes, and then decreases. The reproduction of bacteria stops, the temperature decreases. Often, in addition to the antibiotic, other drugs that eliminate sinusitis are prescribed."Azithromycin" is well combined with them, without causing unpleasant reactions. Statistics show that this macrolide disrupts the digestive function less frequently than other antibiotics.

azithromycin will help with genyantritis

Summing up

In conclusion, you can say that the drug "Azithromycin" is an effective tool to help cope with sinusitis. It is used even in pediatrics and for the treatment of pregnant women. The tool is tested and available. You can buy tablets in any pharmacy( without a prescription) at a price of 100 to 200 rubles. Despite all the positive aspects, do not use antibiotics on your own. Such drugs should be prescribed by a specialist. Good health!